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July 16, 2009
By Emma99 GOLD, Kamloops, Other
Emma99 GOLD, Kamloops, Other
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Bella's Point Of View

“Laugh your heart out
Dance in the rain
Cherish the memories
Ignore the pain
Love and learn
Forget and forgive
Because remember you
Have only one life
to live.” -Unknown

I sat in my over-sized bean bag chair, furious as hell. I couldn't believe how pissed off I was. Especially since he had only said seven simple words to me, followed by my full name.

I think that that may have been what angered me the most. How he said Isabella. He had never called me Isabella before, not even when he first met me. It had always been Bella. Just Bella.

But also those heartbreaking words..... I don't want to see you anymore. And how he said them. Like he was free to do anything he wanted. Well, I know he is free to do anything he wants, but to just go break my heart like that for no reason.... well, that should just be illegal.

As my anger turned to sadness, I felt the tears start to fall from my chocolate brown eyes, drifting down my pale cheek, to the corner of my lips, and off my chin. I knew I needed to pull myself together. Mia, my best friend, would be here any minute. And if she found out who had made me this sad...... well, he would probably be found in a ditch next week.

I slowly got up off the bean bag chair and tried to make my feet move across the hall to the bathroom. Thank god my dad wasn't home. I don't think anybody within this house wouldn't have been able to hear my loud sobs.

As I walked past my window, I glanced out and saw Mia's older brother's silver Volvo parked in my driveway. Just stepping out of the passenger seat was Mia.

Dammit. I didn't think I had enough time to remove any evidence that I had been crying. But I could at least try.

I practically ran down the hall and into the bathroom, almost slipping and hitting my head on the counter. While I grabbed the sink to steady myself, I heard Mia rushing up the stairs to see me.

I frantically splashed water over my face. I didn't hear her anymore..... maybe she was doing something in my room.

When I looked into the mirror at myself, I saw a little pixie standing next to me, with curiosity just leaking off of her.

She grabbed my shoulders and turned me around so she could look at me without having to use the mirror.

“Bella, what's wrong?” she asked sympathetically. I could already see the possible situations that would make me this upset going through her head.

Her asking put me over the edge. Tears started to explode out of my eyes, just like they had minutes ago, but this time it was much worse.

I felt Mia's small arms wrap around me, and instantly I felt a tiny bit better. Than I heard her whisper something to me, but she said it to softly for me to hear.

I pulled away a bit so I could see her face. “What did you say Mia?” I asked quietly.

“I asked if it has something to do with Jared.” She said while looking at the floor. I knew how hard it was for her when I was sad. I nodded slowly.

“Come on Bella. Lets get you to my house.” She said while she quickly went to my room and grabbed the over night bag that I had packed about fifteen minutes before she had arrived here.

After we walked down the stairs I locked the front door and followed Mia to Alex's silver Volvo.

Alex's Point Of View

“Make your move,
Before she's gone.
Because people change,
And hearts move on.” -Unknown

“Okay Mia,” I said, when we pulled up to Bella's driveway after a fast ride there, “Go get Bella. And hurry up please.”

“Of course Edward.” Mia, my twin sister, said before she hopped out of my Volvo. She probably thought my rush to get Bella out here was completely because of my lack of patience. Little did she know, I actually didn't think it was physically possible for me to survive any more time without Bella near.

While Mia let herself into Bella's house with the key Bella had given her, I turned on the radio, looking for a station with some classical music, to please my new found love for classical music.

I settled on one of my favorite stations, which often played some of Bella's favorites.

A year ago, I would have slaughtered anybody who had turned this station on. But now.... it was one of the only types of music I would listen to without wanting to kill myself.

I know this may seem weird, but I picked up this love for classical music from Bella. When her and Mia had first become friends, Bella would always turn the station to one filled with her favorite songs. At first, I really hated Bella for doing it. But eventually, as I began to fall in love with Bella, I also began to love her favorite types of music.

Yeah, I was in love with my twin sister's best friend, and had been for about seven months now. Only five months after I had met her. But in those seven months, I had never told her my true feelings for her.

I had tried, god I really had tried. Some days I was so convinced I would just tell her. But, it just never worked. I always chickened out.

And time was running out quickly. It was now the beginning of March. In four short months, at the beginning of July, Bella would be leaving for Alaska to go to the University up there. And I would probably still be here, looking back on all the times in my life I should have told her.

My thoughts were interrupted by the back door opening, and both Mia and Bella climbing into the back. The first thing I noticed was that Bella's face, covered with the hood on her black hoodie, was buried into Mia's shoulder. When she looked up at me, with her face all red and puffy with tears streaking down her cheeks, I wanted to cry. Or even worse, I wanted to put the person who had done that to her so close to death they would be just asking me to kill them. Begging me.

I turned my attention to Mia, hoping she would fill me in on the situation. “It was Jared.” she said quietly.

“That fu-” I stopped myself, knowing Bella probably still had feelings for him. How dare he! Break her heart like that? I don't think so. Not to my Bella.

I turned around and started driving back to my house, filled with rage. I almost wasn't able to stay at a legal speed, which I often tried to do when Bella was in the car, because of her many pleads for it.

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I liked it. I can see the similarities to Twilight (Bella, Edward, Volvo, driving much too fast), but it was really good! Just one thing: Before you switch out of Bella's POV, you write "Alex's POV". So is the his name Alex or Edward? And is the story over yet? I sure hope not!