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The Scarlet Dress

July 2, 2011
By Cheesecake SILVER, Cripple Creek, Colorado
Cheesecake SILVER, Cripple Creek, Colorado
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She wore a scarlet dress. Smooth and silk. The black lace tickled her collar. Her shoes hurt her feet; she hadn’t time to break into them, yet. Her curly chestnut hair tumbled down her open back.

“Isabel.” She turned and her heart fluttered, across the ballroom stood a boy. He wore a dark suit and a crimson tie. They walked toward each other, meeting in the center of the room.
Out of habit, her hands went up, one onto his shoulder, the other out, where he took it. His other hand fell onto her back. The beats raced into her mind. 1-2-3, 2-2-3, 3-2-3. Her feet followed the steps pounded into her head. The dress swayed about beneath her, and she was careful to avoid the fabric on the floor.
Music played softly out of the turn-table in the corner of the room, a simple, yet elegant, waltz.

Jonathan drew her closer as the dance continued. His steps were confident and smooth. He dipped her with one arm and the other went out, as if he were bowing.
As they stood once more, the dance was over. The record player held an infinite last note. She turned and walked toward the majestic swirling staircase on the opposite side of the room.
When she reached the bottom of the stone stairs he said, “Wait.” He walked toward her, pulled her toward him and drew her into a lingering kiss. Her eyes fluttered shut. When they pulled back, she quickly took a step back, and touched her lips. Her eyes were wide, as if in shock. Then, she turned and raced up the stairs. Leaving him standing on the ballroom floor alone.

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