December 15, 2010
By SugarnSpice SILVER, Aurora, Colorado
SugarnSpice SILVER, Aurora, Colorado
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"A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets."-Titanic

It all started that morning. I was getting ready for work and was in a pretty good mood. Such a good mood that I decided to walk, it wasn't very far and I did have the energy. Plus, outside was so beautiful. The trees had just turned green and spring was fresh in the air. A slight breeze ruffled my hair and I smiled as it blew across my dark eyes.
I had gotten to where I could see my job when it happened. The squeal of a car, the shriek of glass smashing, and the gasp of engines dying. Spinning around I turned and looked on in horror at the mess before me. Two cars were facing each other, their front ends pushed back so far they nearly protruded through the steering wheels. One was a truck, and the other a small foreign -looking car. I ran to them both without thinking.
"Help." A lady gasped. She was the owner of the truck, and had been caught between her steering wheel and seat. I flinched at the mees of blood and skin on her face.
"Hold on." I said. Rushing over to the smaller car I knealt to the window. A man sat in the front. His head was down and a mass of wavy brown hair covered his face. He looked about my age, twenty or so, and he wasn't moving.
I pulled my phone out and dialed 9-1-1. After stating the emergency I hung up the phone and knealt by the car again. The man was waking up. He groaned and looked up at me, with a weak effort he smiled, and his green eyes glistened at me.
"Help is here." I said. He took hold of my hand, which was on the edge of the window, and said,
"I know." Then he was out again.
I didn't go to work that day. The ambulance arrived along with the police and firemen. I stated what I had seen and heard, then went to the hospital. The woman was going to be fine, but the man was not doing so good. A nurse told me they didn't think he would make it to morning.
I sat in a chair by his bed and watched his chest going up and down as he breathed. They had cleaned up his face and he now had bandages all over. For some reason it hurt seeing him like this, and I didn't even know him!
"Lauren, what happened?!" I jumped as a voice rang out in the room. My little sister ran in and threw her arms around me. Tears poured down her cheeks as she hugged me.
"Kelsie calm down." I said into her golden hair.
"I'm sorry, but when I called your job to talk to you, your boss said you weren't in. I was so afraid when he told me you were at the hospital in the ICU." She gasped through her sobs. I couldn't help but smile at my little sister, normlly I was the one worrying over her, now it was the opposite.
"Who's he?" She asked finally noticing the man.
"He was in an accident that I saw, and I"m here for-" I cut myself off, why was I here? Kelsie smiled and shook her head,
"You always were a good soul." I smiled at her remark and looked down at the man.
After spending the afternoon in the room, Kelsie and I decided to go. As she was packing up our bags and the lunch we had ordered, I secretly leand down and kissed the man on the cheek. Then we left.
The next day I got a phone cal from the hospital. The man was alive and awake! They said it was amazing, he was recovering quickly and soon would be moved out of the ICU. I smiled and hung up.
I never did see the man again, but I thought of him constantly. Something had happend when I kissed his cheek, it was like a spark. Nothing like that has ever happened to me. But, I told myself, you won't ever see him again.
Two months later I was walking up to my apartment when I noticed a note.
I have to admit I was a little frightened. The handwriting was unrecognizable and I was alone, as well as unarmed. My gut told me to go though, so I did, letting curiosity get the better of me. Once downstairs I looked around. Nobody but the desk manager was there, and he was packing up to go home.
"Walter, has anyone new entered the building?" I asked him. Walter smiled secretly at me, noded, and gestured outside. By the doors was a strange figure whose back was turned towards us.
"Walter?" I asked gesturing to the man with a quizacle qxpression.
"Go outside Miss." He smiled. I trusted Walter so I did what he said. The figure turned around as I stepped into the cool dark night. It was the man! The one in the hospital! He smiled at me. His face was clear, and only a scar on his cheek was a reminder of the accident.
"Hi." he said.
"Hi." I breathed. We stared at each other for a moment.
"I just wanted to thank you for what you did." He smiled.
"Oh, I'm just glad I was there."
"Me too."
I had no idea what to say, luckily I didn't need to say anything.
"My name's Michael." He said.
"Lauren." I smiled.
"Lauren, the doctors tell me a miracle brought me back from death." he looked at me with serious searching eyes.
"Oh?" I felt a little faint.
"Yes, they say I must have a guardian angel." Michael smiled at me.
"That's nice."
"It is, as you can imagine, I'm a bit curious."
"I bet."
"Well luckily, in the hospital I woke up after something happened."
"Something?" Was it getting stuffy out here?
"Yes, something touched my cheek. Something that woke me up with a shock." I nodded as he spoke, but really I was noticing how close he was getting and how good he smelled.
"Something like this." He breathed as he leaned close to me. Our mouths connected and I felt a shudder run through me. After a while we broke apart and he looked shy.
"I'm sorry-" But I didn't let him finish. Soon we were together again and you know what? The air was no longer cold.
Inside of the apartment building Walter looked on at the couple and smiled. What a lovely story this was turning into. He thought. What Walter didn't know was that someone else was looking on at the couple, and they weren't smiling.

The author's comments:
This story just came to me one day. Normally I'm not so good at romantic pieces, but this just poured out. So I hope you like it.

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