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The Future

April 13, 2015
By booklover1234567 SILVER, Augusta, Maine
booklover1234567 SILVER, Augusta, Maine
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The teacher sits at the front of the room as she instructs the board to pull up photos of clothing from the early 2000's. 

"Since we're learning about everyday life in the twenty-first century, I thought It would be fun to look at some of the fashion from this time period. I encourage you to take notes as these could appear as bonus questions on an upcoming assignment." I pull out my note-taker and instruct it to type todays date; September 19th, 2992. The teacher pulls up a picture of a girl with her hair bound together, falling from the back of her head. I can't help but laugh, and I'm not the only one. It looks absolutely ridiculous.

"This hairstyle is called a ponytail, older girls and some men would usually wear one of them, while some young girls would wear two of them, coming from the sides of their heads." Another chorus of laughter floats into the room. A ponytail? What a strange name. I suppose the now extinct animal would've been of importants to them, but to name a hairstyle after it was just silly! The picture of the ponytail disapears. In it's place is another hairstyle, one even stanger than the last! In this photo, a girl has her hair all piled up onto her head and it miraculously stayes there, surely with the help of old fashioned pins or something.

"This is called a bun." The teacher laughs along with us this time. A bun? Absolutely ridiculous! Yet another photo appears on the board. This time, a girl has metal dangling from her ears! A boy next to her wears pants like those my great-grandfather did. I remember that they were called jeans.

"People would wear metal like this thinking that it was attractive." Says the teacher. I smile, and wonder if someday people will make fun of what I wear. The buzzer beeps, signifying that is now 27 O'clock and that we are dismissed.

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