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500 Stories Above

May 2, 2010
By awakeneded SILVER, Davie, Florida
awakeneded SILVER, Davie, Florida
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The roof of my home is my favorite place, all the amazing people and things here, all the mysteries and tragedies that make it interesting. I stare down at the grey street from the top of the 500-story building. It is a daunting sight, but it is surprisingly exhilarating. Sitting up here reminds me of those windy days when you loved me and you would take me here for a picnic under the sun, then at night, we would lay here looking at the constellations that seemed so close. You would have me bend over the edge while you held my hands. The wind in my hair and the street below would make me feel as if I was flying. It was the ultimate trust exercise. Thank goodness, that wasn’t the place where your trust fell short.

A few notes happen to pass by my ear in the still air. It is a sad love song being sung by the young boy on the top floor with his window open. My feet dangle just a few feet from his window. I listen intently; it had been a while since I had heard a poorly written song about love.

“I know I have done you wrong,
That is why I sing this song.
You are mad and upset,
I have not apologized yet.
That is why I sing this song,
Because I have done you wrong.”

The music stops for a moment and then starts again, this time without words to accompany it. The notes are sweet and high with a few low ones scattered around. He is looking out the window now; I wonder if he can see me. My red shoes aren’t exactly hard to see and I can feel his pupils digging into the soles of my feet. I look down, but he does not see me. His bright green eyes are staring into infinity while he strums his guitar.

“Please don’t fret,” He sings again.
“Don’t forget,
All that we had.
Before you got mad.
It was for good reason,
I didn’t mean to commit treason.
Just give me one more chance,
Or even a passing glance.”

I feel sorry for him and I want to cry. The song is terribly written, but the apology sounds genuine. The music has stopped and all noise beneath me had ceased. A moment later the boy comes to his window again with a red Gerber daisy. Much like the ones you gave me for my birthday last week, before everything went wrong. How can so much change in so little time?

From beneath my feet, I hear him sigh as he picks the red petals from the flower. They fall to the ground slowly and gracefully, only interrupted by a slight breeze. On the top of the building you can’t see where the petals land, but you know that someone below is dancing happily while the petals rain on the person. Little does the person know, he dances happily only because of someone else’s misery. With a loud sound like something slamming, the boy shuts his window and backs away. His mother called for him complaining that he spends too much time in that window.

I stare out into space for a few minutes. Now that he is gone I have no reason to be up her and now I am just wasting time. A door slams hard somewhere behind me and it spooks me. I tumble off the edge, but my hand catches the edge of the roof just in time. My heart pounds against my chest and my hands feel like I am going to slip. My stomach feels like it has already dropped to the floor. I scream for help while my arms burn. My hands release just as they catch something or someone. I look down and look up. A friendly face meets my gaze and he pulls me up. “You need to be more careful up here, haven’t I told you that before?” I look into his eyes and then realize what just happened. I almost died.

“Yeah you have.” I said dusting myself off. I go to turn away, but he grabs me gently.

“Will you forgive me?” He says his voice cracking. This is all happening to fast.

“I… I… yes.” I say and hug him. My eyes tear up and I can’t control it. “I have missed you.”

“Yes, and me you, but now I am here and so are you.” I hug him again and won’t let go. I never will, again.

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tulee said...
on May. 20 2010 at 11:33 am
Love this!!