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Allergies ENDING

December 7, 2010
By Internal-Love PLATINUM, Queens, New York
Internal-Love PLATINUM, Queens, New York
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2 months later............

Rebecca was found at a nightclub once again (ironically the very same club where she met Greg). But she couldn't pretend that she was back to her normal life, back on track as she was before. Everything changed. From her profound attitude, to her confidence, to her new sunny outlook on life, from Becca to Rebecca. She was now complete. She had fully grown up.
Hmm........that guy in the corner looks interesting......he's just slumped there on a stool near the bar tuned completely in his ipod. He reminds me of myself such a long time ago...........
Rebecca walks up to him.
"Hey" Re says softly.
The guy looks up; he seems so familiar.........maybe by some strange coincidence........
Removing his ear plugs he says "what'd you say?"
She speaks up "i said hey, what are you listening to?"
He put a plug to her ear. Rebecca smiled. She recognizes one of the dark rock hits she had listened to so very long ago. She takes out her own ipod and places one plug to HIS ear. He seems to like it. He's bopping his head to the beat....He's asking "hey, who's the band? This music is sick!!"
Rebecca smiles and answers "Paramore. True rock WITHOUT making you deaf. I'm Rebecca"
"i know" the guy says. "I'm Ernesto. i sit behind you in math class". No wonder he looked so familiar!! There was another dark rock lover and she didn't even know it!!
In the club, a new song started to play.
Her smile turned coy as she asked "Well Ernesto. How'd you like to dance with me?"

When Greg saw her again, he didn't hesitate for one second. He walked boldly up to her, heart pounding, softening up at the sight of her face. "Hey" he said struggling to sound serene. She smiled when she saw him. "Hey" Jenny said. "i visited you at the hospital!!"
Greg remembered. Her soft golden hair fell over her face that day, and as she kissed him on the cheek, he felt a sting of pain but it wasn't painful. It had just felt like a million mega pixels of electricity and love all bestowed in one kiss. He instantly forgave her for their date where she freaked out just as the sun started to rise.............
It was a sensation he hadn't felt with Rebecca.
jenny continued "So you really do have an allergy to the sun........ It's just so sad and sounds so unrealistic. But i think I'm ready to believe it. My gosh, i feel such guilt about how i reacted on our date..........."
Greg smiled and said "it's ok. You know, i remember the first time i saw you. i was about to walk into the nightclub for the millionth time and you were just leaving, about to get into a cab. One look at you and i knew i wasn't going inside the club. i was going wherever you were. i wanted you"
She grinned "i remember. My day had started out so ordinary, and then i saw you. And it was like a whirlwind of magic. You charmed me from the start. i had expected an ordinary nice and neat relationship, like my life but you are anything but that. And a relationship with you is anything but all of those things. But i think I'll like that. Oh Greg, we really didn't get off to a nice start-----"
He finished "i agree. let's start over. What would you say to a date to the carnival with me this Saturday?"
She joked "i thought you only went to late night movies and moonlit walks"
"Well" he replied. "i figured it was time for a change"


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