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Rain on the Window

November 7, 2008
By Anonymous

The stage opens revealing two chairs sitting adjacent to a table CENTER stage. A brick wall with a single rain spotted window stands directly behind the table. One chair is on each side of the table, both chairs facing the audience with a man in each. In the chair closer to stage RIGHT sits a young man of average height and an athletic body with a “five-o-clock” shadow style of facial hair (CYRUS). CYRUS is leaning back; legs kicked out and crossed in front of him as he gazes up at the ceiling. In the other chair sits a man who appears to be in his late 20's or early 30's, wavy, light colored, hair falls around his shoulders in a natural fashion (HEATH). He is also a relatively athletic build; his legs are kicked out in front of him as he is gazes down at his feet. On the table between them sit two plain mugs, one within reach of each of them.

CYRUS (in a saddened tone glancing at HEATH): You know, it wasn't supposed to happen like this. We've waited too long to sit down and talk together.

CYRUS chuckles and sips from his mug.

HEATH(Chuckling but still looking at his feet): Yeah, I know. You know how it goes though, you get caught up in your work and then you don't have time for the small things any more.

CYRUS(Smiles and nods, eyes closed): I suppose that is true for both of us. We really need to work on finding the time for such talks in a better fashion. It’s not healthy for anyone to get so involved in their work as to ignore friends and family.

HEATH(Running a hand through his own hair and then glancing at CYRUS): Yeah, we do. It's nice to have somebody to sit down and talk to on these rainy days though.

CYRUS(makes eye contact): I'd settle for any time myself; I always enjoy talking to a good man.

HEATH: Well thank you.

CYRUS: Of course, well


HEATH: Well what?

CYRUS: How have you been lately?

HEATH: I've been good, it's been a lot more peaceful lately. I feel disconnected almost disconnected though.

CYRUS (With curiosity and a chuckle): How so? You're always surrounded by people; surrounded by those who admire and adore you.

HEATH creases his brow and looks off into the audience as he thinks for a moment, sipping from his mug.

HEATH: I'm not sure I know how to explain it really...

CYRUS: Try anyways; I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.
CYRUS chuckles and points at the window with his thumb.

HEATH (Sipping from his mug and sighing): Alright, well; I know I always have people I could turn to, but it seems as if they're not able to pull me from this mess, to take me away from all the stress in my life. I don’t think I’ve been able to truly relax in the last four or five years.

CYRUS sips from his mug and stares out into the audience for a moment.

CYRUS: Yeah, I can understand that. I know that when it finally hit me about my mother's death; I didn't feel as if anyone could help me through the pain. I felt alone even with all the people surrounding me and offering their help. I ended up turning to people for memories eventually, but at first I was alone in my stupor.

HEATH (In a more serious tone): You know, it still makes people uneasy when you talk about your mom's death.

CYRUS (Looking down at his feet, speaking with a slight confusion): I don't quite understand it though; it seems as if most people fear me talking about it because they believe it to be a memory of great pain to me. In truth the only pain that comes from my mother's death is the regret that I did not spend more time with her.

HEATH (Looking at CYRUS and leaning forward): You were young. There wasn't all that much time to spend with her.

CYRUS (Meeting eyes with HEATH): I suppose it's more of the idea that I was never given the chance to sit down and talk with her. I never had the chance to have a conversation like this. A lot of people never get to talk to somebody like we do.

HEATH: Yeah, some of us are luckier than others.

CYRUS (Slightly smiling): Sometimes I wonder if all that determines that is luck. Maybe more of it is responsibility and observation. Waiting this long to sit down and talk has certainly changed the format of the conversation.
Both CYRUS and HEATH pause and take a sip, staring out into the audience for a moment or two.

HEATH (Smiling): Though most people don't take the time to appreciate the nice conversations though. Only sitting down when they have to because something big has happened to change the path of close relatives or friends.

CYRUS (Looking back to HEATH): Indeed. I am not too worried about the world's lack of appreciation of the simpler things in life though. It gets more complicated in life for every day older you get. Experiencing and enjoying those complications takes time, effort and consistency.

HEATH (Nodding): True enough indeed.

CYRUS (Sorrow in his voice): I mean even now as we talk here, my life becomes more complicated with those people around me. Whether from the girl that I can't get my mind away from, or just how devastating a loss can be. Sometimes I even wonder if you and others like you are lost to the world.

HEATH (Curious): Others like me? What exactly do you mean by that?

CYRUS: Well... you know, dead, moved on, passed away. I mean, sure you're left in our hearts for all time. And the impact you left on the world will last as long as there are those to remember it, but you, the physical body of you... it's gone for good.

There is a long silence as HEATH sits there dumbfounded, mouth slightly agape, staring out into the audience. CYRUS sips away at his cup, waiting for it to sink in. HEATH takes a sip from his mug one last time then stares down at it.

HEATH: I guess that explains why I can't taste whatever is in this mug.

HEATH and CYRUS laugh as the stage goes black.

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Kilahatra said...
on Sep. 8 2009 at 9:43 am
This is pretty good, and I've read a lot of good stuff. Try posting this in short story lit. Stephen King started with something like that.