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A Short Love Triangle

October 18, 2021
By joshuationg BRONZE, Dededo, Other
joshuationg BRONZE, Dededo, Other
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It was Edwards first day of high school. He’s going into a school with people that he’s never met before and this caused him to be a lot more nervous than social as he usually is, which affected his confidence that would usually make him stand out. At first he tried to avoid looking at or meeting people in general because he didn’t want to make connections with people that he wasn’t already friends with. But as time went by he began to see more friends having fun, more couples being in love, and that what they all had in common is that they all seemed happy and that they were having a good time whenever they were together. Edward began to realize that he doesn’t want to feel isolated anymore and began to put effort into meeting new people.

In his classes, he typically had a different set of classmates for every class but there was one guy that he had for every class, his name was Alex. Over time Edward began to start talking to Alex, going from small conversations, to asking questions about each other, and eventually they became friends. The two who are now friends hung out during lunch after class, where Alex met up with the rest of his friends and introduced Edward to them. Edward wasn’t too eager about meeting a group of new people all at once. Then Alex’s best friend arrived, apologizing for being late, it was a beautiful girl. Edward immediately caught interest, so much at once too, he even impulsively asked Alex what her name was to which he replied, “her name is Arya, she’s my best friend.”

Edward felt an attraction to Arya that he wasn’t familiar with, but for now he just wanted to try and make friends with her. Being good friends with Alex, Edward had a lot of opportunities to hang out with Arya, which he slowly but surely started talking to more often, and he started to become as comfortable with her as he is with Alex. However, everyday at school, he initially was always looking for Arya rather than Alex, he didn’t notice it at first, but Alex did. Arya and Edward did become a lot closer to each other and spoke a lot more. Alex felt conflicted, he was happy that Edward was comfortable with another person, but a little frustrated that he felt as if Arya was forgetting about him, so as an attempt to clear his head, he took a walk on his own, leaving the two of them alone, Edward was the only one that noticed.

Edward immediately began running things through his head out of concern for Alex, who quietly left the group on his own. He wondered if he should follow him or let him have some time to himself, all while trying to figure out what the root of the problem may be, to which he figured out pretty quickly. Alex had feelings for Arya, Edward didn’t notice it at first but when he thought about it, Alex did do a lot of subtle things with Arya to try and show his feelings a little, grabbing her hands, hugging her tight, smiling so genuinely while watching her talk about things she likes, it all came together. There was something else that Edward had remembered while thinking about this, Arya had given him a note that he had forgotten to read when he got home because he had to do homework, so he decided to open it. The note had only three words on it…, “I like you” and the biggest issue that Edward had after reading that was that he liked her too.

Alex had eventually come back, but he saw Edward standing away from the group. He built up the courage to walk over to Edward and ask if he’s okay, this was when Edward started to explain everything, he owed him that much. Alex obviously felt the pain of his crush liking someone else, but at the same time, he just wanted everyone to be happy, so he told Edward to go for it and not to worry about him. This put a lot of pressure on Edward’s mind, but Alex reassured him that he really was ok with it and that although he does feel the pain, he knows that if he lets it continue knowing the feeling isn’t mutual between him and Arya, it might end up destroying the friendship between all three of them. Alex did still have his feelings for a little, and in a way he still felt a little guilty for holding onto it, but it’s not something that was easy to let go, but he knew he had to. Edward and Arya did end up getting together, but Edward did explain the situation with Alex to Arya, and she understood and was still more than happy to continue to hang out with Alex, which warmed his heart. From there on the three of them continued to all hang out with each other basically how they used to.

The author's comments:

Well, my name is Joshua for one. Writing isn't something I do on a daily but if I have a topic to write about and time I'll come up with something. All my stuff in writing is samll for now, but they're definitely longer than what they used to be, so maybe in time I may have longer stories in the future.

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