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December 31, 2009
By EMOEMY GOLD, Flower Mound, Texas
EMOEMY GOLD, Flower Mound, Texas
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Have you ever stopped to smell the flowers or tried to be a butterfly?
I did.
I smelled all types of flowers big ones little ones, red ones blue ones, budding ones and dying ones each had there own unique smell. I felt like a little kid again. I left that peaceful place as an airplane running my engine zooming by buildings and around people in my favorite sneakers and bouncy pigtails I reached the light and turned into a rabbit hopping on each line like under me was lava. I reached the abandon house on the end of my street and scaled the vine ladder like a squirrel would a tree. Once inside I was instantly royalty I was greeted by hundreds of others who had waited for my arrival I walked to the door and was transformed into a singer with paparazzi every ware I looked. I slid down the stair railing like a surfer and rushed out the door I raced Lance Armstrong on my bike and won by a foot. I raced on the racing horse, which turned into a bucking bronco in a rodeo contest. Flying into the house I ran into THAT man again he gave me the creeps and a slap across the face like always. He swore wile screaming at me with my mom lying there sobbing on the floor again I could see where he had hit her. I turned around and ran I ran too the high school it is three stories tall and the roof is unlocked I like to sit on the edge and dangle my legs off the side on windy days. I ran to the top and swerved around all the flowers like usual and I sat down in the middle of all the flowers. When HE came I usually would sit there and watch the bugs crawl around me but for the first time there was a flutter of butterflies I was mesmerized by them instantly I was a butterfly on the top of the school by the park I followed the flutter of butterflies I flew around flowers and my mind went blank I lost control of my body like I was in a seat watching a movie and just watched my self copy the butterflies flying up and down round and round right until I hit the ground. The pain kicked in only after I realized I had tried to follow them off the edge of the schools rooftop. That is the only memory I have of my childhood.

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