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That one March Day

January 9, 2011
By flexiballetgirl GOLD, Windsor, Massachusetts
flexiballetgirl GOLD, Windsor, Massachusetts
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~ Fred Astaire

She sat in Latin; she couldn’t stop tapping her foot. Only 20 minutes she thought. Only 20 minutes until gym, my one class with him. I’m gonna rock at volleyball today. It’s gonna be awesome. She was wearing the perfect outfit; a jean mini skirt, a PacSun Tee, black leggings, and ballet flats. She got up super early and took time to wash, blow-dry, and straighten her hair. She had spent time on making her make up perfect; green and pink eye shadow, jet black eye liner, “warm rose” blush, and bubble gum lip gloss. She packed the perfect outfit to change into for gym; her purple dance studio shirt and brown soffe shorts.

Finally the bell rang. She couldn’t wait to get to the gym. Most of the time she got to the door around the same time as him. As she walked by D Hall he turned and was walking right in front of her, not that he noticed. Wow, he really is perfect she thought he does cross-country, hockey and baseball, goes to church and CCD and is smart. AND he brings a lunch so he’s obviously healthy.
She walked into the locker room changed and sat on the bleachers with her friends. She saw her out of the corner of her eye. Ew, she's practically making out with him, sl*t much. She was the girl who was going out with her ex-crush (of 3 years). He used to be so nice but now, EW. Just leave. He, her ex-crush, was permanently attached to Taylor Swift in her mind. He had a ton of her songs attached to him. First, “I’d Lie”, the “Invisible”, then “Teardrops on my guitar”, and finally “You belong with me”. After that she stopped caring, well sort of. At least she wasn’t all over him (her new crush).
They broke up into groups. She was with her 4 best friends and some other kid so they could have 6 to a team. First they played the “special” team. Most of the Special Ed. kids were in her gym class but most of the people on the “special” team were just weird not actually Sped. She was so ON. Serving great, actually hitting the ball. Great until one of the girls on the other team served and the ball hit her right in the stomach. Owww, as long as I don’t cry I’ll be fine She stood up and a girl on her team high-5ed her and they were ready to restart. Or not, a girl from the “special” team (who wasn’t SPED) came over and gave her a hug. Really, could this be any more awkward Yupp, it could. He was looking right at her. She blinked really fast hoping he would turn away…he didn’t.

Part 2

The girl who was hugging her let go and he turned back to his game. Great, now he probably thinks I’m a freak or gay, or both Her 4 best friends started giggling and she couldn’t help laughing with them. It was better to have friends than a guy, right? Every once and a while she would look at him and sometimes he would look at her. Maybe he doesn’t think I’m a compete freak.
When they rotated courts it was her team’s turn to play his. As much as she loved him being in her gym class she hated playing against him because she was always afraid she would zone out and start staring at him. She started in the back. Served the ball, it actually went over the net. When she was done serving she felt herself start to zone out. Wow, even though he got his hair cut and it’s not flippy anymore it’s still gorgeous. And as tacky as his white gym shirt that has orange around the collar and sleeves and navy shorts look it’s still all good. ANDD he made the varsity baseball team, as a sophomore. Turns out, as good as he was at sports he SUCKED at volleyball. Like just as bad a she did. Maybe worse. She couldn’t help but laughing every time he hit the ball backwards or at someone. It was bad. She really couldn’t stop laughing.
After gym, at lunch she noticed he was wearing a grey t-shirt. All of a sudden Taylor Swift’s “Today was a Fairytale” started playing in her head

Today was a fairytale
I wore a dress
You wore a dark grey t-shirt

Time slows down whenever you're around
I can feel my heart
It's beating in my chest
Did you feel it?

The author's comments:
This is something that happened to me last year. I like turning my real life experiences into a story with no names

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