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Unseen (A Tale of a Dead Man and an Invisible Girl)

November 11, 2012
By amelia.estaire SILVER, Osceola, Indiana
amelia.estaire SILVER, Osceola, Indiana
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"I take real people and put them in extraordinary situations." - Robert Cormier

It was a Friday night.
While most teens were out partying and getting wasted, I was in the basement with 4 freak shows.
First, was Big Bill. His name is pretty much self- explanatory. He was just shy of 200 pounds and his tiny feet made his stomach look even bigger. His teeth were grimy from lack of brushing, and his hair was greasy from lack of washing.
Needless to say he smelled like dead dog.
And he scared the crap out of me.
The next in line was Susie. Her timid expression matched her mouse-like features, Beady eyes, irregular grey hair, and her voice was so quiet you had to ask multiple times to speak up.
There was Frank. He was probably the closest to normal. His big ears got him the nickname “Dumbo” The name stuck, even I call him that. A cigarette is always dangling from his chapped lips. The funny thing is, he never freaking lights it.
He’s never even smoked.
Finally, there’s Samantha. Everyone calls her Sam, unless you want to hear a long speech about sexism and what-not. She’s alright looking. Just kind of plain. She had plain brown eyes, plain brown hair, and a normal body figure. And her personality is just as normal. A lot of people forget about her ‘cuz she “blends with the crowd.”
Then, there’s me. People call me Joey, because, well, it’s my name. I have messy brown hair and weird green eyes, they practically pop outta my head. I recently became the wide receiver of my high school football team, making my social status skyrocket. Yet these nut jobs in my basement aren’t helping.
Now the reason I just described all the people at the very beginning is because I don’t like being all descriptive and crap. Why should I? If you want to know what grass looks like, or the sun, look outside. I don’t have time for that stuff. If I do describe something, it’s because I want to, not because someone told me to. Alright?

Now back to my story.
So these kids, were in my basement. My basement isn’t even finished; it just has random football posters and a couch in the middle of the room, and a small television which I can’t stand. My parents have money; don’t they have the decency to buy us a good TV?
They’re just cheap.
There, I described something else. You probably didn’t know what my basement looked like before I told you.
Unless you’re a creeper.
Darn it! I got off task again, I have ADHD, and so I can’t concentrate too well. My English teacher probably would’ve yelled at me for writing such a crappy story.
Well, sucks for him.

“Hey, Joey thanks for letting us stay here for awhile.” Dumbo mumbled.
Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention, they were all going to be sleeping in my basement.
Just my luck.
Well, we were all stuck together.
We were all partners in crime.

We killed a man.
My tiny, fidgeting fingers were clammy as I looked around Joey’s basement. We didn’t mean to, it was an accident. I didn’t do the killing, but I was a bystander, which could go on my permanent record!

“Susie, stop being all nervous, we’ll all be fine.” Big Bill bellowed. His huge hands patting me on the back. It should have been comforting, but all it did was make me stumble and fall on the floor.

“Gosh darn it Bill, the cops are after us! Were going to die!” I groaned. Everyone looked at me like I was being stupid. But I knew we were all nervous, we were all afraid that we’d end up in jail.
Because we did, in fact, kill a man.

Is Susie being all nervous and saying we killed a man? Well, ignore her. It was an accident. Besides, she’s always as nervous as Heck, if she gets a B on a test, she thinks the worlds going to end. Don’t think too much about it.

It was on a just 3 hours ago, I had a cigarette in my mouth like always, and my big ears were red from the cold. We all somehow ended up on the same ally, each coming from a party, the liquor store, or the library. There was a guy, totally drunk, and had a knife pointed at us. He slurred a string of cuss words as his knife swayed from left to right. Now Joey, being the big mouth he is, spewed words with such complexity, I could hardly keep up. And the man, being drunk, attacked us.

It was the worst moment of my life. I tried talking about it with everyone, in Joey’s basement. But no one listened.
No one ever listens.
I am invisible to so many, the only one who even gives me a second of their attention is Joey, I know he doesn’t think too much of me, but that’s okay, at least he listens.

I killed him. Everyone says it was an accident, but they knew I did it. I’m just so big. I ain’t a skinny boy like Joey. The man attacked us, knife in hand. He was going after Susie, the girl I’ve had a crush on since the third grade. I couldn’t let him hurt her. I impulsively attacked him, and before I knew what I was doing, I took the knife and stabbed him.
I freaking stabbed him.
The guilt is killing me. He could’ve had kids, a wife, a family.
Their dad won’t be coming home because of me.

I knew I would never be the same again. I was the one who cussed that guy out, maybe we would have made it if I didn’t do that. Ultimately it was my fault. I could’ve described what I said, or what happened after we killed a man, but I’m not too big on describing. Besides, I knew the second the man died, we were all screwed.

Big Bill saved me; he risked his life for me. He should have just let me die, if I died, maybe the guy would have lived, and the rest of my friends, too. It’s my fault. And I can never forgive myself for living.

I didn’t do anything, I just stayed there, and watched the catastrophic event unfold, and its outcome was probably uncontrollable. But I’ll never know, because I just watched, and did nothing. In a way, it was my fault that he died; I didn’t do anything to stop it. Maybe I’ll actually light my cigarette this time; I’ll slowly drain my life away, because I’m not worth it.

They all said it was their fault.
They’re all wrong, it was mine.
Unlike them I feel no guilt. I was, in fact, the one who helped the man get drunk. I was the one who placed the knife in his clammy hands. I even planned a way for everyone to go down the same alleyway. I knew this would happen, I planned it.
I was the girl who was never seem, or heard.
I was plain.
Well, now, I was plain no more.

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Dumbo (Frank)
Big Bill
Frank (dumbo)

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