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Coût du Désir

December 31, 2009
By dre0715 GOLD, Willow Grove, Pennsylvania
dre0715 GOLD, Willow Grove, Pennsylvania
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She irons her thoughts on a bed of lies
As she lays herself to sleep
She tells her self dishonest remarks
Her life full of deceit
A young boy by her side
The child’s father had died
On a day that changed her life
Widowed she lives
Reminiscent she is
Of the days the she was a wife
They were so in love
Oh so very in love
Like so many dream to be
She knew his heart
And he knew hers
Their love strong undeniably
He whisked her to Rome
Where they were alone
There they wed, just them and a priest
They had a child
Mr. Green eyed
Is what they lovingly nicknamed Reese
Reese is their child
The only child
The couple ever had
He had his mother’s nose
His father’s eyes
Was indeed a quite handsome lad
By the age of three
He became to be
A boy his father befriended
They dressed alike
Rode their bikes
As a bond was surely mended
Anyone could see
The family was happy
James, Mary and Reese
Were enjoying life
Husband, son and wife
In their dwelling in New York City
James was working man
Making fortunes in real estate
Voted least likely to succeed in school
He used that to motivate
Himself to be the business man
He always wanted to be
Now he was on top of the world
Making a lot of money
Mary was a homemaker
Traditional indeed
She cooked and cleaned and all the rest
To see the world she dreamed
But she was resorted to duties of the home
As she took care of Reese
Due to his work she rarely saw James
This drove her mad to say the least
James was a ladies’ man
Before he met his wife
But this didn’t mean temptation
Had walked out his life
He worked closely with a woman named Sara
She was gorgeous, James would admit
And she was always a bit too friendly
The flirting James begged her to quit
Because although James was strong in stature
His mind was very weak
Late nights in the office
Had James struggling to keep
The desires he had for Sara in check
As she climbed on top of him
She began to kiss his neck
James became a slave to sin
The rest of the affair was a daze
James awoke in the middle of the night
He was nude and confused
Sara had left along with his pride
James gathered his things as quick as he could
As he raced to get home
Lipstick and hair stuck on his clothes
He struggled remove them so his wife wouldn’t know
The guilt he felt was overwhelmed
By the yearning he had for Sara
Her smooth thighs, her hazel eyes
The way she wore her mascara
He knew he was wrong
And didn’t belong
To be with someone as faithful as Mary
But he made a mistake
Although it was great
He believed actions like this were a rarity
It was his little secret
That no one would know
Just him and his mistress
He proclaimed that
He’d never do it again
As God as his witness
He got home
And went to his room
Where his wife was sound asleep
He crept into bed
As quiet as the dead
Of women’s perfume he did wreak
When he awoke
He found marks on his throat
Of where Sara’s mouth had been
He panicked a bit
But then reached in his closet
On a turtleneck he had to depend
To hide his bruises
And infidelities
He went to the kitchen
Where his wife was cooking
Sausages and baked beans
To the radio she was listening
He kissed his smiling son
On the cheek
Then went to greet his wife
Mary looked worried
And a bit upset
She questioned where he was all night
James claimed he had a big assignment
And he fell asleep at the job
She looked at him
And lowered her head
As she began to sob
James questioned the tears
Why they appeared
He had not a clue
Mary said
“Sara just called
And she claimed she was with you”
James rebutted the statement
And became angry
As he was caught in the act
He screamed and yelled
Raising hell
As he started the attack
He called her a liar
And through her to the ground
As Reese saw the whole thing
James grabbed his keys
And left the house
In the trash Mary through her wedding ring
James went to work where he saw Sara
As he tried to break things off
But the way she touched him
Made his efforts futile
Her lips just so soft
Meanwhile back at the house
Mary found a gun
Her late father
Was Vietnam War veteran
So she had a few of them
She cried to god
And begged for mercy on her soul
As she raised the gun to her head
She believed couldn’t live
In pain any longer
She’d rather be dead
She was about to end her life
When she suddenly heard
Young Reese cry for her
She realized he needed his mother
A life without her
He did not deserve
She packed her things
Along with Reese
In the back of her van
She was determined to find the woman
Who was stealing her man
She approached the building
Gun in her purse
Leaving Reese in the car
She told him she’d be back really soon
And wasn’t going too far
She entered the building
Revenge on her mind
As she ignored security
She stormed into James’ office
Where she found James and Sara
Having sex, naked completely
James screamed for his life
As Mary raised the pistol
She closed her eyes and pulled the trigger
Hitting James in his lung
He struggled to breath
As the puddle of blood he lay in grew bigger
She laughed through her tears
Then shot Sara in the head
Her aim was surprisingly good
She ran out the building
As they both died slowly and painfully
As Mary thought they should
She ran in the Van where Reese was asleep
He had no idea what just occurred
He lost the best friend he had in his father
Because of his mother, all thanks to her
She moved Reese and herself
To a remote location out west
She had lost her husband and sanity
Her life a daily test
Reese missed his father
And would often asked why he had gone away
Mary would lie
Watch her son cry
And tell him that he’d see him again someday
Reese with his father’s eyes
Always staring at her with false hope
The pain that she felt
Couldn’t be dealt
As she realized she was broke
With no income
Or food on the table
She couldn’t stand to watch her child hurt
She took the gun
And fired it once
Blood stained little Reese’s shirt
She smiled to herself
For she had felt
She was reuniting her family in paradise
She kissed little Reese
One last time
As she turned the gun on herself

The author's comments:
its a story in a poem format
First story i wrote in a while i hope its enjoyed!!

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