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Just the two of them

December 16, 2009
By OnyxDivine PLATINUM, Scarborough, Other
OnyxDivine PLATINUM, Scarborough, Other
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He kept his eyes closed for a second longer, relishing in the feeling of it all. She always pulled away too soon. He guessed it was because she was still a little shy. It’s funny, the only time she ever acts shy is around him.
He opened his eyes to see her regarding him. He matches her gaze with the same level of intensity, vaguely aware of her arms tightening around his neck. He kept his hold on her waist, enjoying holding her close.
Her eyes were the colour of dark chocolate, maybe even darker. Seeing her so timid and soft is such a contrast to the boisterous, headstrong image she usually gives off.
Something fell on his eyelash and he blinked multiple times to try and get it off. He looks up when he heard her quiet giggle. He watches as she reaches her hand up to his face and closes his eyes as she attempts to wipe the offending object away.
When he opened his eyes again she was looking up at the grey-white sky. He tilted his head upwards to see what was so fascinating.
Snow was falling endlessly, like someone sprinkling sugar on top of a cake.
He looks down again to look at her only to see her head turned to the right. He feels her press closer to him and wrapped his arms tighter around her as she shudders from the cold.
To their right, the field was covered blanket of white. Flurries gently fell one after another, covering the ground with a layer of snow. The entire area was silent, not even the birds were making a sound.
Untainted. Soundless. Beautiful.
He marvels at the scenery, and then turns to watch her. She was marvelling at the beauty of it all and he couldn’t help but think that he was lucky. How many people in the world have enjoyed a moment like this?
It was just the two of them. There was not another soul around, with heaven’s confetti falling freely all around them, and not a care in the world.
He was holding her close, and that was enough.

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