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March 13, 2012
By swswim BRONZE, St.louis, Missouri
swswim BRONZE, St.louis, Missouri
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Narrator: Here’s my story of rebellion against everything I ever knew

My family is down-right evil. My step mother is the most rude person you’ll ever meet, my step brother Mason is same way. My other step brother Dylan is only mean when she is around. Yeah, my step mother is she, that’s how much a claim her.

Here’s who the story goes. Fed Ex brought a package that said “ Tuxes 101”

Cinderella: Why do they need tuxes

Step-mother: Their 17 there going to the prom
Cinderella:that’s not fair and 18 and I didn’t go
Step-mother: the day you let you go is my last day
on earth,got that young lady

Narrator: Here’s to Uprising, Yeah i guesse i Just made an inferece to a Muse song .

That night I slippeed Dylan i note with his food saying to come to my room ( the attic)

Here’s the plan we came up with

Step 1). Get a dress
Dylan: My friend Alex’s sister can give a dress.
Step 2).Dylan will help me with ever she tells me to.
Step 3). Ruin the tuxes (Dylan will do this)
Step 4).no one will go to prom expect She( sheis chaperon)
Step 5). End everything by telling then truth about a life not wroth living.

Here's how we get the dress.

She takes her last check in at midnight so we will leave at 12:30pm. We take Dylan’s car. When we get their we have to climb the tree into Alex's room. I finally meet Alex’s sister Alexandria.

Alexandria: The blue one is the best dress

Narrator: I go to shown the boys.I can in their eyes they like it.

Alex: you're going to be their right.

Cinderella: for now I'm going as long as we dont caught.

Step 2 was heard for Dylan because he’s never lifted a finger in his life.

Step 3 was easy because all we had to do was ruin the tuxes.

Step 4 since Mason tux was ruined he couldn't go.

We get their and I actually make friends pretty easy and fast. Until I feel tap on my shoulder, its Alex.
Alex: would you care to dance
Cinderella: of Course
Alex: Would you be my girlfriend
Alex: because Ive loved since we were 5.
Cinderella: Of course
Principle: Time to announce the queen and king. The king and queen Alex Garret and Cinderella .

We went up got are crowns and i said the truth.
Cinderella: Help me , Help me get away form a house worth not living in.(sighs form crowd}
Alex: You can move in with me and my sister.

The author's comments:
wrote it while listing to Sleeping with Sirens,Pierce The Viel and Weo is me

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