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My Fight From Nature

January 7, 2014
By MistyVenture GOLD, Newman Lake, Washington
MistyVenture GOLD, Newman Lake, Washington
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Sharon knew it was a bad idea. Why had she tried it in the first place? With young Kelli still at home she should have known not to leave at all. But if she stayed, Kelli, not to mention Sharon, would starve. Sharon looked through the windshield towards the sky, blindingly white in an unforgiving blizzard. Silently she thought to herself, Kelli, my new baby, forgive your mamma for this hardship.

Sharon gripped the steering wheel with determination only a mother could possess. She had only stopped at the store for a second to grab some food for herself and young Kelli. It isn't my fault. She's my first little one! She may have thought that to herself, but nothing could make her deny the truth, Sharon had left her young daughter at the house so she could get some food at the grocery store. I was only to be gone for but a second! She cried. How was I to know I would be punished for leaving my baby by getting lost by a blizzard?

In her desperation, Sharon grit her teeth and drove into the storm. Even if the roads were blinding white, Sharon was determined to get home. I know these roads like the back of my hand anyway. I could get home with my eyes closed if I have to! This wasn't much different than driving with her eyes closed. The relentless wind hammered the snow onto her windshield with such force that driving seemed like an impossibility. The wind pushed her car back, making Sharon fear the car swerving off the road. That was when the heater blew. Sharon's eyes grew wide. Tears flowed to her eyes. One more mile, and I will be home.

The blizzard was a relentless enemy. Determined to keep Sharon from her home, it hitched force like chain to her car, but Sharon's resoluteness was stronger than her enemy's. With unrelenting power Sharon drove, until the view of her house finally was directly in front of her. Sharon pulled into the driveway abruptly and viewed the sight in front of her. Her house huddled through the storm with a blanket of snow coating it's walls. A snowdrift blocked the door like a powerful guard. But Kelli was in there. Nothing her enemy could do would keep Sharon from her young one. Grabbing the small amount of food stuffs, Sharon fought her way through the blizzard. The blizzard combated her all the way, hurling buckets upon buckets of snow onto the back of the hunched over Sharon. Yet Sharon pressed her lips and continued onward. The wind growled in fury as she entered closer and closer to the door. Ripping open the door with powerful fury, Sharon withdrew into the comfort of her warm home. Smells of sweet huckleberry candles welcomed her arrival. Sharon went into the bedroom of which she had left young Kelly, breathing in a sigh of relief to see her beloved one still asleep in her crib. Sharon looked through the window with a challenge at her conquered enemy. The enemy howled in rage at it's defeat, yet Sharon stood up, smiling at her victory.

The author's comments:
This is a very small article I was given to write as a prompt at school. It really shows the carefulness a new mother would need to remember her new child, and it is a warning for all to remember. This is something many people do, and they can very easily find themselves in this situation. It isn't my best work, but it is something to think about. Think of what could have happened.

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