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lost and found # 4

September 27, 2009
By leena.k SILVER, Doha, Alaska
leena.k SILVER, Doha, Alaska
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this is the last part of chapter 2!! hope you like it! :)

She walked down the empty streets, knowing that soon it would all be over, she had found a way out, and she felt like she was gliding along the sidewalk. She was so overwhelmed with anticipation that she forgot how much pain she was in. Her thoughts were unable to form, they were loose ends of a string, constantly wiggling about trying to find their way back to their source. ah, it hurts….im flying, it feels like im flying…dad…it hurts…..it'll be over soon… frayed thoughts prevented her from seeing the boy until she was an inch from him. He had shaggy dark brown hair, wisps of which were resting on his forehead, and thick arching eyebrows that were drawn together creating a furrow between them. He had a straight broad nose, and his lips looked soft, and they were slightly parted as if he were aout t say something and sheer force of will was keeping he words in. His jaw looked strong and was sprayed with the bristle of young men. She was lost in his eyes. Baby blues that looked like they went on forever, his pupils were dilated andmade him look like he saw everything. But something about him wasn't right, that look on his face, what was that? Fear? Odd, she hadn't seen such an honest emotion displayed so obviously to the world like that in a long time, but why was he afraid? She looked down at his white, trembling hand, he was holding a gun. Oh god, what have I walked into? She looked at the gun one more time, knowing that a gunshot wound would kill her much faster than a few long slashes along her wrists. This last thought made her feel dizzy and suddenly all she could see was the figure of a boy standing over her. She was lost in his eyes. Darkness.

The author's comments:
this is probably the last i will add of lost and found...maybe one day you'll see it on the shelves :b
i will, however, add some more if you guys want more! so let me know! :)

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