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Diary of an Alien Princess

August 12, 2010
By daydreaming GOLD, Norwell, Massachusetts
daydreaming GOLD, Norwell, Massachusetts
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"sometimes it lasts in love and sometimes and sometimes it hurts instead" -Adel

A baby was born on the planet Recnon, a small planet between Arton and Melky in the galaxy of Neracton. This baby, a tiny baby girl, was named Adriana to be exact the baby was named Her Royal Highness Grand Princess of all Recnon Adriana Mariana Luisa Fernaria daughter of King Zeronarent Fernaria and Queen Pucera Fernaria. Adriana was taken to Oculosa to receive a prophesy…
The prophesy hall was large with tall ceiling arched with mosaics on it. The windows were 20ft tall stain glass windows giving the room a magical vibe, not quite dark but it wasn’t bright. There was a large chair with a worn seat in fact the whole room had a sort of old feeling to it. The throne was 10 ft tall 4 feet up from the seat was covered in the same worn red velvet as the seat the rest of the throne was delicate gold designs in the dark wood. And on the throne sat an ancient old woman her silver hair was pulled tightly into a bun. She was Oculosa she is said to have come from a planet outside the Neracton galaxy a planet called Earth. She belonged to a breed higher then that of the humans she was a wizard. But the people here were all similar to the humans of earth so she was the only one with an ability like this. Their was a buzz in the room as all the nobles entered with their servants. Five chairs were at the front of the room near the throne and four women entered led by their husbands. All of them were nobles and all of them were pregnant, four princes to be born this year. The fifth was a servant led by no one and lowered herself to the chair a smaller less comfortable chair, but a chair all the same. The rest of the nobles stood around.
Then the king queen and tiny princess entered, the princess was handed to Oculosa, the room was silent and waiting. Oculosa cradled the baby and leaned in towards it every one held their breath to see what would happen. But Adriana did not cry she giggled and reached for the woman’s nose her tiny fist hitting it. The old woman whispered to the tiny girl
“Pretty baby, little girl so strong. Lets see that bright future of your shall we?”
Oculosa straightened up she blinked and in that split second when her lashes brushed her cheeks her eyes turned silver, the pupils, the iris, the whites of her eyes, all silver they gave off a light of their own the whole room marveled at. The baby in her arms stared, to young to be afraid, she stared smiling in wonder.
Oculosa frowned and muttered to herself as she saw what no one could
“Now why is she… ahhh, I see… The princess will fall in love with one of the four princes to be born this year and together they will be the greatest rulers in our history, and Recnon will prosper in peace, wealth, knowledge, and art.” the room let out a sigh of relief then the gossip and whispers started. Oculosa looked at the four noble women then at the end the servant who was starring at her belly. The queen stepped up to take back Adriana. But then the eyes changed to silver again and everyone froze as the light hit them.
“But if the princess is tricked or lured into the arms of the wrong man. Recnon will fall to war, disease, greed, and evil.” Nobody moved, even the baby held still in Oculosa’s arms. The queen stepped up to take the baby.
“Thank you Oculosa, would you join the king and me in the sitting room.”
“Of course your majesty.” Oculosa said standing up she kept the baby in her arms. “Lead the way” then the queen turned to the chairs.
“Ladies if you don’t mind” the queen said gesturing towards the door. The noble man quickly helped up the mothers to be. The group walked to the large double doors. The king in the lead followed by the queen and Oculosa holding Adriana then the lords and ladies. They entered a small room with couches and as soon as the door clicked behind them arguing broke out.
“How will we know!?”
“What does she mean tricked?”
“What does that mean for my son?”
“They all have to spend the same time with her!”
Then Adriana started to cry and the room fell silent Oculosa looked down rocking the babe.
“She must grow and learn and know her own heart with out influence before she can follow it. And she must follow it in order to love the one she must”
“How does she do that, here she’ll be influenced the second she is carried out that door, how to act, dress, speak, think, it will all be pushed at her” said the queen placing her hand on the crying head of Adriana.
“She will grow up away from it all. She will be raised by foster parents. She will not know who she is till she is old enough.”
“Where” the queen said tears threatening at the thought of giving away her baby like that.
“My planet, Earth. She will be monitored constantly by my people and when she is old enough we will go get her”
“Earth” whispered the queen. That started it.
“Why Earth?”
“Earth is that necessary!”
The pregnant women struggled to stand to argue.
“Earth.” Said Oculosa, she said it with power and authority. It was defiant, official; final Adriana would be raised on earth.

The author's comments:
this is the prologue to a book im wrighting. like a teaser. the story turns into a bit of an action near the end... not gunna give any thing way. the grammar and spelling isn't great. its a work in progress. enjoy :)

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