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Free As A Bird

April 3, 2011
By Madgie BRONZE, Antioch, California
Madgie BRONZE, Antioch, California
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She stared silently at the bird that landed on her bedroom window. A joyless chuckle escaped her lips. “I suppose you want me to sing for you, just like in the movies?” She asked sarcastically. The bird paid no mind to the strange human on the other side of the glass.

“How cliche is it,” She thought. “to want to be like a bird? To be free like one? What an overused, contrived statement…” She leaned her head back in thought. Closed her eyes, tried to imagine a land of no worries… but her image would always become twisted. Dark. A land of no worries? Ha. Don’t make her laugh, there is no such thing.

She looked back at the bird. “Are you really so worry free…?” She mumbled. Silence. The bird didn’t even look at her. “How rude…” She thought.

Is a bird really free? She didn’t know. Sure it was free to fly wherever it wanted… but there were dangers. Predators, lurking around every corner, just waiting for the second you let your guard down to eat you up. Predators that think of it as only the food chain, natural progression. They have to eat after all, right? Predators that wouldn’t give a second thought to killing a free, innocent little bird. A bird really had constant worries after all, didn’t it? And in that way, she was exactly as free as a bird.
Not truly free at all.

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