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White rose

February 13, 2011
By Taylor_Renee GOLD, St. Paul, Minnesota
Taylor_Renee GOLD, St. Paul, Minnesota
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Dream as if you will live forever,
Live as if you will die tomorrow.

"I wish he never left" I sobbed into the air
I sat down on the old swing by the pond the willow move with the wind. The sun painted the sky and through the tree. i thought about the first time we met.

I walked down the isles full of books. Some looked older then others, some was binned with old leather. I reached up and grabbed the red binned book when a
force knocked me off my feet. "oh god I am so sorry" a deep voice said.
"what were you doing?" I mumbled
A hand reached down and I grabbed it. I looked to find a black haired boy stand in front of me. His hair was black and shaggy and hung in front of his eyes. "uh well,"
His hand rubbed behind his head. "hey do i know you from somewhere?" he tried changing the subject.
I sighed" yeah i go to school with you"
"oh" I rolled my eyes and turned to walk away, but he grabbed my wrist.
I looked up at him, He flipped his hair out of his face. He had green blue eyes. "you wanna go somewhere you know else?"
"why don't like books" I grinned.
"Not very much ,but I thought I would be nice since i did push you over"
I studied him for a bit and looked around. I looked back and him his face crooked and a smile lingered on his lips. I rolled my eyes "Fine"
He grinned and grabbed my hand. "whoa" I giggled.
He pulled me out the library and his friends looked at us wide-eyed. I burst out laughing when we got to his car. "What is so funny?"
"you.... shoulda.......seen....your.....friend's.....face" I spoke between laughs.
"what was it like?"
I lifted one side of my nose and opened my eyes really wide. He looked at me and burst into laughter. Me and him slid int his car our laughter beginning to fade.
"um mm wow nice car" I said sarcastically.
"Yeah I am usually the one that has to drive my friend's around so"
"did you drive them here today?"
"how are they gonna get home then?"
"I guess they are gonna walk home" he smiled then stepped on the gas.
I screamed and giggled with the speed. he slowed down and looked over at me for a quick minute. "sorry for asking this but what is your name again?"
"Well I am Justin"
"yeah I know we have sixth hour biology together"
"Oh that's right with that one weird teacher"
"Yeah Mrs.Hayday" i said in a mocked nasally voice.
"Get your stuff out class" He mocked her too.
I laughed and poked him in the arm. He stopped the car in front of an old pond. a weeping willow dripped down and hung an inch over the water, when the wind whistled
through the willow it dropped down and left ripples through the pond. "oh my god were did you find this" I gasped.
"I was out walking and I, being the person I am, tripped and fell through the brush up there" He pointed.
"wow it is beautiful"
I sat on the swing and he came behind me and started pushing. I kept getting higher and higher and I held in the giggle. "wow" i whispered.
Justin stopped pushing and sat on the swing next to me. I scrapped my feet against the ground till i swung slowly with him.
"why have we never gotten to know each other?" He looked at me.
"I don't know, I guess because I am more of the sit, live and suffer in silence type."
"And I was the loud obnoxious guy"
"what is your favorite flower?"
"A whit rose" I said questioningly
"Oh" he looked around
I looked around the whole scene again. "beautiful"
"so are you" he looked at me.
I looked at the pond. Leaves blew from the maple tree on the other side of the pond. A couple of ducks landed in the pond. I smiled as a new memory flashed in my head
it was our first kiss at his house it was his families annual pool party....

"Hello Ever-Lynne" Mrs.Flynn smiled at me.
"Hi" I whispered.
"I hope you have alot of fun here we will be having the normal cook-out meal, hot dogs and hamburgers." His dad grins.
"Thanks"I smile.
"Come on"Justin pulled on my hand.
I waved at his parents and smiled following him into the huge backyard. Lots of people I know but never talked to waved and said hi to me. "Hey I will be right back I have to
talk to my buddy Mike" Justin smiled.
"Okay" I whispered.
He looked at me "Are you sore you are gonna be okay?"
I smiled "yeah"
He let go off my hand And walked over to his friend. I walked over to the patio table and sat next to a blonde Haired girl, "hey"she smiled.
"I'm Brittany"
"oh I know" she grinned.
I nodded and looked at Justin. "So are you and Justin dating?" Brittany looked at me.
"Um I don't know"
"Come on he has totally fallin for ya"
I smiled. I looked around for Justin, but he was no where in site. I looked at Brittany, "I will be right back"
I stood and walked around the pool. Justin came up beside me "Hey hey" He grinned.
"Wanna take a swim"
I shook my head My short brown hair flung into my face. "come on" he begged.
I shook my head again. "Okay"
He started to turn but then spun back around and lifted me off my feet, he had me in the cradle position. "No Justin put me down!" I yelled.
"Nope" he laughed and jumped in the pool with me in his arms. I swam up to the top and laughed and Justin swam up behind me. I turn around and slapped him on the shoulder.
"ow" He laughed.
my black tank-top and blue jean shorts were soaked. Everyone swam a little more. Then Mrs.Flynn came out with a plate full of hot dogs and hamburgers. "Dinner!"
We climbed out of the pool and Justin wrapped a towel around me. "Thanks" I smiled up at him.
Everyone sat down and ate and laughed by the time we finished and we were all dry it was dark and everyone started to leave. I stood by Justin and we waved to everyone.
Brittany walked up to me. "it was really nice getting to know you" she smiled and enfolded me into a hug.
"you too"
I started to walk to my car but I stopped and ran to Justin and hugged him "thanks"
I detangled myself and began to walk to my car but He grabbed my wrist it reminded me of the first time we actually talked. I turned to face him his eyes twinkled. He leaned in close.
His breath hot on my face. I felt my confidence rise "do it" I smiled.
He grinned and leaned down and kissed me. I pulled away and smiled. I turned and walked to my car, his kiss lingered on my lips all night.

I sat down at the pond I pulled up my pant legs and stuck them in the pond water. it was cool as it lapped against my ankles. The cool autumn breeze brushed against my cheek. I
looked up into the bright blue sky. The clouds drifted over the sun and took away my light. I sighed up into the sky "why did you have to go" I didn't know if I was talking to the sky or
about Justin. Something waxy brushed against my leg. I set up slowly worried about what it could be. In front of me sat a white rose. I looked more at the pond and a few more came
floating toward me. I looked across the pond a black haired boy sat there with green blue eyes.On a big white sign in big bold letters was three words "I LOVE YOU"
I smiled and stood up. Justin came walking toward my his hands behind his back
"I couldn't leave you. I realized that after I left and it was to late to get a plane ride back so son. So I
had to sleep in the airport last night , but it was worth it.
"Cause there is no person nor place then this place here and the person I an with right now" He smiled.
As he said the last words he pulled a single white rose out form behind his back and gave it to me.
"A white rose?"
"I remember you said you liked them"
I smiled at him and looked down at the rose I could fell tear begin to form in my eyes. I gave the rose back to him.
"what are you doing"
"I realized something too"
"Ever-Lynne I am sorry I left I will do anything to make it up to you." He began to cry
I looked at him and wiped the tears out from under my eyes. it startled me at first that my tears were gray. "Justin I realized that no rose or even you promising me that you will make it up
to me make the pain of you leaving me away"
"Ever-Lynne I realize to late I..."
I held my finger up and stopped him.
"None of those can make the pain go away."
He cried and turned to walk away. I reached out and grabbed his wrist. He wouldn't look at me he just stood there letting me cling on to his wrist "Justin"
He turned his head slightly and he was looking out of the corner of his eye. I moved closer and twined my fingers with his. He turned and looked at our hands. "The only thing that will make it
better is to know that you will be here with me forever"
He smiled and pulled me in his hands wrapped around my waist, I hooked my arms around his neck. "Forever and ever Darlin'." He whispered and He kissed me.

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on Mar. 10 2011 at 3:04 pm
Taylor_Renee GOLD, St. Paul, Minnesota
10 articles 0 photos 13 comments

Favorite Quote:
Dream as if you will live forever,
Live as if you will die tomorrow.

thanks i am thinking of making it into a full story actually!!!

on Mar. 9 2011 at 10:17 pm
BrownEyedGirl GOLD, San Antonio, Texas
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If life were easy, where is the adventure?
If you never leap, you will never know what it is like to fly.

I love this story!  I love how you have flashbacks and connect them to the scenery of the pond!