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A Day Long Lost

January 22, 2012
By BigEddy97 BRONZE, Kalama, Washington
BigEddy97 BRONZE, Kalama, Washington
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January 13Th,2015

If you saw what happened you would hide too. It all started when I was packing to leave The state with my friends. This would be The first time I've ever left wiTh a friend. When you are sixteen, you should have a social life,and not have to focus completely on school; but for me That isn't so, my parents want me to be just like Jake, my older broTher. So after ten years of being friends, Tyler, and Kylee finally built up The courage to invite me to leave wiTh Them for a few days. Kylee had been begging me to ask for two months now, so when I told her I could go she was ecstatic; and Tyler was in shock.We were going Still water, Oklahoma, which was six hundred Thirty-two miles,meaning ten hours. This could get crazy. didn't’t understand why we were going There, but didn't’t argue.

So There I was sitting on The curb patiently waiting to get picked up. SomeThing didn’t seem right Kylee was never late and she said she would pick me up at eight a.m, it was now 9:45. Then guess what, here comes Tyler rolling down The street, in his brand new, cherry red car. He stopped The car in front of me.

“Kylee told me to pick you up, her parents took her licence away last minute.”

“Okay” I said confused.

I got in The car and we left. The first time for me ever leaving my house, and I was in Tyler’s car. Who would’ve Thought, certainly not me. The drive to get Kylee was silent, all until I said ,” Today is The elevenTh” Then paused, “right?”

“ Yes why?”

“ That means That Friday is The ThirteenTh!”


“Kylee and I hate Friday The ThirteenTh, we have ever since second grade, when we got in That horrible car accident, someThing bad always happens.”

“ Oh, That’s right. Well just don’t tell Kylee yet let her figure it out.”

“Okay well change The subject and turn left, you’re going to pass her house.”

“Okay ,so are you excited?”

“ Yes but why are we going to Still water?”

Hesitating Tyler said,” No special reason.”

We pulled into Kylee’s driveway, and I got out to go knock on her door. When her parents answered, They told me That Kylee left already, she had said That you guys were taking two cars. I acted like I had just forgotten and said sorry about The confusion, Then walked back to The car.

“Where’s Kylee?”

“ She already left, lets go and I will call her.”


“Hey Kylee, so Tyler and I are at your house, where are you?”

“ I’m twenty minutes down The road already, I wanted you and Tyler to ride togeTher so he wasn’t alone.”

“You could of told me. Well Tyler says to pull over and wait for us to catch up.”

“Um I can’t, I'm on The highway and There isn’t a part to pull off on.”

“ Alright, I guess we’ll see you when we stop. Okay”

“Okay bye, Bree. I can’t wait to see you. I’m so happy you are going.”

When she said That I could of swore I heard somebody else say,”me too.” I had to be going crazy. Tyler turned The radio on once i hung up The phone, so he didn’t have to listen to me complain about This whole Friday situation.

After about Three hours of listening to Tyler hum along to The music playing device, I received a call from Kylee.

“Hey Kylee. Where are you at?”

“I just got into Burlington, how about you guys?”

“Just about to turn into Burlington.”

“ We are gonna get some food, you want me to wait for you?”

“ Tyler, do you want her to wait? Yes Kylee, wait for us please.”

“ Okay now where do I wait?”

“How about subway, I like to eat fresh.” Their slogan had been Kylee’s and my joke for what seemed as forever.

“Sounds fresh to me.”

“Okay we’ll catch you in a bit.”

Tyler asked, ”I’ve never understood That whole eat fresh Thing between you two.”

“ You don’t? Their slogan is “eat fresh” and ever since Kylee and I were little we’ve been saying That to each oTher.”

“ What a girl Thing, I still don’t understand.”
“Okay Tyler, you can ask Kylee when we see her to Eat Fresh.” I started giggling.

About ten minutes later we pulled into Subway. I noticed That Kylee was inside. I got out and ran to her, I hadn’t seen her in forever, even Though it had only been since The day before at school. “Bree!” She yelled.

“I missed you on The car ride over.”

“Oh be quiet and order your fresh food.”

“Okay, you win This time, only because I’m starving.”

Kylee smiled at me, and she said,”So Bree don’t be angry, I invited somebody else along wiTh us.”

“Who?” I said highly confused.”I Though it was just us.”

Then Haydyn walked into The restaurant, she brought him knowing I liked him. I had liThe biggest crush on him for The longest time so, I wasn’t sure if I was happy or not for her not telling me. “Oh hi Haydyn How are you on This fine day?”

“I’m great Bree, how are you?” He laughed.

“Surprised for sure.” He laughed again. I went ahead and ordered my food,Then went and sat at The table where everybody else was.Everybody was quiet while we ate.Then walking Through The parking lot, Kylee, being The silly girl she is, suggested I drive her car and she goes wiTh Tyler for The next part of The drive. She handed me her keys and said,”Treat her wiTh care.” I replied,”I sure will.” Then we parted.

After about a half hour of inarticulateness, Haydyn said,”Okay so don’t be mad-”

I cut him off saying, “Why do people keep saying That, sorry not to interrupt you I just don’t understand.”

“It’s okay Bree, all I was saying was Kylee told me you liked me.”

“Oh she did?”I was shocked, she was my best friend and she told my biggest secret to The person it was about.

“Yes, and There is noThing wrong wiTh That.” Haydyn said calmly.


“That is why I came on This trip, because you were coming.” I stayed speechless.

“Can you drive for a bit, I’m getting super tired?”

“Yes I can.”

“Thank you.” I pulled over and switched to The passenger seat. I almost immediately fell asleep. How I managed I am not sure, but I slept all Through The rest off The ride, The whole six hours. I remember waking to Kylee telling me to get out of her car laughing,cause I had been talking in my sleep.

“Kylee stop laughing, it’s not That funny.” I said struggling not to smile. She waved me to follow her.

“ This is yours and my room, and This is The boys’ room.”She said as we walked down The hall of The hotel.


“Hey Bree.” Somebody was yelling my name down The hall.I turned around eventually doing a circle because nobody was in sight but Kylee and I. didn't’t understand, and Then Kylee asked me what I was doing. I told her somebody said my name, she said no one did.

“I swear somebody did. Kylee someThings wrong.”

“What is it Bree?”

“Bree.Bree Help me.”

“There it is again.”

“Bree are you okay?” Kylee seemed worried. didn't’t feel to good. I felt dizzy like i was still spinning, and my head was pounding. Suddenly my vision was foggy,and i don’t remember what happened after That.

January 13Th,2013

January 13Th,2013

Dear Bree,

I hope you feel better,today is Friday The ThirteenTh,not That you would know That Though.You hit your head pretty hard when you fell. I am really worried about you,and if you are standing I want you to sit down. Kylee and Tyler got in an accident This morning driving to The hospital to see you. They drove up a tree just next too Still water lake.

I stopped reading, and noticed That There was a teddy bear on my bed and Haydyn was sitting next to me asleep.I continued to read.

...I hope you take This okay. After The accident I received a call from The medic explaining what happened.So far The doctor says That They aren’t doing to well.
I know how much you hate Friday The ThirteenTh, so i got you some flowers and a teddy bear to maybe help. I plan on staying wiTh you until you are out of The hospital.I'm so very sorry This trip was ruined, I feel like it is all my fault. So once again I'm so very,very sorry.

From, Haydyn.

I sat up and grabbed The phone, I asked for a nurse. When she came in I asked her how Kylee and Tyler were doing.

“I’m sorry Bree, They didn’t make it, The crash They were involved in was unfortunately fatal. I’m sorry about your loss. It looks like your friend is supporting you a lot, he hasn’t left since you been here.”

Now I wasn’t jut crying I was balling,”This can’t be happening!” Sadly it was true, and it was all my fault, if I hadn’t fallen Then Tyler and Kylee would still be here. Haydyn had woken up and checked me out of The hospital on The seventeenTh. We decided to drive home, but first I said,”Can we please stop at The crash scene?”

“Only if you want to,I’ll let you Think about it for a few minutes I need to check out of The hotel.”

I decided That I wanted to stop at The lake. We pulled up and The water was deep blue, just like The color That Kylee loved. The grass as green as Tyler’s favorite sweater That he wore almost every day. The sky was light blue filled wiTh cotton candy clouds. The clouds were shaped as hearts, every one of Them. I got out of The car and placed The necklace I got for Kylee hanging in The tree, and The race car i got for Tyler on The branch next it.Those were The Three of our favorite Things race cars, new jewelry, and a perfect day outside. There was only one Thing missing, my two best friends.

“I would like to leave now please Haydyn.”

NeiTher of us spoke The entire way home. He dropped me off at my house and I have stayed here ever since, wiTh The only exception of going to school, and going on a twenty hour round trip back to The spot where They crashed.The necklace and race car are still There,and it just so happens every time I’m There it is a beautiful day, but one Thing is still missing. I had left for The first and last time Thinking I was going to have The best time of my life, but ended up having The worst time. Like a wise woman once said,”What you Think is destined to be, is not destiny"

The author's comments:
We were told to write a short story for english, my ended up being not so short.

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