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Finally Mine

June 12, 2011
By JadedDreamer14 GOLD, Rockmart, Georgia
JadedDreamer14 GOLD, Rockmart, Georgia
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It was the day Leila was going to make the biggest mistake of her life. You see Leila was 17 and Brandon was 18. They were just kids and today is their wedding day. She’s too young for this. This day shouldnt’t be here so soon. I thought as I put on the expensive purple braid’s maid’s dress. I walked from the bathroom through the living room and grabbed my purse. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a granola bar and left.

Later that day I returned to my lakeside mansion in rural Hiram, Georgia. I entered the huge industrial kitchen to find Annalisa preparing for the party. She was putting all the chips and dips out.

“So have fun at the wedding Amy?” she asked looking up from the chips she had just opened.

“I guess. As much fun as you can at a wedding you know is going to ruin one of your best friend’s lives.” I said sighing.

“Well everyone is here for the party so you can go on out if you want. They are in the patio room.” Said Annalisa laughing at my grimace
“Okay well I’ll see you out there. Are you sure you don’t need any help in here?” I asked trying to be helpful
“Not if I don’t want the house burnt down.” She laughed teasing me

“It was one time.” I replied

I walked across the kitchen to the glass wall and slid the door open to find all our friends. There was Gordon, Jason, Kyle, JT, Leila, Brandon, Ryan, CJ, Oscar, Wayne, and Kelsey. Gordon and Danny were guys that Annalisa had liked. Gordon was the guy that Annalisa had liked from 8th grade until the fight we had gotten into with him right before Christmas in 9th grade. Jason was the guy that she liked at the moment. Kyle was the guy I had liked in 8th grade, 9th grade, and until I watched him take some whore upstairs at a party. I spent most of that same party hanging out with JT. JT was Gordon’s best friend. Kyle was also really good friends with Gordon. But Kyle’s Best friend was Jason. They were sitting with Ryan (another close friend of theirs) discussing who looked hottest at this party.

I walked onto our patio which was basically another room to our house. It was glass walls on all sides with a sliding door from the kitchen and another that leads out to the backyard. It had a stage and a killer sound system with patio furniture surrounding it. I was standing beside the pool looking across it out into the backyard. At this point apparently Kyle and Jason thought it would be amusing to shove me into the pool.
I fell into the pool hitting the blood warm waters. I stood up quickly and quiet difficultly in my high heels. I looked like a raccoon as I emerged from the pool sopping wet. My make-up was running down my face, my hair was completely destroyed and my dress was ruined. I climbed out of the pool and took off my heels to avoid falling. I walked towards Kyle and Jason who were saying “Dude maybe that wasn’t such a funny idea. She looks pissed.” I stopped in front of them and turned quickly slapping them in the face with my long dark soaking wet hair.
I went and changed into a tank top and shorts with a bikini on under it. I reentered the patio room 10 minutes later and saw Jake with little toddler Aadean in his arms. I asked Ryan to go grab my bag from the side of the pool. He brought it back to me but had something in his hand. He went across the pool to Gordon, Kyle, Jason, and JT. It was my notebook full of poems. I started to run around the pool to grab it from him but in the process I slipped in some water next to the pool and fell in hitting my head.

When I woke up 5 minutes later Jake was punching Ryan in the face.

“What are you doing? He didn’t do anything.” I yelled at Jake but Jake ignored me as he continued to punch Ryan.

“Jake WE ARE SO OVER! GET OUT OF HERE!” I yelled as he grabbed Aadean and pushed him into my arms
“Then take your damn Kid. I'm done babysitting.” He screamed at me as he walked away
Aadean started crying and JT came over and took him from my arms. Aadean’s tears slowly stopped and he looked up at JT and said “Daddy?”
JT looked down at Aadean and patted his back and said “Yes buddy.”

Every mouth in the room fell open. Annalisa was holding an ice pack on Ryan’s face and she said “Wait did you just tell him you were his daddy?”
“Yeah I did because I am.” Said JT calmly
“WHAT???” Screamed Kyle
Leila and Brandon walked over taking Aadean from JT’s arms and took him into the house.
“Dude how could you?” screamed Kyle while Gordon held him back.
“So what are you saying JT? That we slept together and I don’t remember it?” I asked looking him in the eye
“Well I think you might remember parts of it. Do you Remember last year at that party when you saw Kyle take that chick upstairs and you were so upset?” he asked
“Yeah Why?” I said scared of what he was about to tell me
“When you got through crying on my shoulder, you started drinking. You were Drunk as crap in about an hour. You were hanging all over me. As Kyle came down the stairs, you leaned over and frenched me right there. I know he remembers.” Said JT glancing at Kyle who looked majorly pissed
“After that you wouldn’t stop. You had your hand on my thigh. You kept frenching me. We were sitting on Gordon’s couch making out for about an hour. Then your hand slid up to my neck and you whispered in my ear ‘Take me upstairs.’ So I grabbed your hand and we went upstairs. You might not remember but you had a great time that night.” He explained
“You know I remember now. I was so pissed at Kyle and I wanted revenge. You seemed all for it so I made sure he was in the room before I kissed you.” I said smiling
“Then a like two weeks later when I found out you were pregnant, I knew it was mine. I couldn’t bring myself to tell you. I knew I took advantage of you that night and I couldn’t face everyone knowing that. I should have told you. No I shouldn’t have taken advantage of you in the first place but he broke your heart, you wanted revenge, and I thought someone needed to show you how a man should really treat you.” He said grinning at Kyle
“I think the party is about over. Can you guys head on home? I’ll call you next time we throw a rager and next time hopefully we won’t find out more interesting stuff.” Said Annalisa at the top of her voice and people started leaving
“Maybe we should take this inside?” I said looking at the only people left which were Gordon, Kyle, Jason, JT, Annalisa, and Leila and Brandon who were inside.
We went into the huge living room where JT and I sat on the rug playing with Aadean. 15 minutes later it was Aadean’s bedtime so Leila, Annalisa, and I went to put Aadean to bed.
We had just gotten him to go to sleep when Brandon came in and said “Come on you guys you have to hear this.” So we followed him to the open living room door
“I don’t care what I know dude. You hurt her bad that night and I doubt she will ever forgive you.” Said JT trying to keep calm
“I was just trying to make her jealous but you had to come in and turn into a man whore and knock her up!” said Kyle about to lose it
“Well I guess you trying to make her jealous worked, because she was all over me and before we were done I had her screaming my name.” said JT losing it completely and trying to hurt Kyle
I could hear some scuffling and a loud thump. Then Gordon saying “Come on guys stop it! They are gonna be back any second.”
“Then tell him to grow up.” Said JT reluctantly
“Tell him to quit being such a man whore!” Said Kyle angrily
“Dude I mean I love her and you…I just can’t believe you did that.” said Kyle speaking again as he sounded close to tears. I had heard enough so I walked into the living room and said “Well he did and you know what it was good. He is REALLY good at what we did. And if I had a choice I would do it again.” I said angrily as I turned walking away from them
I went and sat at the island in the kitchen. I heard the sliding door shut and looked to see Jason Leading Annalisa outside. They stopped under the peach tree in the back yard. The sun was starting to set and I couldn’t hear what they were saying but he was doing most of the talking. When they kissed I came to the conclusion that he had just told her about the crush he had on her that everyone but she knew about.
Kyle was sitting on the patio by his self when Gordon came in the kitchen. “Hey you know I want to apologize for all the things I said to you during that fight. I never knew he was actually interested in you. About a month later when I told him about it he admitted that he had liked you since about December of 8th grade but because of his friends didn’t want to admit it. I think you should give him a chance. I mean it is obvious now after all you two have done to each other that you like one another. You know the night after the party when he saw you two go upstairs he cried for three hours until he fell asleep.”

“I don’t know if we can try because I don’t think I will ever be able to get the picture of him taking that slut upstairs.” I said losing the tears that had been threatening to expose me

“I mean think about how he feels, he loves you and you got knocked up by one of his best friends. It was bad enough when he thought it was some random guy’s kid but now knowing it was JT’s. I’m shocked he hasn’t cried Yet.” Said Gordon walking out onto the patio
Then JT walked in and sat on the stool beside me. “Hey I know you don’t really want to be more than just parents for Aadean but I think you need someone. And I know someone who would willing take the job.” He said rubbing my hand trying to get me to stop crying and we both glanced at Kyle who was just watching us
“He really loves you. I regret what we did that night because it will never stop hurting him but I think he really needs you to be his. I think you need him too. So please just give it a shot okay?” he said kissing my hand and getting up and walking out the patio door.
I watched as Kyle started towards him getting ready to throw a punch but before he could JT looked through the glass at me and said something. Kyle stopped and walked towards the door… I could see Leila and Brandon wrapped around each other in the living room and I could see Jason and Annalisa making out in the dark outside. When Kyle walked in the kitchen all he said was “Hey.”
“Hey” I replied trying not to look at him
“We need to talk.” He said sitting down on the same stool JT had been sitting in.
“Yeah we do.” I said frowning
“I didn’t mean to hurt you that night. I was just trying to get your attention.” He said grabbing my hand
“You didn’t have to get my attention. You already had it. But when I saw you take Stephanie upstairs it hurt so much I wanted revenge. I wanted to hurt you for hurting me.” I explained still avoiding his gaze
“Well it worked. I am in love with you and even though JT is the baby’s father, I want to try and make us work. I’m sick of fighting and hurting each other to try and get together.”
“Me too, But JT will be around cause he is Aadean’s father.” I said simply
“I know but I do love you. So can we try?” asked Kyle anxiously
I looked up finally meeting his gaze and said “yes we can.”
He smiled so widely and then leaned in to kiss me and I got lost in him. It hit me then as I sat there kissing him, that he was finally mine.

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