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H is for... Hierarchy

June 3, 2011
By _helenhorton SILVER, Springfield, Ohio
_helenhorton SILVER, Springfield, Ohio
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I browse through the dresses at LouLaBelle's dress shop, looking for the perfect dress for my coronation. I'm still bewildered that it is only one day away.

"Lauren, what about this one?" My mothersays in a thick British accent, as she holds up a peach dress with a lace bodice and thick criss-cross straps.

I give her a look that speaks for itself. "Mum, I want to have that dress that gives off a fun, fashion-forward flair, not something Great Aunt Elizabeth would piut me in."

"Well remember dear, if we don't find anything her, I still have arrangements for Alexander Wang to come to the palace with loads of runway dresses. You're bound to find something with him."

I look through a rack of stuff until something very familiar catches my eye,"Mum, this looks like the dress cousin Diana wore in her wedding to Charles!" I show her the stunning replica of the dress. I was born eight years and thirteen hours (to be exact)after the wedding. Mum then showed me the ceremony tape when I was three.

Yes, Princess Diana was my second cousin. Mum said that shee was the sweetest person ever. I just wish i had known her more.

"Pumpkin, i really don't see anything for the coronation here. Shall we go to Buckingham Palace to meet Alexander?"

"Sure. Hang on, let me call a few friends to see if they want to comment on the choices." As I scoot into the limousine, scroll through the contacts in my Motorola Razr phone, selecting Lady Louise, Prince Harry, and Princess Eugenie.

Once we arrive at Buckingham Palace, I ask for everyone to meet me in my closet/sitting room for the try-ons. It's my favorite room in the palace; the mint walls are calming; the lounge chairs are so plush; and the nature music is serene.

I hear the intercom buzzer go off,"Yes," I reply.

"Lady Lauren, Alexander Wang and your guests have arrived. They should be entering any moment."

"Thank you, Carleton."

"Hello litte cousin," Prince Harry says while giving me a bear hug.

"Hi Lauren," says Lady Louise.

"Ello royalty!" Eugenie replies.
No later than five seconds later, the coveted Alexander Wang walks through the closet doors.

"Hello Lauren Covington!" Alexander says as he gives me a gentle squeeze.

"Okay, I'm ready to try on the smashing set of dresses you have for me!"

First, he gives me a little lilac dress with a satin finish and a sweetheart neckline.

"You look smashing," Eugenie says.

"I adore it as well," Harry comments.

I saw the look on mom's face that screamed, "Dear God, how inapproprite is THAT!"

Next was a simple white gown with pearls on the trim and a ruched bodice. It was long, flowy, and simply elegant.

"It looks like a wedding gown more than a formal dress!" Lady Louise jokes.

Mum agrees,"True. Mr. Wang, may we see that navy dress?"

"Absolutely," he says as he hands me this stunning, navy blue gown. It has a diamond encrusted bodice, halter neckstrap, and a foot long trail.

"Oh. My. God," everyone gasps as I emerge from the changing room.

"You look... gorgeous," Harry spits out, almost speechless.

"Mr. Wang, we'll take it." mom says delightfully.

"Of course! That will be four thousand pounds (pounds are the british currency and four thousand pounds is approximately six-thousand five-hundred sixy dollars)." Alexander says.

When the dressing is over, everyone has to leave, "well, it was nice seeing you, but i have to go with Eugenie. Will and Kate need help with cake testing! Love!" said Louise.

******** THE NEXT MORNING ********

My alarm clock wakes me up, bright and early at eight A.M. I sip my chai morning tea contently until my blasted British mother comes into my room and says,

"Pip pip, cheerio! Morning! Marissa is here for makeup and hair so hurry! The coronation is in six hours!"

I slip my dress on and mum starts to cry. Today is going to be a royal day.

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