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Bursting At The Seems

June 9, 2018
By sydneykurtz GOLD, Battle Creek, Michigan
sydneykurtz GOLD, Battle Creek, Michigan
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"I don't want to survive. I want to live."

I could feel her eyes staring into my soul. I was hard to read, and she of all people knew that.

I was sitting at the lunch table, and from across the lunchroom, I saw her get up and walk out the lunchroom doors. I immediately dropped my bag of chips and ran after her. I wasn’t going to let her slip away again.

I exited the same doors she did, and my heart skipped a beat when I turned the corner and heard her pacing. I could feel an ache in my body as I longed to see her smile once again. I couldn’t help but think I was the reason she walked up and down these halls with a million thoughts per minute.

She turned to look at me, and all I could see was confusion and anger. I slowly walked to her, and grabbed her hand. She gave me a half smile and all I wanted to tell her was that I loved her. But I had a feeling, she already knew.

“You didn’t have to follow me you know.” She let go of my hand slowly and took a few steps back.

“I know. I wanted to.” I smiled at her, but she didn’t bother smiling back.

“I appreciate it.” She said but didn’t seem that convincing.

“So what’s up anyways?” I was concerned for her and her mental health.

“Maybe I should be asking you.” She said her big brown eyes staring into mine.

“What are you talking about?” I asked. My voice sounded as though it did a loop de loop.

“I have been receiving notes in my locker all day. What is that about?” Crack. That was my deepest secret about to break right through me.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I broke out into a sweat. My past was going to revealed at any time.

“Then who does?” She said dying for an answer.

“I’m not exactly sure.” I said and walked back to my chips. It clear the she wanted an answer, but I wasn't ready to revel my biggest mistake to her. That sounds something that is saved for a second date. 

The author's comments:

This piece first originated when I was bored during my math class. After a few edits and add ons, it is the tale it is today. I am currently working on making it into a story, and plan on possibly publishing it someday.

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