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It happens

March 9, 2011
By Destiny2Isa GOLD, Lansing, Illinois
Destiny2Isa GOLD, Lansing, Illinois
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It's just whateva
See what had happened was...
I'm just saying...
So you mad?
How much wood. (stops) " I don't give a crap!"

As I sat in my white washed room, drugged with medication. Created to keep my mind blank, I fought the drug and drifted into my thoughts. My past. And wondered how in the world I ended here... Then a face popped into my head. A
simple grin and a tilt of his head made me fall hopelessly in love with this boy... He was the one I thought I was going to overlook for but instead he broke my heart...
The day started like any other when he entered my 4th period English class and
our teacher introduced him as Leah. He was from the big city of Witting California. He was so new and beautiful. Every girl in the class fell in love with him as soon as they saw his face. But me, no, I was the lone wolf, willing
to over look his tanned tone face. His green eyes didn’t faze me and the thickness of his pink lips did not dry my mouth. He was another pretty face to
me. Until...
A November day came along. It was windy and wet in the small town of Bookly Illinois. Leah has been at our school for a little over a week and the girls’ line up to talk to him. His smile threw them back into their words and made them lose what little thought they had. I was not the one whom feel in love easily and not with any pretty face. I suppose this was due to the simple fact that the
brain and the duckling never finds her prince. But still as I pasted by his locker to get to mine, only two lockers away, he smiled at me. I turned my head and opened my locker to retrieve my books. As he walked to my locker, leaning
onto the locker next to me coolly without a care. He spoke to me for the first
"Hello." he said. I turned my head to face him. Shocked to how close he was. I
stepped back so that my space was not so easily threatened. "May I help you?" I
said coolly. His smile turned straight at my harsh voice. "I... Um... wanted to
ask you something...” My eyebrows rose and fell and then I turned once again to
look him into the eyes and tell him to leave. But those green eyes took me off
guard and the words that I said next were not as hashed as I wished... “Okay,
go ahead..." "Why are you so weird?" As soon as I heard the qusetion I slammed my
locker and sped away. He yelled after me but I didn't hear a word.

How dare he speak of me the way he did. Not knowing a single fact about me yet
asking such a qusetion. Hmp! The nerve of people! Thoughts of anger and rage
went through my head. Finally I stopped in my tracks wondering why I reacted the
way I did... Clearly it shouldn't matter. I overreacted. I calmed myself down
then walked quietly to English.
As I entered the room I sat down at my desk and started to do the daily
qusetion. As the class filled into the room they all started their chatter and
smiles and jokes. Me, not having any friends in this class, only because most of
this class wouldn't spend the time of day to turn and ask for my name, I kept
working. Then I hear a loud laugh and looked up to see Leah. He was standing in
front of my desk kneeling and looking at me. The students thought it to be some
type of joke. But as I looked into his eyes the truth was there. He wanted to
say sorry. "I am sorry, I didn't mean to insult you but the only way I could put
it in words was in that form. You're not like the other girls." I looked at him
and then nodded to allow him to know that I understood what he was saying and he got up and went to his seat. Just as he sat the teacher came in and the bell
rang. I went back to my entree and wrote; "The human mind is and puzzle to all
and if not properly studied no one can be classified as mentally stable or insane. And this may be applied also to the emotions of a human. Without proper
study whom may say a person is in love or not." I closed my book, forcing myself not to look up. But for some reason I lost in my own battle and saw those green
eyes looking my way. Then he tilted his head and grinned. Then a thought came to my head, "it happens".
After weeks Leah and I became more and more evolved with each other. Talking
daily and calling each other after school. I saw things that I never thought I'd
see. He was very smart. He always says, "I'm in honors English for a reason." He joked about Julius Cesar and spoke about Edgar Allan Poe as if he was his best
friend. He was writer true at heart. Just as I was. He was a brain too! Soon we were hanging out after school and going to the movies afterwards. I end up
changing myself. From an uptight brain to this cool and sweet girl that actually was looked on as attractive when I smiled.
Finally after a month of dating, Leah asked me to be his "girl". I said yes before he finished the qusetion. We were happy for months at a time. Not needing anything or one besides each other and our brains to supply countless hours of talking and laughing. We were in our own world. Not caring the things that made us seem so odd together. People would never understand. He told me about his
parents and where he was from. He told me of the things he saw and the travels he did. Everything he told me made me fall harder and harder for him. He was the
hero of my dreams. The princes that came for me. We fought others for our relationship but never each other. Nothing could go wrong with us. Until... One
day things turned rotten.
Leah didn't come to school for a week... This was strange because Leah was always there. And if he wasn't coming he'd call me to tell me but no word ever came from him. I called his cell and his home phone but there was no answer. I
was getting worried. Finally on Saturday I walked to his home to find a car parked in the driveway. I walked to a large wooden door; stained glass stopped nosey people from invading the homes secrets and surprises. I took a large
breath, wondering if Leah parents even knew about me, hoping they wouldn't look at me and be just like the others and try to end our relationship. Finally I knocked on the large door two times. A large man, an older version of Leah,
answers the door. His eyes were blood red and he looked as if he hasn't slept in days. The dent in his brow showed that he didn't wished to be bothered. As I
spoke my words were soft and broken. Afraid to anger the man and also the answer to my qusetion... A man so large and tough had to have lost something dear in order look so sad and weak. "Hi, I was just looking for Leah. I've been trying to find him..." The man's face fell and his voice was soft. “Come in."
He left the door opened and walked into the long narrow halls. As my trembling limb walked into the dark hall, I felt enclosed as soon as I entered. The blinds
were closed and I feared that as I turned the corner something would be troublesome. My heart pounded against my chest feeling the shiftiness in the house. No longer was this a home but a shack closing in on me as I fear more and more what was to come of next. Something bad was about to happen.
I was correct. As I stared at the limp body on the sofa apart of me died. I fell to my knees and cried till my body shock out of control. A pale frail hand landed on my back. A woman stood behind me. She was clearly Leah's mother and
the large man his father. Bother incredibly beautiful and if it was not for their red eyes and bags they'd look like a cover of a markup magazine. She picked my limp and trembling body off the ground and walked me to a chair. Her pale skin against my creamy foundation seemed so small.
On the sofa laid Leah, small and weak... Pale and head shaved bald... His mother spoke... “They thought they got all of the cancer," The word made me
shack, "But he got really sick one day. They told us this was going to happen, so we brought him here so he could die in peace." I cried violently as I saw him struggle for air. I walked to his bed. And kneeled down to him. His eyes opened and looked towards me. The green was paling and his head no longer tilted, but as soon as he saw my face, he smiled. His smile still took away my breath and I
cried my tears, of pain and of love. "Why didn't you tell me?" I asked. "I wanted to but I didn't want to mess up the mood." He said. A small laugh escaped
his dry lips and a cough came after. "I'm glad you came. I've been waiting for you." He smiled again and held out his hand. It was cold as my fingers took over
his. His tanned skin gone and now replaced with chalked washed flesh. My hand looked so out of place from his. The caramel color looked far to dark against his
pale skin.
I looked into his eyes. "Leah, please before you leave me here on an earth that knows nothing of our language and of our life together was one. Know and understand my heart is forever yours. No one will take your place. Even though our time was short, I know for a fact that I love you and if you never came here I'd never know what it'd feel like to have love." As I spoke tears ran down my face... And as I stared into his eyes his last words were spoken. But these words teard into my heart like a knife. His weak voice soft and hushed did not match his face. An expression, blank and cold flashed crossed it, then
he spoke, "It happens." His eyes closed and his last breath fell. And the Life of Leah was no more.
As I wept from the pain that not only the lost of my first love but the coldness of his goodbye. Leah parents left and I walked back out of the enclosed house. As I stepped into the sunlight, everything looked depressing and happy. I heard the birds chirp and I hated their song. I felt the wind it my face and I cursed as I walked. Not even knowing were my feet were leading me I had to hurry to get rid of this feeling, this pain. I was not able to handle this. My heart was ripping apart, crying for me to end its pain. I black out.
Suddenly I find myself in my room with a large collection of medication bottles
on my bed. They were empty and my head was light. My fussy eyes opened and closed. Trying to hold onto this feeling of being in between life and death. Not knowing which way I'd be going. Finally I let go and my eyes closed... My heart stopped beating and a smile left on my face.

Leah face popped into my head and I smiled as he came closer. But as he came into reaching distance his tan hands turned me around and pushed me the other way. Forcing my feet to move back into the darkness. I begged to stay but he
pushed harder and harder. Then he stopped and turned me around. A fist slammed into my chest and I cried in pain. Another tear came down my glowing face.
Until I open my eyes to see a man standing over my limp body. "She back! Let's
get her to the ER stat!" I was moving and the bright eyes made it hard for me to see. I closed my eyes, tired from my trip and drifted to sleep.
Back in my white room, a new bottle set on my bed. I was directed to take it... It's been months since the death of Leah and my failed death. The others walk
around in their white clothes, buzzed and stoned to the point were nothing was real and everything was nothing... My mind fought every drug and every shot they injected into my body. I was once again the lone wolf, up tight and angry.
Letters were given out every Sunday. I never got any. Until one day after three months of being in here I was given a letter with no return address. I walked into my white wash room. Sat on my white covered bed and opened the
letter. A tear came down my face when I saw whom it was from. It was from Leah.
A goodbye letter from him that he meant to send out to me before I came to see him.
The letter said; “I don't know how to tell you this. It's hard and scary to talk about. The day I spoke to you was the day of my demise. My life was not expected to be long before but the day I looked into your eyes I knew the
truth. My heart would never be the same. I was stronger when you were there. I could do things that I thought I couldn't. You gave me your heart and now I shall give you mine. What am I to say for falling in love with a girl whom I had so many differences... falling for a mix and you were falling for the tanned... All I
can say is it happens... I love you, Tia. Goodbye for now, Leah."
As my eyes wept and I read the letter once more I think back to the words he last spoke to me. My face went soft and I cried out tears that I've held since I
entered into this white washed world... The sun waved goodbye to me and I climb into my bed. My soul was at peace and I was breathing once again. As I closed my eyes once again. Leah face pops into my head and his head tilts and a smile comes across his face. And this time as I touched he came into touching distance he grabbed my hand. And we walked into the light together, leaving all
our pain behind. Just laughing and saying... "It happens..."

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on Mar. 26 2011 at 1:09 pm
Destiny2Isa GOLD, Lansing, Illinois
12 articles 1 photo 3 comments

Favorite Quote:
It's just whateva
See what had happened was...
I'm just saying...
So you mad?
How much wood. (stops) " I don't give a crap!"

Thanks... I didn't do this on a word doc so it came up bleh... I didn't notice  untill after I posted.


on Mar. 25 2011 at 3:43 pm
Writer_In_The_Dark GOLD, Mount Vernon, Ohio
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"Happiness can be found in even the darkest of times, one needs only remember to turn on a light."
-Albus Percival Wulfrick Brian Dumbledore, in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Besides the grammer error's, this was absolutley amazing! Keep writing!:)<3