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Just an Ordinary Real Life Teenager

December 9, 2008
By Mehnaz Ali Khan SILVER, Fulton, Maryland
Mehnaz Ali Khan SILVER, Fulton, Maryland
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Mehnaz A. Khan

Ever since I was born, I've seen the numbers. They would be around their heads; just floating in midair. Until recently, I had no idea what they meant.

My real parents disappeared. Well, actually, I have no idea what happened to them. They may be happily living in Florida with a pool in the backyard and three cute dogs. Or, instead, they might be dead. Either way, I'm not with them. I live with two foster parents by the names of Julia and Robert Katts. They adopted me when I was eight and they really are nice people. They live in this huge house on lakefront property and have two cats named Albert and Freddy. Stereotypical names for two fat felines, in my opinion.

I turned nineteen three months ago. On my birthday, Julia and Robert had bought me a brand new car. I didn't need it exactly, but they got me the Toyota Camry anyway. Technically, it was against my will.

But, in general, I'm content with my present life. I don't complain about anything, not even the numbers I see floating around heads. Not even after I found out what they really meant. No, I was fearless and brave.

I enrolled in a pretty nice college. The semester hasn't official started yet, but I already like it. It's local, but I'm not looking for anything big. When I try to explain to people what my school is like, they always seem to lose interest and go onto more fascinating topics such as the latest basketball game at that big-league college upstate. Oh well, I could care less. Like I had said, I'm perfectly content with my life as of now. Even though today's the first day. Even though I'm as nervous as I could ever be. I'm as sober as I'll ever get.

And in terms of friends, well, I've got a couple. Actually, I've literally got two. Jasmine's from Turkey, the county, and she has the most amazing black hair I have ever seen. It must be because of her Turkish genes. Andy's two years older than me, but I met him through Jasmine. He's Scottish and he's in love with polo, the sport.
So, I'm normal. Nothing special. Other than the fact that my parents seemed to have disappeared off the face of Earth, I'm just you normal, real life teenager with normal, real life problems. Nothing extraordinary. Some might call me mysterious, but I'll just tell them, "no, I'm nothing mysterious at all."

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