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Open Waters

June 22, 2009
By Ashleigh TB BRONZE, New York, New York
Ashleigh TB BRONZE, New York, New York
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In life your reality check can be simple as a pinch….
“Mommy don’t go in the lake please don’t go…Mum Mum come back...”
The day my mother died. The day everything changed was weird. Crying, yelling, and screaming. Everyone looked like fools. However, I sat there. Not crying, just staring into the lake. The lake had glistened. We had shared a secret. And it had lasted forever….

I walked through the hallway. The eyeballs burned through my skin but I did not care. I was no different from anyone else. Nevertheless, the comments were soon to come. The “Emo”. Sometimes I think it is stupid though. All I have is a lip ring. That is the problem. I am not going to be treated differently.
“Damn us, we have another weird one” they laughed. There were two boys. The Populars.
“Aw is the Emo about to cry?” they chuckled.
“Dude he looks like Nemo”, he laughed.
“Emo Nemo”, they cheered.
I walked away. There was nothing I could say. Nothing I wanted to say. What a nice way to start the day. Kill me now.

I hated being home. It just was not home. Nothing of it seemed mine. I was not loved after my mom left me with the Lord of the Underworld. I wished that I could have switched places with her. She was an angel. My mom, it has been years since her death. I guess you would think its hard I was only seven years old, and I lost my mom. In my gut, I would always have this feeling that the doctors could have done more. They murdered my mom.
“Patrick get over here NOW!” he yelled.
The thing was back. My father. Someone please pinch me. I ran down to his approach.
“What do you want?”
“You idiot, didn’t I tell you to have my dinner ready for me when I come home?” he yelled. His face had aroused with anger and his face blossomed red.
“We’ll you have to freakin hands don’t you?” I yelled back.
Inside I felt a shadow crawl over my body and it was too late to duck.
POW. Drip drop went the blood down my cheek
“Get away from me you worthless piece of a son”
I got up and ran in terror. My secret back at the lake. We knew things would NEVER be the same. So did my dad, I cried myself to sleep at night every day. It is not fair at all. I was only seven, so young and scared. But that did not stop him from threatening or abusing. He left out his fire- beaming rage on me. Until one day, the beast came home late.
“God Patrick you psycho how do you park the car in the wrong lot do you want me dead?” he screamed.
“Do you honestly want the truth?” I retorted.
BAM! I could tell from that moment that I had a black eye. The tears were not listening and poured out of my eyes.
“You know instead of trying to kill me, you should try being a father”, I cried.
Then I ran to my mom. To our lake. Free against the wind. Against the world.
“Hi mom how are you today? I hope your real good”, I smiled. “I can’t believe I stood up to him today. This is progress. I think something good is about to happen”.
I looked up into the full moon. The wind gushed around me. I looked into the water. “I know you can hear me mom, I love you”.

“Look it is Emo Nemo”, the boys laughed. Actually everyone laughed. I wish I could ignore it and act like it did not hurt but I felt a burn.
“Oh gosh I’m sorry I should have been watching and-”
“It’s okay”, I interrupted.
I looked up. It was a girl. A pretty one. She looked preppy and popular. But why is she still talking to me?
She smiled, “I’m Sophie, Sophie Daniels or New Girl”.
I laughed, “Hello, I’m Patrick Green or Emo Nemo”.
“That’s mean, your Emo so what?”
“No I’m not; actually I don’t know what I am”.
“I do, you’re Patrick, Sophie’s new friend”, she smiled.
A friend? I think I need to pinch myself…
“So I know we just met but are you okay?” she asked. “Your eye looks like you were in a fight with a menacing gang”.
“I fell”.
“Haha okay”, she laughed.
Sophie was accepted into the Populars. She had taken it but still became my best friend. Four months swooped by very fast. Here I am. Here we are.

“Freak child get down”, he yelled.
I sprinted down the stairs. He waited for me there. I had seen a bat on the floor, at corner eye, then my legs, to my head.
“I hate you”, I screamed and ran like never before. To my island, to my mom.
The sound of footsteps had arisen. Pit pat it went down the road behind me. Sophie I thought.
“Pat”, she yelled after me.
“Uh this is not a good time”.
She enquired, “You’re bleeding”.
“Yeah I fell again”.
“Again and again Patrick what is up seriously?” she questioned.
“Come follow me”. I grabbed her hand as we entered the lake.
“This is beautiful”, she whispered.
“When I was seven years old, my mom died from leukemia we were together when she passed. The doctors claimed they had done everything they could to save her although they did not. She died here. This is where we buried here”.
“Patrick I’ so sorry”, she cried.
“My dad abused me every day since she died”.
She gasped. I saw the fear in her eyes, the sadness poor out in a cry.
“Patrick I’m so sorry”, she cried. “Let me do something”.
“No please”, I whispered.
“Oh goodness Patrick”, she yelled. The wind rushed rapidly to my face. Then I felt it, a hug, a warm cocoon.
She looked in my eyes. “Stand up to him Patrick, six years or torture is enough”, she stammered. “I’m here for you Patrick, I love you. You’re the best friend I ever had”.
“I will Sophie”. Then she cried and I went along. We sat there staring at the lake crying. We could both feel the pain but not the solution.
“You know the heart goes on”, she whispered.
“I think”, I mumbled.
Then out of nowhere, she nudged me.
“By the way Patrick, you have such pretty eyes”.
Then we laughed and everything was okay again.

Sophie had become even closer to me over the weeks. The Populars did not even care. I guess they really wanted her.
I walked through the hot sealed hallways looking for her. I had no luck.
“Hello Patrick the bell has rang, take your seat”, the woman crackled.
Ooh how I hate that woman. Mrs. Swine. I called IT Mrs. Scarecrow. The ugly woman gawked at me. Cerberus should be her second name. The animal.
“Where is Sophie?” I asked.
“Aw Emo Nemo misses his little crush”, a kid laughed.
“Shut your face”, I yelled.
“That is enough,” The Scarecrow yelled. “You have lunch detention!”
“Thanks Emo Nemo”, he mumbled.
What did I do? Nothing. I hate her. She just hates me because I’m different. We’ll she can shove her know it all thinking back in her big head because I did not ask for that.
“Patrick go take the attendance up”, she croaked.
I got out of my seat and took the attendance sheet. The hallways were very quiet for once. I had heard the attendance person talk to a man from far view.
“I heard she’s in the ER”, she whispered.
“Who”, he asked.
“Here’s the attendance, Sophie Daniels is absent”.
“Her”, she spoke to the man. “Thank you”, she said to me.
Sophie. She’s at the emergency room. Oh God. I left the school. Sophie was much more important. It wasn’t as if I had gotten lunch detentions before. But it wasn’t like I was going to stay either. I should say Mrs. Scarecrow was honestly being a female dog. I did nothing so who cares. I got in my car and drove to the Hartford Medical Center.

I disliked the hospital very much. I found it to be a place of distress and sadness. Yet everyone found it to be a place of happiness and help. That very much was a lie.
The office smelled of gas and paint. Everyone stared at me. Nevertheless, I could care but I didn’t.
“Hi is Sophie Daniels here?”
The receptionist was on the old side but seemed very friendly. But I’ve learned not to judge a book by its cover.
“Uh yes dear, but she cannot take any guests at the moment. Are you family or something of the sort?” she asked.
“Yes I am her brother”.
“Oh okay sure thing sweet pea. Down the hall Room 147”, she smiled.
‘Thank you”.
I trudged down the hall. Dumbfounded and worried. The smell of paint had gotten stronger as I reached the room.
“Sophie”, I whispered.
“Patty”, she mumbled.
She was very pale. I had seen my mother like this. The awful seen. Why is she pale? Her body was attached to fifty snakes. All of them just sucking her blood.
“What happened?” I asked.
“I- I’m sorry Patrick”, she cried.
“What are you talking about?”
“I’m sick”, she whispered.
“With what?”
I was speechless I took steps back away from her. Away from everything. I was ready to run. To get away. I wanted to leave.
“Patrick please don’t leave I’m sorry I didn’t tell you”, she wept.
“How long?” I whispered.
“Look I’m sorry”.
“How freaking long did you know that you were going to die Sophie, HOW LONG?” I yelled.
She howled, “The time when you took me to the lake”.
“Sophie why?” I ran to her and dropped myself on the bed. “I love you so much Soph”, I cried.
“I’m so sorry Patrick don’t cry please don’t hate me”.
“I could never hate you I love you. I truly do. My world changed after my mom but you came you changed it. You, you make me feel like I matter in the world”.
Tears started to soak the bed. We both knew what was at stake. Her life altogether. This is the time to live.
“C’mon let’s take a walk”.
I pulled her off the bed and grabbed her hand. It was warm and shaking. I could tell we didn’t have that much time. She was sick. I couldn’t save my mom. But I can save Sophie.
“What will the hospital say?” she asked.
“Well when are you allowed to go home?”
“Anytime I just need my medicine so we have to come back”, she replied.
“So let’s go”.
We had told the nurse that we had to fit Sophie for her graduation gown. She had told us to be back before 10pm. Oddly, I can’t believe she’d let us go. How dumb can she be? We drove to the lake. The air was cool. It didn’t not affect me, only Sophie. She was shaking out of control.
‘I’m sorry”, I apologized.
“I’m okay”.
We sat there on the dock staring at the sunset. Us both knowing that this might be our last. She laid her head on my shoulder.
“I really like you”, she whispered.
She laughed, “I like you more than a brother, more than a friend”.
I smiled, “It has always been the same for me”.
“We’ll great now you decide to tell me and I’m going to die”, she giggled.
“Maybe you’re not Sophie, have faith”.
All at once, the air froze and the sky deepened gray. Drops of heavy rain pelted at us.
“Oh great c’mon lets go”, I yelled.
“No Pat I want to stay”, she murmured.
“Not in the rain, Soph your sick”.
“No I’m fine”.
I put my hands on both sides of her face. She was hot. Her fever was getting higher.
“We have to get you back, you need your treatments”.
“NO!” she screamed.
Sophie then got up and ran to the edge of the dock. She threw herself at the pelts of broken wood.
I ran to the edge. Creaking sounds followed my footsteps.
“I don’t want to die Patrick”, she screeched.
The rain was getting to her. She was breathing heavily and gasping for air. I kneeled next to her and took her hand.
“Believe you won’t”, I shouted over the rain.
“But you and I both know I am going to die Patrick”.
“Do you love me?” I asked.
“Of course I do”.
“Love can last a lifetime, it can overcome anything even sickness”, I bellowed. “Sophie there will always be an Us”.
“You promise?” she muttered.
“Forever and always”, I smiled.
Then she rested her head on my shoulder and we sat there in the thunderstorm. It had passed ten already. They probably were looking for her. Or not. But she’s in safe hands. I heard a soft snore. She was sleeping. I kissed her forehead and pulled her closer. Then I prayed. I prayed for her to live. I begged for this. All I need is Sophie. I didn’t need anything or anyone but her. I watched her sleep then I fell asleep myself.

“Good morning”, she smiled.
I kissed her. “Hi have a good sleep?”
She laughed, “A little soaked”.
“Perfect, how about breakfast then I get you back”, I smiled.
“That would be nice”.
“They probably think you’ve gone missing”, I chuckled.
“Thank goodness”, she laughed.
We left the lake and walked to my house. I wasn’t sure if the beast was home. But I could care less. He cannot do that to me. Sophie was right all I needed to do was stand up to him.
“Gosh Pat I never knew you house was so far away”, she gasped.
“We have less than four minutes left”.
“Oh okay, I’m not feeling to good”, she panted.
She had stopped walking and started gasping for air. “Patrick….the…hospital”.
“Help”. She nearly spoke. THUMP! She went down to the ground.
“Sophie, Sophie do you hear me?”
“Stop you’re not giving up”, I roared.
Then the gasping stopped. She didn’t move anymore. The earth stood still.
“Sophie!” I yelled.
“Get up, wake up!” I tried CPR but nothing worked. I kept trying though.
“Sophie I love you”, I cried.

Sophie’s funeral was two weeks after her death. The school as colleting things for her family. At the funeral, EVERYONE was crying. No one was quiet, but me. Surprisingly, about the whole school had attended. There were over two hundred people there. People had to even sit on the floor. Everyone came up to me. I guess they knew we liked each other. But I didn’t want it.
“Hey Emo Nemo sorry about your girlfriend”, he whispered.
I punched him. I heard a gasp in the crowd. “Yeah it’s sad”.
After Sophie’s parents went to the corpse, I was next. I was planning what to say. I knelt down at her.
“I- I hope your happy”, I stuttered. “Thank you Sophie, you changed my life and you gave me love. Something I never had before”.
I brushed the golden hair out of her face.
“You’re still here, and there’s nothing I’ll fear because I know that my heart will go on”.
Then I got up and let the others have a turn.

Sophie was buried next to my mother. At our lake. Her parents had assumed it would be what she wanted. I will always talk to her. She still loves me and I love her. The lake and I had a friendship. We both knew that soon things would be just like before Sophie came. I didn’t want that.

I went home. He was there.
“Get over here”, the Beast yelled.
“Make me”, I challenged.
He glanced at me. “You’re still an idiot”, he laughed, “and you’re a stupid nobody”.
“I guess that means I get that trait from the original nobody, you”.
I should have ran or moved, but this time I didn’t cry. I ran to the lake and jumped in. I waited for the time to be set free. Death. Now this was my time to live. I’m with my mom and Sophie now. I learned from my life that love could always come back in your life if you allow it. But you’ll need a pinch to make sure it’s real or everything is real. In the long run, it all seemed like everything that happened was a dream. Now I am the dream, everyone is the dreamers. Life lives, life dies. Life laughs, life cries. Life gives up and life tries. Life looks different in everyone’s eyes. For me life is over now so someone can just pinch me…
Patrick I am very sick
No mum mum you will get better
Sweetheart mum mum may die
Mum what is that?
It’s the bad side of the lake
Oh no mum mum
Yeah Patrick it’s bad. How about we go for a walk?
Okay mommy where?
To the lake
But that’s bad mum mum
Now I have to go. It’s time to say goodbye
No mommy don’t go in the lake
I love you Patrick
Please mum mum come back…

Patrick was found three days after he had committed suicide. His father refused to fund him a funeral so Patrick as just buried at the lake next to his mother and Sophie. The lake was closed down and left as a funeral site for the three of them. Every year the Hartford High School holds the Patrick and Sophie fundraiser, which raises over five thousand dollars, which they use to clean up the lake and the gravestones. In addition, the Hartford Medical Center hosts the Patrick and Sophie Feel the Love blood drive that over seven hundred people attended. Patrick and Sophie have taught everyone something in life. It is to always believe you can make it right; all you ever have to do is believe. Their love for each other lasted a lifetime, but their love will always go on and on…

The author's comments:
Sometimes in life you may never know whats real.
You may even need a pinch..

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on Aug. 10 2011 at 8:58 pm
NatChick SILVER, Muskegon, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it's faced."-James Baldwin

nice job i shed a tear and by the end i was very touchhed.

on Jul. 3 2010 at 11:09 pm
Ashleigh TB BRONZE, New York, New York
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thank you very much (:

on Jul. 16 2009 at 8:39 pm
Hey... Nice job! I hope it makes the magazine! Have a great summer.

CandyBooks said...
on Jul. 10 2009 at 2:03 am
I LOVED THISS STORYYY! it should of been in the magazine you are now the best child author bt add ore stuff and make it no a book[:

mishell28 said...
on Jul. 10 2009 at 2:01 am
yo this is sooooo gud like iots not evn funny and u can like really almost like feel wat hes going thru bestieee this is realllly good! <3 yaa

on Jul. 8 2009 at 8:23 pm
booksarelife4me SILVER, Lutherville, Maryland
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"Forgive and Forget and Never Regret."~A old friend

This is one of the best things I have ever read. I have no idea why it isn't published in the magazine. It's amazing!! Awesome job!