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Those Big Blue Eyes

January 17, 2011
By Juhcub PLATINUM, Congers, New York
Juhcub PLATINUM, Congers, New York
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“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.”

Neave Greyhold, a common housewife living in Colorado, was sitting on her couch. Her feet were graciously placed on the coffee table in front of her. Her eyes were separated from the sight of her beautiful world by her eyelids. She took in a long and slow breath. Her lungs impregnated with thick, luscious air. She moved her small hand up and down her arm giving her this tickling sensation. She felt happy in doing so. She faintly felt like her husband was sitting beside her as if he was gently rubbing her arm. After a long day of work, the two were together again in her imagination. Neave opened her eyes and saw no one else there, just the sunlight soaking the room in warmth and light. Neave basked in the sunlight with a small hope she was getting a tan. She took another deep breath. And yet again felt the wonderful sensation of the Colorado air. Neave loved her life. And she loved her husband even more.
A few hours had slowly passed by and Adrian Greyhold arrived at home after work. Adrian is the Editor in Chief of a major business magazine. He opened his door with a large grin. The first thing he saw was Neave with an even bigger grin, standing in the foyer at exactly 7 o’clock. She ran to him and leaped like a panther into his arms. Neave stared into his large beautiful blue eyes and giggled. She felt his warmth. He was warmer than the sun. He was her sun. But the only difference was that this time she wasn’t getting a tan. She didn’t care about that anymore. Nothing in the beautiful world mattered except that she and her husband were one at last.
“Oh honey I missed you so much! I missed those big blue eyes!” she shouted. It even seemed from his point of view that she was crying.
“I missed you too baby. Are you crying?”
“Just a little. Do you know how much I love you?” she asked him.
“Maybe as much as I love you.” he replied. She smothered him with kisses. She kissed every inch of his muscular face. Her lips gently brushed his and from there on, the magic continues.

The next morning Neave awoke in her bed. The sunlight poured in the room as she opened the satin curtains which were hanging so elegantly over the window. She had to hold her hand up to her eyes when she saw the sun. She decided that day was all about tanning. She called out Adrian’s name to see if he was still home. There was no reply. Complete and utter silence. Just the way Neave liked it when he wasn’t home. She descended down the stairs one foot at a time. She carefully put one foot on each step carefully. She ate a quick breakfast, grabbed a chair from her garage and sat in the sun for countless hours, impatiently awaiting the arrival of her dear old husband.

Adrian came home from work and opened the door to find his smiling wife in the foyer at 7 o’ clock. At first he had to take a second look to make sure it was actually her and not a cutout. “Neave?” he asked to reassure himself that it was actually her.
“Yes honey. It’s me” she said serenely.
“I didn’t even realize that was you! You look beautiful.”
“Aw thank you honey. Now come on, I made your favorite, Duck Confit!” Adrian began salivating. He came home starving every day. His job was stressful enough; he didn’t have the time of day to eat lunch. “Well let’s eat!”

That night was a peaceful one. Adrian was working on his laptop, typing away, and Neave was reading the latest Cosmopolitan. She enjoyed looking at all of the beautiful women. There wasn’t a single flaw on their faces. Every single woman in the magazine was perfect. In Neave’s eyes, she was just as perfect as they were.

Neave slowly woke up in her soft, cushioned bed. She called out Adrian’s name as if the answer she would receive was unknown. Neave was alone in her home like the day before and the day to come. She refused to get out of bed, feeling the perfect harmony between herself and the world. After an hour or so, Neave got out of bed and extended her flawless arms into the air. Neave yawned and showed her large beautiful white teeth. She walked into the hallway outside her bedroom and her long silk nightgown followed her.

Adrian came home at exactly 7 o’ clock to find his wife standing in the foyer. Adrian had seen this sight five days a week for the last six years. Neave jumped into his arms and didn’t let go. No matter what, Neave would not let go. She loved him so.
“Neave. I’m tired. I’m just not in the mood tonight.”
“Oh honey what’s the matter?”
“Nothing honey. I’m just tired. I’m going to sleep.”
“Goodnight.” Neave knew something was wrong. Something was up with Adrian and she couldn’t figure it out. She was afraid. Something wasn’t right.

The morning arrived and followed the typical pattern it always did. Neave called Adrian’s name silently hoping he would answer, but knew he wasn’t home. She got out of bed and followed the usual routine around the house. Neave didn’t care that her life at home was boring, because she knew that her life would never be boring as long as she had Adrian. Neave sat on her couch for hours on end thinking. Thinking about her life, her dreams, her friends and family, and most importantly, Adrian. She thought about his large blue eyes that looked like the crystal clear ocean she had once seen no her honeymoon in Hawaii. She loved watching the waves crash on the beach and slide through her perfectly manicured toes. Neave loved the tingle of the warm, clean water brushing upon her skin. “Those big blue eyes,” she said aloud, hoping Adrian would hear her.

Adrian came home thirty minutes later than he was supposed to. Adrian was praying Neave would not be there impatiently awaiting his arrival. To his dismay, there she was. Neave stood in the foyer like she always did with the same smile she always had plastered on her face when he arrived.
“Honey I’m half an hour late. Have you been standing here the whole time?” Adrian was silently hoping she would say no.
“Of course I was honey. I thought you would walk in any second! I didn’t want to miss it.” Adrian didn’t know what to say.
“How was work honey?”
“Horrible. That magazine is going downhill.”
“That’s terrible! I wish there was something I could do.”
“Well there isn’t,” he blatantly stated.
“Oh. Alright then. Do you want dinner?”
“No. I’m going to do some work. Goodnight.” Neave continued standing in the foyer once he ascended up the stairs waiting for the real Adrian to come home.

The next day was the same for Neave. Everything went just as it always did. At six fifty nine that night, Neave got up from the couch and stood in the foyer. After waiting for ten minutes or so, she walked into the dining room and peered out the window to realize his car was in the driveway. The lights were off in the car, but yet he was sitting there. Staring at the garage door he had faint recollections of painting with his wife. Adrian began thinking about Neave. He took his coffee cup, still with a small drop of the delicious elixir, and threw it through the window of his car into the neighbor’s yard. Neave was startled by the smash. She placed her hand on her chest to take a deep breath after feeling like her heart had skipped a beat. She contemplated whether or not she should go outside or wait for him to come inside. Adrian slowly opened the car door and staggered along the small stone pathway up to the front door. He pulled out a bottle from his coat pocket, and took a long sip in which he made a tangy face. Adrian was once a man who was fond of the drink. Neave had greatly helped him get over his addiction. He turned the knob carefully and peered inside his home to see an empty foyer. He smiled and walked into his home and glanced into the kitchen to see Neave preparing dinner.
“Why weren’t you in the foyer?”
“Who said I have to wait for you there everyday?”
“Well you do it every day. I just assumed that’s where you’d be.”
“Well you know what happens when you assume.” She said to him with a sassy attitude.
“Hey! I’m your husband! You can’t talk to me like that!”
“Like Hell I can’t! And you’re a recovering alcoholic, you shouldn’t be drinking!” They both stood there, staring at each other. Neither of them had anything to say to each other. “What happened to you Adrian? You used to be happy and fun and--,”
“Life happened Neave! I can’t always be happy! Especially with you and my job!”
“Me! How am I making you unhappy?”
“You’re always breathing down my neck! I can’t have one second alone without you right there!”
“Because I love you Adrian! You mean the world to me! You’re everything to me! The light of my life is you! Do you feel the same way about me?”
“I’m going to bed.” The room was tense. The air was cold. Neave’s sun had burned out.

Neave awoke the next morning, called Adrian’s name and received an empty response. Neave got out of bed to make breakfast. She had a strange feeling in her stomach. A strange knot she could not untie no matter how many times she packed her lungs with delicious air. She continued trying to take deep breaths to soothe her nervous feeling. Something big was going to happen and she cautiously awaited its arrival. Neave was not going down without a fight.
Everything was fine for the whole day. The sun was flooding the room in its divine light. Neave could hear the laughter of children in the yard next door and the gentle ripples in the water of her pool. The tense feeling she once obtained had slowly disappeared and the thought of Adrian coming home made everything better.
Neave wandered into the living room where her plush couch sat. She plopped herself down on the center cushion and extended her feet onto the coffee table. She looked out the grand gigantic window in front of her. She peered out and saw the green, luscious trees and the large blue sky. She smiled and made the room brighter by exposing her teeth. The closed her eyes and felt the sunlight on her eyelids.
Her eyelids began to grow dark. Sunlight was no longer beaming down on her. Neave suspected clouds, but when she was connected to reality, she saw no other but a man in all black wearing a ski mask. He had a muscular composure and an upright posture as he stared at her through the window. Neave was confused. She had no idea of how to react. Was she to run? Open the window? Call the police? Neave sat on her couch and stared at the man until he smashed the beautiful window into a million pieces. The tiny pieces of glass flew all around Neave and crumbled to the floor. The man entered her home and snatched her arm. Neave screamed as loud as she could, but her sound was muffled by his hand. The only thing running through Neave’s mind was her husband. Neave prayed this man would not kill her so she could see her husband. She didn’t care about anything the man would take as long as it was not her life. Neave wished she could see Adrian at least one more time. To say goodbye and kiss him a thousand times. She looked up at the man’s face and stared into his eyes.
“Those big blue eyes,” were Neave Greyhold’s last words.

The author's comments:
I really just began writing this piece and let my writing take me. It took me a while to determine how I wanted to end this, but I finally found the perfect ending!

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on Oct. 4 2011 at 9:23 pm
Juhcub PLATINUM, Congers, New York
24 articles 0 photos 14 comments

Favorite Quote:
“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.”

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