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The Misanthrope

October 4, 2011
By Juhcub PLATINUM, Congers, New York
Juhcub PLATINUM, Congers, New York
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“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.”

I hate you. I can’t stand the sight of you. I can’t stand the thought of you. My world is consumed by your world. Everything I have, everything I love, is yours. I hate you. I never thought those three words would ever come out of my mouth and formulate themselves into the same sentence. But yet they have. And they will time and time again. Why? Because I hate you. Can I make that any clearer? Probably. I HATE YOU! I hate you with a burning passion of the sun, moon, and stars colliding. A fire that burns for all eternity and devours anything in sight. That’s how much I hate you. Do you understand that I hate you? That smile is a frown. That laugh is a snarl. That high five is a punch. That life is a death. You want pity? How about glory? Seems like you deserve it more than anything. But no matter how much you reject that glory. And no matter how much your refuse to soak it in, you just want pity. I don’t understand something like this. I don’t understand how you want all of us to feel bad for someone that is the greatest person who has ever lived. I hate you. And do you want to know why I hate you? It’s a simple answer. And a ridiculous one at that. It’s very funny. But then again, that’s why I hate you. You know I rarely use the word hate when describing something. When I actually do use that word, it’s always about something, not someone. Well the tables have turned! Today, I am using that word about someone and not something. For today I have come to the conclusion that I. HATE. YOU. And that’s all there is to it! I hate you. And those three words in a nutshell is what this story is about. My complete and utter hatred for you. And if we want to go even further, it’s about my complete and utter hatred of the human race. There’s a word for that you know. It’s call “misanthropy.” So if I’m someone who hates the human race, (particularly YOU) call me a misanthrope. And that’s what I am. Nothing more and nothing less than a person in this ugly, cold, dark, disgusting, sordid, somber, sickening, perverted, mutated, mutilated, violent, putrid, and spiteful world. I hate you. I hate you again. And guess what? I hate you. Oh! That reminds me! Why is it that I hate you? It’s a very simple answer. A very simple answer indeed. I hate you because I’m jealous. Jealousy is a common thing. Who isn’t jealous? But is jealous a reason to hate someone? I guess it must be because I’m jealous of you, that’s why I hate you. But jealousy is also a powerful thing. Jealousy can move mountains. Jealousy can split the ocean and flood the earth and kill every single breathing creature in this world. This world I despise. And so I decided to write about my hatred for you and this world. I wish you could fly away. Grow wings, flap them up and down or however these disgusting, ugly birds do it, and fly away! Just get out of my face, out of my life, and out of this world. It’s not like this world would be any better without you. Maybe for a fleeting moment everything would get better and the sun would shine. But then some other moron would make me hate them almost as much as I hate you and I would back here writing about how much I despise you. I don’t think you understand how much I hate you. I wake up, think about you and my day is ruined by the thought of you. Then I actually see you and my day becomes even more and more disgusting. Once I actually speak to you, the next day is automatically ruined just because I heard your voice. The voice I long for. The voice that sounds so beautiful and that sounds so sweet. The voice that entrances everyone and just makes everyone want to listen to you all day. Even me. All I want to do is hear you speak. And hearing you speak makes me want to punch you, knowing your voice is so beautiful and mine sounds like nails on a chalkboard. They screech all the way down until they hit rock bottom when they just go back up once more and claw their way down. It’s a vicious cycle. Just like the cycle of me hating you and you ruining my day. Do you find enjoyment in making my day suck? I bet you do. Somewhere deep down in your heart you LOVE making me feel like this and you LOVE making me so jealous and angry. So, I hear your voice, and then the rest o my day is thinking about your voice and thinking about you. That automatically ruins my week. And because I’ve seen you and heard you for the past WHO KNOWS HOW MANY YEARS my entire LIFE IS RUINED BY YOU! A PESTILENCE AND A VIRUS THAT SHOULD BE WIPED OUT OF EXISTENCE! All because I’m jealous. I want you exterminated to diminish my jealousy. Well once you’re gone, there’ll be something else I’m jealous about. Someone else that I’ll hate. And then this whole predicament will commence once more. So what should I do? Sit here and sulk about my hatred for you, or should I actually do something about it? Because either way I’ll end up right here at this computer (or possibly a different one) typing away about my hatred. This keyboard is practically broken because I’ve been typing so hard. Obviously you can see how much I hate you. Can you? Can you actually tell that I hate you? I’m very curious now. And this curiosity of mine just might kill my cat. But my cat doesn’t deserve to suffer because of this contempt I have for you. This spite. You’re malignant! A disgusting, low-life! JUST. FLY. AWAY. Everything would be better if you flew away! I would be happy if you flew away! This world would be peaceful, and joyous, and blessed if you FLEW AWAY! I would be laughing, joyful, ecstatic, exultant, overjoyed, elated and FREAKING FANTASTIC IF YOU KNEW HOW TO GROW A PAIR OF WINGS AND FLAP THEM UP AND DOWN AND JUST FLY AWAY! Do me a favor, and GROW WINGS! Do this world a favor. What do you do? Beg for pity, flaunt yourself all over the place, speak about your brilliance and wit, and show your magnificence and your glory! You know something funny? Something that I believe. I believe that if you never existed. If your grandparents never gave birth to your parents, and your parents never met, and they never gave birth to you, and you never came near me, I would be a humanitarian. Instead of being this miserable misanthrope, I would be a humanitarian. A philanthropist! Ha! A funny joke indeed.

~The Misanthrope

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i like it. a good tyraid is amazing non?