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Firey Rain- part 2

May 7, 2013
By Autumn-Rain SILVER, West Lafayette, Indiana
Autumn-Rain SILVER, West Lafayette, Indiana
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I take a nap and a shower when I get home and then I jog the two mile walk to my friend Pilar’s. Pilar goes to my school, she’s a Christian too. Well, that sounds bad; we aren’t Jesus fanatics or anything. Hell, we don’t even go to church. But we believe most of what Christianity says and it’s not like I’ve murdered anyone so I think I’ve got a pretty safe path to heaven. Pilar is on the basketball team pretty sensible but a little too boy crazy. Her hair is light brown and she wears it in smooth, loose pony tail. She mostly lives in shorts and a t-shirt- cute ones though I must say. Her dad works for the international CAT company and her family is pretty wealthy. Pilar’s shorts are nothing but Nike exercise shorts or yoga pants and alternates between addidas and air-soft sneakers. She hasn’t decided which one is best yet. Pilar greets me at the door when I reach her house, her parents both work and are barely home so we mostly have the house to ourselves- except for her brother who just turned sixteen and thinks he’s the only one who exists in the world.

“Do you think that this aeropostale sweatshirt is better or should I just stick with the Nike?”
“Stick with the Nike,” I tell her.
“You’re right, here you can have this,” she tosses me her discarded sweatshirt, “I don’t really know why I bought it anyway.” Then quickly so as not to make it seem that the sweatshirt is bad she adds, “ it will look better on you.”

Pilar is a sweet girl but slightly at loss for perspective on the real world. As the oldest child she has always been accustomed to getting whatever she wants, whenever she wants –although she would strongly deny that saying that that sounds almost if she were spoiled.

“I’m cleaning out my closet as you can see.” Pilar gestures around her room with her hand as we enter. I push aside a pile of clothes and sit down on the bed. She holds up a button-up blouse on a hanger.
“ Do I like this?” She does a half-turn in front of the mirror, “ I’ve never even worn it.” She catches sight of me in the mirror and turns around, “ this would look fabulous on you.” She hooks the end of the hanger into the neckline of my sweatshirt and turns back to her closet. “ Now I’m not sure about this dress,” she pulls the next item out of her closet, “ we have that semi-formal coming up that it might work for. Speaking of which, Kaylee …”
Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you about my name: Kaylee. It’s from my great grandmother’s name, Kayla, meaning “wise child” or “pure one.” -A nice, good Christian name. Ha, fat chance of that. Where were we?
“Speaking of which, Kaylee did you decide if you’re going with Zach? I mean… if you are, I can get Patrick to come with us as my date and we can all just go as a group.” I stare at the wall. Thinking about Patrick makes me nauseous. The nap I took this morning helped clear my mind a little and let the shock wear off. Now I just feel sick with disbelief.
“Kaylee, Kaylee,” Pilar is talking to me, “Kaylee are you okay?” She pauses and comes over to the bed, “ Now if this is about Zach and Patrick, I mean that’s fine, you don’t have to go with Zach, I don’t want you to feel like I’m stealing Patrick from you, I know you two were planning to go together its just that you have a date and I don’t and…”
“No,” I stop her. I am silent for a moment then, “ I slept at Patrick’s last night.”
“And?” Pilar looks at me. She knows that I often spend the night on Patrick’s couch when things are bad at home or I don’t have a ride home.
“No,” I finally raise my head to make eye contact with her. “I slept at Patrick’s house last night.”
“Yeah just like you always do.” Pilar looks at me for a moment, confusion written across her face, “ Wait, do you mean to tell me? Did you guys…?” I nod. “Oh my gosh! You lost your v-card! Little innocent Kaylee just lost her v-card! Who would think that you would be the first-“

Now it’s my turn for the disbelief. Well, I guess I should have expected it. Pilar doesn’t exactly stand with me on the whole abstinence thing. “Pilar, its not a good thing.”
She turns around from where she had returned to her closet, “ You didn’t want to? Oh, Kaylee he pressured you?!?! Because I will take down that Patrick if he pressured you.”

The author's comments:
So... this story is writing itself so I'll see how it goes... but I'm open to comments if you guys think that I should make some changes to the plot, have some suggestions for the characters, or just want to say that it sucks :D

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