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How zebras got their stripes

February 9, 2009
By alyssamac. BRONZE, Montrial, New Jersey
alyssamac. BRONZE, Montrial, New Jersey
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Long ago, people used to wonder how zebras got their stripes. No one knew how they got them, what they represented or what their purpose was. No one knew until about a decade ago when a young boy finally decided to step up and find out.

In Africa, zebras roamed the land. They are considered to be beautiful animals because of their stripes. The tribes in Africa loved the zebras, but they pondered on why and how zebras had their stripes. The African tribes had many theories of why the zebras had their stripes and how they got them. Obviously, these theories were very wrong.

In Africa there lived a boy named Johnny. Johnny grew up watching and praising the zebra and he always wondered about their stripes. He asked his grandfather on more than one occasion and his grandfather would just tell him the old legend behind the zebra's stripes. Johnny was a very smart boy and although he did not want to disrespect his tribe and culture, he knew this legend was wrong. Johnny would continue to try and find the real story behind the stripes but everyone he talked to knew the same old legend. Johnny wanted to give up, but something told him not to.

Johnny had a dream. If this dream were to come true, it would solve the mystery of the zebra stripes. Johnny, as most boys did, desired to talk to animals. One night Johnny decided to talk to God. He told them of his curiosity and asked for a solution. Then Johnny went to sleep. God did indeed hear Johnny's request and decided to send him a solution and fulfill his dream. The spirits granted Johnny the ability to speak to animals.

When Johnny awoke the next morning, he didn't feel, look nor sound different. As a matter of fact, when Johnny awoke he didn't even know of his new ability. Of course not until he stepped outside. As soon as Johnny stepped outside, a whole bunch of new voices were heard. At first he couldn't figure out who was talking. He paused and looked around very confused, and then it came to him. Johnny was so surprised and excited about his new gift he didn't know what to do first. He decided to test his gift by speaking to a bird first. Johnny and the bird had a whole conversation and Johnny finally established he was absolutely not dreaming.

Immediately after the occurrence, Johnny realized he was not dreaming. The first thing that came to his mind was the zebras. He ran as fast as he could to where most of the zebras rested. As soon as he got there, he heard the voices of the zebra's and quickly told them he came in peace. They were confused when they realized he was able to understand them. He explained to them his gift and why he asked for this gift. He also told them how curious he has been trying to find out about their stripes and the legends he was being told. As soon as he finished they all started to laugh. The zebras thought the legends were absolutely hysterical and reassured him they were very wrong. He was very glad to hear this, knowing he was right all along. Finally he asked them how they got their stripes and why they have them. They responded by telling him that they were simply born with their stripes. This answer was very disappointing for Johnny to hear. When he asked why, they simply said because that's how God created us.

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