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The Wedding

September 23, 2021
By Maddie2022 BRONZE, Somerset, Kentucky
Maddie2022 BRONZE, Somerset, Kentucky
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His family is on the left and hers on the right. I sat three rows back on his side, watching the guest laugh and talk. They were so excited for the bride and groom, so no one noticed that I was by myself. That was fine by me. It meant that I could make a quick escape before the minister said, "you may kiss the bride." I didn't want to see that happen because that would mean that my fate was sealed. I remember the day he gave me the invite. He came by my house and handed it to me. I cried my eyes out when he left. I didn't want to watch him marry someone else, but he asked me to be here. He practically begged for me to come. So, of course, when he came calling, I answered. That is what you do when you have been in love with someone for six years. The music starts playing, and I see the bridesmaids walking in. Some of the people I know. I used to be friends with the groomsmen. When I was his, we would go out on Saturdays. His friends would be there. Her sister walks with his best friend, and they seem a bit too friendly to be just friends. She comes into view, and her white dress makes her look elegant. It flows to the ground and envelops all around her. She starts walking towards him. I see her smile at him and watch him wipe tears from his eyes. I know he loves her, and I'm trying not to be selfish at this moment. Her father puts her hand in his and takes his seat. I wonder how he must feel to see his daughter getting married. I wonder how his mother feels about him marrying her. She always said I was her favorite. I find her sitting in the front row. She's looking around, our eyes meet. She gives me a sad look. She mouths the words, "I love you." I start crying. I realize that I can't stay here. I can't watch him marry someone else when I'm still in love with him. I stand up to leave, but I hear the minister say, "Does anyone object to this marriage?" I realize I stood at the wrong time. He looks right at me, "Do you object?" My face goes hot, and my heart rate speeds up. All eyes are on me, but my eyes are on one person. I could take this chance and say how I feel. I could ruin their day and make them question everything, but I don't. That's why I say, "No, no objection. I just stood at the wrong time. Such a lovely couple, but I do have to leave early. Excuse me." I turn and walk out of the church doors.

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