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August 22, 2013
By DrewFiero SILVER, Ettrick, Wisconsin
DrewFiero SILVER, Ettrick, Wisconsin
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I always wanted to escape the imprisonment of being stuck in a crumpled concrete jungle that use to be a magnificent city but now it was blanketed with dust. Therefore, it was empty, all the while; it was soaked with depression and misery. I was the only citizen in its concrete slabs that drained every last drop of life out of me, but as I looked beyond the flaws of the walls of my life, I saw the magnificent beauty of life itself, known as my Mr. Brightside.

As the journey begins towards my Mr. Brightside, it’s apparent that the surroundings around me were changing just as my mood was. Passing through my city that reflected my past and present life with much misery was starting to reveal uplifting changes with every step I took. Trees that weren’t even there uprooted through the cracked dry ground offering soft, plush leaves awakened by a swaying breeze, while flowers popped with many colors of the rainbow with a sweet scent that tickled your nostrils. As each step seemed to bring improving surroundings, I knew I was getting close to my Mr. Brightside.

Leaving my past behind awakened the city with a robin egg blue sky that painted overhead of me instead of the gray sky that was once there. The crumpled and cracked slabs of buildings became perfect as they became murals of bright oranges, reds, and blues that represented my favorite alignment of colors. The road beneath me that was almost gone with wear of many battles that I have fought and stained with my acidic tears became the most appealing path of gently laid in-crested bricks of gold that simmered from the rays of the sun that beat down. I looked up to the golden ball that made its place in the robin egg blue sky and I almost went blind from the gorgeous but deathly rays, that I never thought I would see again. With every gust of the wind, pink and white carnations made their spot in this city as they stretched out to me, waving their great manes of pedals in unison to a melody that the wind produced.

I could see him now; he was in my sight as I was making my last descent towards him. Everything about me exploded with such happiness that I could feel comfort once again. Before long, I see his black suit with the golden crested vest that glimmered along with that silly polka-dotted tie that slunk under the vest, but that suit complimented everything about him. Through the last stretch, I could see his hazel eyes that I took comfort within and his jawline that was covered with a small field of brown hair that was quite rough when touched. Every last detail, even the Axe spray that gently lay upon the outskirts of his body, made him who he was.

It is at that point that I am face to face with him, close enough to feel his breath hit my face as he jokingly asks, “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” Approximately the edges of our mouths form into smiles revealing pearly whites as his warm hand grabs mine. I never once looked back at where I came from because I simply was moving forward with my life. I was living for now and I didn’t take my eyes off him as he was my comfort that I’ve been searching for throughout the misery of being imprisoned in my own life. He changed my world around by simply being in it and that’s when I knew he was my Mr. Brightside.

The author's comments:
Fiction-fantasy of the insides of my messed up mind and how one guy changed my life. Therefore, he is called my Mr. Brightside.

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