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Marbles in Your Mouth

April 27, 2010
By Dazed PLATINUM, Teaneck, New Jersey
Dazed PLATINUM, Teaneck, New Jersey
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You don't know. You don't know what it's like. To dive into a country with words you can not comprehend. To be mute. You look around and have something to say - you have something to say - but there is duct tape across your mouth and socks stuffed in your throat. Frantically you search for a familiar face, to open your mouth and empty your mind but you are alone. Words buzz around you like mosquitos. Foreign alien words that clump together in your ears and make your head spin. You see black spots before your eyes and you know it is the confusion choking your brain. You try to breathe but the air is foreign. It seeps more loneliness into your lungs. Hey, I have something to say. I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY. You search around for someone to hear but the people see through you. You open your mouth to scream, to cry, but the sound comes out like a deflating balloon, a barely audible "pffffttt". You are invisible. You are silent. You are on a deserted island with marbles in your mouth.

The author's comments:
I moved to Israel a while ago and this is how I felt for a long time until I finally got a hold of the language..

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