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Allergies part 3

October 27, 2010
By Internal-Love PLATINUM, Queens, New York
Internal-Love PLATINUM, Queens, New York
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I found it!! A gateway to reality! A reason! i blurted "u cant be allergic to the sun! If u were then why do u live in a big huge mansion?!" His eyes were intent on mine. He replied "Why are the windows boarded up?". i knew he was right, but i was scrambling to find some sort of reason to prove he wasn't sun-allergic. My face was crumbling, cause i couldn't find one. i had to live with the sinking reality that my awesome boyfriend couldn't go out during the day. It was as if he could sense my compassion because his hand was cupping my cheek, and bringing my face to his. Not allowing me to fall. Not allowing me to cry. He wanted to comfort me, i knew it. But no words came out. i pulled back slightly, choking up my tears. My words, about him living in a mansion that probably couldn't be purchased at night, got me thinking, there might be more to Greg then I've been told. i asked "Actually.........where ARE your parents? How do u afford a mansion like the one you live in? How do u support yourself, financially? 14's too young of an age to make much money".
i was serious; it confused me. How could it all be possible? i needed logic, i needed answers, a normal explanation.
Greg's smile was gone. True, it felt like we were the only ones at Wendy's. But it also felt awkward. Like a quirky indie film gone wrong. i was outraged at this particular film. Our date had gone so sweet and now it's bland and the sudden transition makes me wanna pout, and go back to the flirts and the shakes. And second, why wouldn't he answer?! i can't even get an explanation!!
i just knew i couldn't stay in Wendy's a second later, so i abandoned our date, leaving Greg staring at the floor in his frown.
Scratch what i said about our romance being alike to Twilight. It seemed we were heading towards a love/hate on/off relationship. A bittersweet love.

As soon as i had come home i grabbed my ultimate dark rock hits CD from the trash, placed it in my CD player, and blasted the volume.

One night, i was surfing Youtube when i came across a rock song. It was the name that attracted me.
It was punk rock, and, ironically, it was the hand-offs at one of their concerts. Mandee was screaming the song at the top of her lungs. "How do we love, when allergies are tearing us apart!! Tearing us apart! TEARING US APART!!" was the chorus. "How do we!" the audience chanted back, in rhythm. i stared at the screen. Had Mandee, Pat, and whoever the other guys were, take a look into my personal life-story diary? Had they read my mind? Know me better then i knew myself?? This song was SO my life right now. Every lyric, the beat.
"i like you but do i like you?
i kiss you but do i miss you?
i want you but can i have your
i was into the screams, the lyrics, not caring about what's goth or not. Right now, i was in tune with the music, doing anything to get my mind off Greg.
i left the binds wide open tonight.

Today at school, we had a visitor, whose career was an adviser in love. He set out to help all ages, but teens mostly. The whole period was him giving a whole moving speech, that was just meant for us to listen to. The man was saying "You know, most of you young pupils think you know what love is. Well I'm not gonna tell ya, but I'll tell ya this: how much would you miss him or her if he or she were away? You think you know. You've got the answer...........but look closer. REALLY think about it. And you'll know. What is it you like about him or her. How your heart skips a beat? How he or she makes you feel? The kind of person he or she shapes you up to be? It could be all of the above or none at all. Now take that reason and think-----is this enough to love someone? If it is, then look beyond the boundaries of butterflies, beyond the happiness.........have there ever been off-time moments aside from the whirling joy? How did that feel?"
The point was to stop and think. But other then that, i don't know why he was making a whole speech on thoughts. What was the point in that? It was all confusing. But it did make me wanna stop and think for a moment. Me and Greg's relationship-------was it true love? i was about to plunge into that very sea of thoughts-----when i turned back last minute.

That very night, i knew what was coming, almost as if it were a routine. The doorbell rings, it's HIM in a lovely leather jacket, and i automatically answer the door. We're staring into the others' eyes for a very long while, silence consuming us. Then the next minute, we're kissing, our lips colliding.
And only when we pull back, is the barrier of silence broken. "i love you baby" he says. "And i love you, Greg" i say. He: "i inherited the mansion from my parents, who gave it to me in their will. From what i heard, when i was a baby the stress of my allergy was too much for dad, so mom decided to take him out, and got me a babysitter while she took him out. She was driving the car, when they got in a terrible accident..........i have no job, but i have to get a night one by the time I'm 16. I'm protected by the government"

i nod, only half listening, not wanting to be emotional, even though our whole relationship is just that. Wanting to feel his lips again as i pull him in closer...........

Want more? Then be prepared for part 4!!

The author's comments:
sorry if I'm slow on writing parts but I've got school AND a novel I'm writing to the side (to get published in the future)

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