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A Good Actor?

February 14, 2011
By Mortie PLATINUM, Oak Run, California
Mortie PLATINUM, Oak Run, California
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Whats The Point?

She gets up and gets ready for another day of acting like She's fine. another day of school.

She's only fourteen, and yet so much has happened to her already. Her family is broken, even though she lives with both of her parents and her little brother. she has a lot, though not much that she actually needs or cares about. she has friends, and has people that care about her. she has animals and has space. but it's all too much. or just not enough? She wasn't sure, but life right now was suffocating her. she didn't know what to do anymore. she felt lost a lot of the time.

she finished getting ready and walked out into the living room, where she finds both of her parents sitting on the couch. apparently she was ready faster than usual this morning. usually when she finally got out of her bathroom, her dad was making breakfast, and her mom was getting ready for work.

after the usual questions of "how are you," "are you feeling okay?" and "you're just up early?", her parents went outside to smoke another cigarette before they went to their usual routine of getting ready for the day.

She goes to get her lunch, now that her father has started breakfast. she finish the peanut butter, the jelly, and the bread so she could make her PB&J, then, once the sandwich is done, she grabs some fruit bars and other snack-like things. she stuffs everything into her lunch bag and grabs a Capri Sun and jams it in on top of everything else.

She pours herself a glass of juice and takes her pills. One for her tooth, one for her sleeping problems, one vitamin, and two aspirin. Draining the juice, she tosses the cup into the trash, and takes her lunch bag and stuffs it into her backpack, and taking her pill bottle to re fill it with her medication.

with that done, she goes on to put her shoes and socks on, and makes sure she's not forgetting anything. She checks her pockets to make sure she has her cell phone, her wallet, her pen, and anything else she might need. she grabs her hoody and puts it on, sipping it up completely. she sees her mom coming out of the bathroom, and knows that it is almost time to leave. she makes sure that her face is set to show only the emotions that she wants the world to see. hoping that it stays like that, and that it doesn't slip, at least not until she gets to school.

the car ride is filled with the music from the CD that she slid into the radio, with little talk from either of them.

She gets to school, just in time for her zero period class, P.E. She gets to her locker just as the second bell rings, and finds her friend standing there, like always. She smiles and says Hey, and her Friend does the same. the Teacher comes and makes them get out of the locker room, so She slams her locker shut, finally changed and ready for P.E.

They're in the Weight Room again. She and her Friend are partners, and She goes first. After about fifteen minutes of switching on and off and changing machines, they move on to Elliptical, where She must complete at least one mile. Another fifteen minutes go by, and they get to go get ready for their next class.

now they're in first period. She goes to her desk, right in the middle of the room. She participates less today, and nobody really cares, so she continues to do so till the end of the period, and she has to go to her next class, Computer Apps. There, she completed her work and sits there, doing nothing.

Brunch. She acts like she usually does, or at least tries to. Nobody cares or notices. all it does it makes it all that much worse.

Third just passes by like usual, but now she has to go to Science. a class that she isn't going to be able to act as well in. Time to try harder. the three people who sit around her notice something's up, but when they ask, she tells them that nothing is wrong, and they reluctantly stop asking questions. she likes it that way.

She continues the same way throughout the day, and only at lunch does she start to feel better. most of her friends gather around her, and are able to make her laugh, and lighten her mood. then He walks by, and she's back to her acting. she likes him, but she doesn't know what to do. she made herself sound desprite the day before, when she was texting her. now she doesn't really want to see him. but he's here anyways, so she wants to make the best of it, so she tries not to let it ruin her day.

Turns out that He is really into her, too, and he just wanted to eat lunch with them today. so she lets him. and her day goes on from there. she feels a lot better, and she and He make plans to meet the next day, and she feels great. now all she has to do is break the news to her parents. the thought is depressing. but she still acts like it's all fine, and so nobody notices. Guess She's a good actor?

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