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Dear Diary, Part 2.

September 18, 2010
By DaddyzUnwantedDolly PLATINUM, Raliegh, North Carolina
DaddyzUnwantedDolly PLATINUM, Raliegh, North Carolina
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Dear Diary,

I have decided to give you a name.
I donno what to name you just yet cause my brain hurts so you must wait. Kay?
Yesterday was scary Diary. Mommy's man friend was... Yucky to me. I donno what happened cause I bumped my head running and.. I woke up with blood on my pretty night gown. Do you know what happened? I want to know so bad I'd give my pretty shoes away! They're my only pair to. So that would be a lot. I think...
Anyway, I think he touched me. I asked mommy to help me and.. She.. just laughed at me crazily and told me to go take a bath or she'd throw me out with my friends. I asked her what friends and she told me the rats. I was scared of the look in her, usually, beautiful eyes so I went and took a bath... I had to clean the bathtub cause it was all yucky and green... I almost up-chucked when I saw the worms coming out of the drain.
Diary? I want you to help me... I'd love for you to just grow arms and some legs! You won't even need a heart... Mommy doesn't seem to have one... So why should you be any different?
Oh yeah, I met a boy! His name is Richard and... and I think I love him.He is so so cute and I got mad at Emily for trying to take him so she and I are NOT friends anymore. She keeps hurting my heart and such... I told her to leave me alone and she spat in my face. The teacher, Ms. Hendrik, sent her to the office and told me to go wash it off my face. Ms. Hendrik is really nice to me. She gives me clothes whenever she is able and she is the one who gave me the shoes! She always asks how I am and such... The other day she came over and gasped in horror when she saw our nasty home. I can't blame her and I told her I try to clean, but mommy gets mad if I move stuff and she just looked at me sadly. I went out to play in the garbage can and jumped when I heard mommy yelling at her and saying words I'd never heard of. I jumped when Ms. Hendrik came running down the steps to her car. I just stared at her as she drove off with out even looking at me... Mommy came and told me that I might get taken away and it was my fault. I told her sorry and went to my corner in our nasty home to cry.
I gotta go.... School is about to start and I would hate for anybody to read these words I call my life.... Eek. Just imagine the uproar it would cause. Nobody knows I'm this smart besides Ms. Hendrik.
I love you Diary,
Molly <3
P.S. Your name is Dolly.

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