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This is who I am

December 13, 2013
By InTheAsylum SILVER, Henrico, Virginia
InTheAsylum SILVER, Henrico, Virginia
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Writing with a white crayon on white paper is like loving someone who doesn't like you back....It marks but, always invisible

As I sit in the bathroom I check the blade hesitant at first. I ask myself why I do this. I disregard the question. I take the broken scissors out of my backpack. I hold the blade in front of me. I examine the blade out in front of me and touch it to my finger. The question comes back into my mind. I take it away from my hand. Excitement overwhelms me as I touch it to my wrist. I cut it gently and watch blood run down my arm. I cut it again deeper and deeper the next. I wipe the spot with a rag with blood stains on it. I grab the band aids and leave.

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