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The Jump

March 4, 2009
By AmazingGrace88 GOLD, Lake Oswego, Oregon
AmazingGrace88 GOLD, Lake Oswego, Oregon
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The storm was getting worse; the rain pelted his face, the wind whipped around him. His thoughts were all messed up and he was about to jump. He stood on the top of his school, a three story building, enough to kill him.
Josh's dad has been dying from Huntington's disease for three years. This is a disease that slowly eats away at the body; it causes uncontrollable jerks and jumps, and has no proven cure. Although he has been put on a drug trial, it has not shown any effects and slowly he was getting worse. Josh was tired of pretending that everything was 'Okay.' He knew that everything wasn't okay. Josh knew that his dad was going to die. He knew that even though his mom tried to be strong, she was really screaming on the inside. Josh knew that his dad was trying to pull through, even though he was slowly slipping back. He knew that he could no longer pretend. Josh knew that something had to be done.
Josh had gone for three years knowing that his dad was going to die. He remembered the visit to the doctors' office. He remembered the smell of the disinfected clinic, the sterilized tools, and the crinkling of the paper laid across the doctors table. His dad had to go back every two weeks to get a check up, and a new version of the drug. Josh was done with the doctor visits; the drugs being tested on his dad like he was a lab rat, the doctor giving him only one year to live and then months. It wasn't fair that they could just so calmly tell his dad when he was going to die. He was fed up with it all. His mom did the best she could to make everything seem fine, but everything was not fine.
Josh had no friends because every time he invited someone over it was always the same set of questions. What's wrong with your dad? How much longer does he have to live? Josh was tired of answering them so he shut it all out, and stopped talking to the other kids.
Josh knew he loved his mom and his dad very much, but sometimes their love was not enough to make him happy. He knew that when his dad did die he would slip into an even worse state then he was in right now.
He looked down at the ground and stood there for about an hour. He got on the edge of the building, looked down, and then stepped back.

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