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Forced together 3

August 23, 2010
By Tomboy GOLD, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Tomboy GOLD, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
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"The human heart had hidden treasures; in secret kept; in silence sealed; the thoughts; the hopes; the dreams; the pleasures; whose charms were broken if revealed" - Charlotte Bronte

Taylor’s POV

I look at the time, ten till five. Great, I can’t believe this. We have to hurry or, no I can’t think of that.”

“Will we have to spend the night here do you think?”

“Gee, thanks for finishing my thought.” I groan. He walks up closer to me.

“Can we make a pact?”

“What?” I look at him.

“There’s no doubt that we’ll be in here for a while, and it’s getting closer to the possibility maybe even the night. Let’s just agree that neither of us fight with one another k?”

I’m about to say no chance in hell, but he’s right. Unless we agree to this then we’ll end up murdering each other in the night. “Fine, I agree. But if we end up having to sleep in here then we go by my rules.” I look at him, making sure he understands.


Well, he seems ok with me in charge. Weird. Oh well who cares.

“I’m going to charge my phone.” Ricky says. I look at him, what, he have a self charger or something? He looks at me and smiles. “I asked you earlier what you’ll do when you get out, but I never got to answer.”

I give him a ‘who cares face’. He shrugs it off. We’re quiet for a bit. Then, actually and surprisingly wanting conversation, I say, “I’m going to eat.”

“Totally, I’m starving!” He groans exaggeratingly, then laughs. “Wait.”

I look at him. “What?”

He reaches into his pocket and takes out two granola bars. I look away and focus on the ground to not trip. I don’t want to watch him eat the food if I have none. He nudges me.

“What?” I say, not looking at him.

“Here.” He waves one of them in my line of vision.

“You- you’re giving one to me?” I ask, stopping and looking at him. He looks at me weirdly, then gets why I’m surprised and smiles.

“Listen, you need food too. Plus you’re to skinny.” He says. I cautiously take it and open it.

“Well I was anorexic for a few months.” I say, eating.

“Why?” He asks, looking at me.

I refuse to say it was cause he called me fat. “Personal.” I mumble.

“Oh, ok.” Quiet.

“Thanks.” I say, almost a whisper.

He laughs. “Welcome. Anyway, we need something to talk about.”

“Why are we talking anyway?”

“Why not? We’re in a forest, not like we need to save air or anything.”

“Meaning, why are you talking to me?”

Silence, then after a few minutes, “Well, we might as well make the best of what we got.” He finishes his granola bar.

“You should always save food, no matter what.” I say, putting my half eaten bar in my pocket.

“Thanks for telling me sooner.”

I shrug. “Why would I be paying attention to what you’re doing?”

We go on for a while with no talking, longer then before. Before we know it it’s dimming. My hope sinks and I sit down, legs tired, at the base of a tree, tugging my hair.


“I’m going to be stuck in here with you all night.” I say. He groans.

“And me with you.” He sits down across from me.

I look up at the sun going down. I hear the loud bugs starting to come out. “We’re going to be eaten alive.” I mumble.

“At least we won’t freeze to death.” I look over at him and he’s taking out a lighter and a pocket knife.

“Why did you bring those?”

“Why are you complaining, it came in handy didn’t it?”

“Well, isn’t it a little dry?”

“We’re near a river, and I’ll make sure I put it out before we fall asleep.

“So what, camp here?”


“K.” I stand up, ready to take charge. “You agreed to listen to my rules and so you will.”

His eyes roll. “Don’t be bossy.”

“I can be what I want. Now, you want food?”


“Then catch a fish, whether you have a net or use a branch with a pointy end, just do it.” I look around and see a fallen tree near the river, broken about a forth way up, just enough height space. “There’s shelter over there. I’ll see if I can make it somewhat more comfortable. And just so we’re clear, you sleep as far away from me as possible.”


“Now go and get a fire started, then catch some fish. You have the knife and you should know how to gut one. Now, go.” He looks blankly up at me. “Go!” I say again, he stands up and run to a spot near the river and clears the leaves.

I roll my eyes and walk to the trunk. The leaves are wet so the first thing I do is clear them all out. The dirt underneath is dry so that’s good. The space underneath is five feet long and three feet wide, fine for me but not for Ricky, and especially not together. I walk over to him.

“It’s to small over there so you’ll sleep over here.”

“Whoa what? Why me?”

I step up right next to his face. “Listen to me very clearly Ricky. My rules, my way. Do you know the forest no, you don’t. You’ll be fine out here, there’s no animals that could hurt you except you’ll wake up with mosquito bites but so will I. All I get is some drier dirt and a giant log above me. Is that really so special?” I don’t expect him to answer so I turn around and start to stomp off.

“I still don’t get why you-”

“IT’S MY TURN!” I scream, stopping and not looking at him. I shake, keeping tears away.

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on Oct. 16 2010 at 12:57 pm
kotletki BRONZE, New York, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"Life is too important to be taken seriously." -Oscar Wilde

I love this story! The details are really great and the characters develop and keep me interested. The idea is not super original, but you apply it in a way that makes it original. The only things that trouble me are, it's not extremely clear how they got lost, I'd like you to go into a little more detail, and sometimes Taylor talks in text talk. I think it's good when Ricky does, but maybe Taylor shouldn't. Anyway, fantastic story and keep writing, I'm dying to read more!

on Sep. 13 2010 at 1:02 pm
sunrise_faerie GOLD, Fredericksburg, Virginia
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things are only as dark as you make them.
there is always beauty in every situation. look for it and you will see.
smile; sometimes it's all that will keep you from crying.

im hooked on this story!!! keep the chapters comin!!!!