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Please Don't Leave Me

March 17, 2021
By Anonymous

The streets were empty and dark. Shadows from tall buildings loomed over the despondent alleyways.  Water poured from the sky, soon followed by the rumbling of thunder. 

Please don’t leave me

Red coated the sidewalk, slowly spilling into every crack and crevice. His eyes were closed, his body was still. A pained expression was painted on his face, and his eyes were squeezed shut with his tears spilled everywhere. He was a mess, trying to hang on with everything he had. 

Please don’t leave me

A gaping hole was prominent in his chest, his blood was quickly spilling in every which way. His breath was ragged and hard, every inhale taking away more and more of the little time he had left. 

Please don’t leave me

Slowly, he lifted his eyelids, revealing a beautiful, glassy, sea blue. Despite the pain, he raised the corners of his mouth up, forming the most pained yet delightful smile she’d ever seen. 

Please don’t leave me 

Slowly, he reached up and stroked her cheek, wiping away the droplets that rolled down her face. Carefully, he brought himself up to her forehead, resting his against hers. 

Please don’t leave me

He whispered words. Words that hurt. Words that meant everything and nothing to her. She couldn’t listen to him. She wouldn’t. She grabbed his hands. Pleading into them.  

Please don’t leave me

He shook his head as he rested it back down. He gave her one last look in the eye, one last smile. 

Please don’t leave me

As his eyelids dropped, and his hands slipped, He breathed his final 5 words.

I will never leave you.

The author's comments:

In this set-piece, I decided to play around with Anaphora. I wanted an obvious wish to be stated over and over again throughout the piece, to the point where my character knew she was begging for the impossible, but couldn’t stop. That wish was a plea to let her lover live. I wanted this set piece to convey despair and sadness, as that’s the theme I was going for. I wanted my audience to feel the angst, and I wanted it to touch them in a certain way. I’m pretty happy with how the ending of this piece turned out, as it answered the ongoing plea in a way that seemed thoughtful.

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