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December 10, 2021
By Anonymous

I was sitting in my office when my boss came in. I knew what this meant—it meant that they have found where Kyle was, and it was time for me to head out again. I have become used to this; it’s routine now.
“Kyle’s at the east side of the tower, you need to leave now, you know how important this is and we can’t keep up this little cat and mouse game any longer! Do you understand me, Maya? You have to kill him or your done and I’ll get someone to replace you.” My boss said angrily.
“Yes sir, I understand—I won’t fail you. Not this time.” I say confidently, though I’m not actually all that confident, I don’t know how I’m going to this, I’ve come close to completing my mission many times before but each time I back out, but this time I really must do it, or I'm done with.
Once my boss has left the room I get up and leave to make my way over to where Kyle was said to be—my heart was pounding at the thought of what was about to go down. The thought of ‘don’t do it!’ was racing through my mind but I shook those thoughts out.
As soon as I get there, I spot him ahead of me—he does too and makes a run for it into the building. I chased after him up the many flights of stairs, both of us running out of breath but not stopping till the 30th floor.
Our whole careers had led up to this moment. We stood there, face to face—a pistol in each of our hands. Five years we have been chasing after each other— each trying to complete our own missions, both being to kill the other. We continued to stand there— panting from running up the flight of stairs, running after each other. We stood there frozen, unsure of what we should do next. Five years of our lives… I knew that over the years I had grown a soft spot for him— I mean how could I not, he was perfect, but I hadn’t realized that he too had grown soft for me.
“What are you waiting for?” I asked. “This is the finale, what are you waiting for?”
“ I could ask you the same thing! This is it Maya! This is where it ends!” He shouted from across the room where he stood— his hand was shaking, he was scared.
I realize that neither of us has the guts to go through with our ridiculous missions, we had grown to mean too much to each other, but I have to do this. I know that he has to as well, but I had to be the one to do it— I know that he won’t be able to. I have to do this— if I don’t my boss will be done with me and he’ll kill my family. The last five years of my life have brought me to this exact moment.
“I’m so sorry Kyle, but you know that I have to do this.” I say in desperation.
“I know, and it’s okay Maya, it okay. I understand.” He says as he sets the gun down and raises his hands in the air.
“I love you” I say as I place my finger on the trigger, my hand was shaking, almost uncontrollably.
“I love you too Maya.” He says softly.
I pull the trigger in that moment and he falls to the ground with a thud. I collapse to the ground and cry out, I cry over his body until I physically can’t anymore. I had completed my mission, but at what cost?

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