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Mud and Rain

April 12, 2009
By Melonn PLATINUM, Phoniex, Arizona
Melonn PLATINUM, Phoniex, Arizona
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Abby listened to the rain paddle on the tin ceiling. She never would thought she end like this. After giving up all of her money to her boyfriend for him to get drugs and then going on a vacation to Thailand with him she had no money left. She couldn’t get back to the US and her family disowned her. Adding to all of her misery her boyfriend ran away leaving no trace. How will I get my education back? How do I get my next meal? Will I get to go to college and how will the rest of my life go? The questions rushed through her as she regrets her choice to go for her ex-boyfriend. That loser ruined my life! I am still in Thailand and have no passport! She got up and screamed. She needed to do something. She ran out of the tiny shack she now called home and kept running until she got to the closet village that had little sources. The people around here had little money and nobody would give her some. But as she sat down in the mud and pouring rain giving up hope the village children running, laughing by. How do people live like this and be happy? Would I be happy? She thought. a grandmother with a blanket came by and helped Abby up then rapped the blanket around her.
"You will feel safe here, daughter," she said. They started walking into the village.
And then Abby sighed of relief, because she knew some day she meet up with that loser boyfriend and make him pay up. She knew she would get the best out of this experience. And she knew she would never give up hope.

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