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Juliet's Slumber

June 11, 2009
By *LunaNight* GOLD, Staten Island, New York
*LunaNight* GOLD, Staten Island, New York
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He needs to save me.
Without him, I will surely perish in this world tainted with hatred and dark spirits that haunts the very essence of humanity. Without him, I will disappear, and forget everything that ever happened in my life. My existence.
Having the cold sink into my bones, icing them, freezing them with a burning cold intensity, I wonder why he isn’t already here, saving me. Why has he left me here to suffer for this long?
I start hyperventilating as my mind starts drowning in all the negativities that are flooding inside of me. What if he got hurt, and is unable to rescue me? Did he get caught from the guards that protect my own mind?
Will he ever come at all?

As I try to save the one truest being I have ever been blessed to fall in love with, I struggle with trying to break through the barrier she has bordering her mind. No matter what shall happen to me, she will be set free from being a prisoner inside her own body, forever wandering around in a black, scorching hot/freezing cold darkness that seems to consume even the smallest light in a matter of seconds.
She is too pure to have to go through what she is now.
I will be her knight rescuing her from the night that has enveloped her being.
The deeper I go into her thoughts, the colder it becomes, to the point where my limbs seem to freeze with the effort I am forcing into my body with trying to move forward.
Silently listening, I could here whispers coming from all around me in a ferocious wind that made me have to bow down and close my eyes or else I would surely be blown away. I whip around in circles, trying to locate where the sound is coming from, thinking its Juliet calling my name. But as I wander deeper and deeper into her most secretive of thoughts, I realize that it wasn’t her calling my name in her sweet, honey suckle like voice, but instead were wicked sneers of taunting monsters spoke my name in a voice dripping with venom; calling my name in a mock like arrogance that made me feel unworthy of saving her, if this was she thinks of me when she says my name.
Does she love me as much as I love her?

I am now growing tired of waiting. I could feel it drawing nearer, death slowly taking its toll on me. As I feel my eyelids fluttering closed, I imagine the warmth of the sun on my bare skin, because it’s been ages since I have felt such heat that made me feel alive, not this scorching burning sensation that seems to be all around me, suffocating me in a black smoke.
But I also imagine Romeo’s intense stare whenever he looks into my eyes, like I am the most beautiful being his eyes has ever beheld, because that’s how I feel about him.
As more frost clings on to my already decomposing body, I smile even though it hurts my mouth, stretching the skin that makes me feel like a thousand needles puncturing my skin with the pain.
I smile for him. I lived for him.
And now I will die thinking of him.

That’s how I find her. After running away from the horrid creatures that has polluted her thoughts, I find her in the darkest corner of her mind smiling at nothing, eyes closed, seeming to expect something she didn’t necessarily know was on its way. Embracing her in my arms, I must fight the sluggish feeling that over took my body, and find an escape from this horrid nightmare of a place that I can’t last another second in, even though she’s last for what seems like centuries in this rotting cell.
Looking down at her while still running wildly, searching for an exit, I could see her skin wrinkling more and more each second. Feel that same skin whither in my arms, and hear her heartbeat weaken, like it can’t stand to pump anymore, and is giving up.
“Nyx!” I cry, “Goddess of night, personification of darkness! Escape from here! Leave, for you are committing a blasphemy far too horrid and inexcusable to be humane. Taking the life of this lovely girl is a crime against nature, worst than what Hades hath committed when tricking that girl into spending most of eternity with him in the darkest depths of hell. Leave this place, I ask again, and let the sun revive my beloved…”
Just as I whisper those last words, feeling her last heartbeats stutter, I feel a warmth I haven’t felt once I entered this place, and I feel a hope when walking into a light.

My eyes opened to show that I’m in a room, far vast to be the one I sleep in at my home. As I feel something stir to the side of me, I look to see Romeo stare at me in bewilderment before collapsing.
“Romeo!” I shriek, piercing my eyes, hearing pigeons flap their wings from high above. I grab his face in my hands, trying to awake him. I faintly remember him in my dreams, crying for the darkness to release me, but am too preoccupied at the moment to fully comprehend the nightmares I had, to which he saved me from. I open his fisted hand to find a small vile of clouded liquid, only a drop remaining in its container.
“Poison,” I whisper, now understanding what has happened. Opening his other hand, I find a knife in it, the same one he’s used to kill my cousin with, the blade tinted with red on it from not having been cleaned. Kissing Romeo’s cold, life-less lips, I down the rest of the poison. Feeling it snaking down my throat, I shed tears that are meant only for Romeo. Not my over controlling father, or retched mother. Not even for my cousin who was killed by Romeo himself. These tears are for Romeo, for he was the only who’d ever let me experience a love without complications.
True love.
And taking the blade, I stab it into the center of my chest. If Romeo can’t have my heart, nobody can.

Romeo and Juliet has always been a tale of deception, lies, and of course, true love. How two people of completely different backgrounds could fall in love, and do anything within their power to be with the other, no matter the circumstance, is truly amazing. I wrote this to show what was happening in Juliet’s mind when she was asleep, faking death so she wouldn’t have to marry someone other than Romeo. He did not only save her from having to marry someone she doesn’t love, but also saved her soul from drowning in the darkness she was knee deep in.
This is my view of Juliet’s dream when she was in her slumber, faking death.

The author's comments:
this is what i would have been dreaming if i were Juliet, sleeping while Romeo was killing himself thinking i was dead.

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