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June 17, 2009
By OneAndOnly GOLD, Co.Kildare , Ireland, Other
OneAndOnly GOLD, Co.Kildare , Ireland, Other
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“Morning Flossy!” My mother sung as she tore open my curtains. The sun’s beams lit up my room and I had to pull the covers over my head to stop the light from blinding me. “It’s too early.” I groaned. My mother laughed as she pulled my duvet off me “Up you get!” “Ugh!” I moaned as I dragged myself out of bed. I slipped my feet into my fluffy slippers and trudged towards the kitchen. The smell of rashers and eggs filled my lungs as I entered the kitchen.

“Hello Felicity.” A dark haired girl the same age as me smiled. I ignored the girl and bit into some toast. “Felicity,” My eighteen year old brother entered the room and scowled at me. “What Tom?” I asked, my mouth full of toast. “Say hello to Cassie!” I grunted a hello as I poured myself a mug of coffee. The dark haired girl was Cassie, Jason’s daughter. I wasn’t fond Jason or Cassie.

“Jase.” My mum smiled happily as a tall fair-haired man walked into our kitchen carrying suitcases and bags. Tom helped him carry some in too. Tom actually liked Jason. My Mum pecked Jason on the lips and I made a gagging sound. Tom hit me across the head with a newspaper. “Ow!” I yelled. My mum frowned at me. I was usually the quiet one. Well that was a lie but I usually didn’t shout at Tom. That was a lie too actually. Tom sighed and dragged me down the hall and into his dirty bedroom.

“What was that for?!” I hissed. “Can’t you be glad that Mum has actually found someone that makes her happy?” Tom growled, sitting down on his bed. I shrugged my shoulders. Tom rolled his eyes. “I know you find it hard but Dad is gone Flossy.” Tom said “gone” harshly. Tears welled up in my eyes. How could Tom just move on after what happened to Dad? “It’s only been a year.” I sniffed. Tom sighed “Dad’s never coming back.” Tears slipped down my cheeks and I left his room quickly without saying another word.

“You okay?” Tom whispered, his eyes were red and stuffy. Had he been crying? He pushed my door open and walked into my room. I glared at him. “I’m sorry Floss but Mum has to move on,” Tom said as he sat on my bed beside me. “Please give Jason a chance.” “Fine.” I grunted. “And maybe Cassie?” Tom added. “Dream on!” I scowled as I punched him on his shoulder. “She’s fifteen too,” Tom smiled, rubbing his shoulder “She is going to be your new sister so you have to try to get on with her…” Tom trailed off as he saw me leap to my feet. “She is not my sister and she never will be!” I shouted so loud I was sure my Mum, Jason and Cassie would hear. “Stop!” Tom clamped his hand over my mouth.

“You can be so mean sometimes, she is moving to a new town, a new school and most of all a new family.” “We are not family.” I hissed, referring to the last part of his sentence. “Mum and Jason are getting married in four months so deal with it.” Tom shouted as he stormed out of my room, slamming my door behind him. “No!” I screeched as I spun round and flopped onto my bed and burst into tears. I lay there sobbing for a while. I couldn’t believe Tom was in favor of letting Mum marry Jason. Who was on my side?

“Hello Felicity,” Cassie smiled sweetly as she sauntered into my room. “Your brother told me you’d be in here.” I sat up and wiped my eyes with my sleeve. “What do you want?” I hissed, folding my arms across my chest. Cassie was very petite and her dark brown hair reached her waist. Her eyes glistened as she sat on the floor in front of me. “Are you okay?” She asked, ignoring my question. “What do you want?” I repeated. “Trisha is a nice woman,” Cassie smiled “Way nicer than my Mum.” Why did she just say my Mum was better than hers?

“Where is your Mum?” I spoke quietly. “My parents are divorced; I decided to stay with my Dad because my Mum wasn’t very….” Cassie trailed off, her expression was puzzling. Was she sad? “Mum-ish?” I raised my eyebrows. “Yeah,” Cassie giggled. “What happened to your Dad?” Cassie asked. I looked away from her and sighed. I hated talking about him. I loved my Dad but after I found out what exactly happened to him, a feeling of distrust and disappointment rushed into my system. “He…” I paused. Should I tell her? She did tell me about her Mum….

“Woah, really? For that long?” Cassie was clearly surprised at what happened.
“It wasn’t his fault I guess.”
Lies, lies, lies. It was his fault.
“What do you mean?” Cassie asked. “He cheated on your Mum and the woman he was
with got found out by her husband.”
“Yeah but-”
Cassie cut me off before I finished my sentence.
“The woman’s husband came after your Dad and-”
This time I cut Cassie mid-sentence.
“Shut up! Just shut up! It’s none of your flippin’ business so shut up!” I roared so loud my throat felt sore.
“Well your Dad was a very foolish man.” Cassie said smugly.
A raw heat filled me and my fists were curled into balls. My breathing became heavy and my eyes narrowed into slits but then Tom burst into my room and grabbed me by my wrists just before I lunged for Cassie. I roared at Cassie as Tom dragged me out of my room and into his.

“What happened??” Tom demanded. “She….Dad….Foolish….Ughhh!!!” I growled. “Foolish?” Tom picked up on the word. ““Well your Dad was a very foolish man”” I mimicked Cassie’s posh accent. Tom frowned. “She said that?” I nodded, still trying to calm down. “It’s sort of true Floss.” “Whaaaaaaat?” My eyes bulged. “Dad cheated on Mum and the woman’s husband found out and came after Dad,” I sat on my hands, not wanting to punch Tom. “It wasn’t Dad’s fault that the man started a fight and…” Tom couldn’t finish the sentence. “Killed him.” I finished it for him. Tom winced at my words and drew in a deep breath. “He deserved it though,” Tom spoke so quietly so I could not hear. But I did. “Traitor!” I hollered as I lunged for him.

“What is going on?!” Jason demanded as he rushed into Tom’s room to find Tom pinning me on the ground. My Mum was standing beside him, tears in her eyes. Tom and I saw a large tear roll down her left cheek. Tom jumped up and went to hug her. Mum must have heard Tom and I talking about Dad. Jason knelt down beside me and offered me his hand. I shook my head and pulled myself up. “Look what you’ve done!” Tom yelled at me as he hugged Mum. “Tom.” Jason cautioned. “Me? Look what I’ve done? How dare you! Tom, you’re the traitor here! You wanted Dad dead so don’t start on me!” I spat.

My Mum dashed into her room and slammed the door. She was crying. Jason and Tom followed her. “Well look who it is,” Cassie smiled slyly, appearing at Tom’s doorway. “The rebel herself.” “Excuse me?” I demanded. “I heard Trisha and my Dad talking about you,” She smirked “They knew you were going to cause trouble on the first day my Dad and I arrived. I guess they were right. One hundred per cent.” A took a step towards Cassie, my fists clenched. “You’re just as stupid as your Dad.” Cassie spat. I raised my right fist and as quick as lightening, a loud crack sent Cassie flying to the ground clutching her nose. Blood oozed everywhere. “Yeah, my Dad was a rebel too.” I hissed as I stepped over her and ran out of the room.

I’d managed to grab my purse, a first aid kit, a rucksack full of clothes and my mobile. I grabbed Tom’s motorbike keys and ran out the front door. I started the red motor bike and sped through the towns and villages. I decided to go to a large city a few hours away. No-one could find me there. When I finally reached the city it was getting dark so I checked into a hostel. When I entered the small room I’d paid for I decided I would check my mobile phone. It had three text messages and eleven missed calls. All three messages were from Tom. The first one said: “Floss, You’ve broken Cassie’s nose. Jason’s fit to kill. T.” I rolled my eyes and read the second message. It said: “Where are you? Come home right now. Mum is upset. Jason is still angry, just thought I’d warn you. You Ok? T.” Tom was actually thinking of me by giving me a heads up. I shouldn’t have shouted at him.

Before I could read the last message my phone began to ring.
“Hello?” I asked cautiously.
“Now where have you gone?” Her voice was mocking.
“Get lost Cassie or I’ll break your jaw.” I hissed.
“Our Mum is very upset and disappointed with you.”
“Our Mum? My Mum is not yours.”
“You’re not old enough to ride a motorcycle. You’re going to get arrested.” Cassie didn’t seem bothered by that fact.
“You’ll know where to find me then.” I hissed then I ended the call.

The last text message from Tom said: “If I see even a scratch on my baby, you’ll be sorry. T.” He was referring to his motorcycle I guess. I decided to text him once. It said: “Tom, I’m fine. Jason will have to get anger management soon then. Hope Mum is okay. Your baby will live, I think. I’ll see you soon, Flossy.” I switched off my phone and went to sleep. The next day I decided to visit my aunt. She gave me money and I stayed at her house for three months. The next month I spent traveling with my cousin Michelle.

Mum was getting married to Jason in a week’s time so I decided to attend their wedding. I hadn’t seen Tom or Mum in over four months. The police were searching for me but they had no idea where I was. Tom knew I was okay as I text him every fortnight saying: “Ok.” I couldn’t afford petrol for the motorcycle a few months ago so I gave it to a garage until Tom could collect it. Tom doesn’t know about that yet! I bought a dress and shoes and the day of the wedding I took the bus to the town where my house was. When I walked up to my house the garden was full of white balloons, banners, tables and people in dresses and suits.

“Felicity?” A blonde haired girl asked quietly. “Who are you? How do you know who I am?” I demanded jumping out from the bush I was in. I looked completely different. I dyed my hair and it was much longer now. “I’m Tom’s girlfriend, he is always talking about you,” She smiled “You have the same eyes as him.” I smiled and asked her to sneak me around to the back entrance of my house. “Sure, let’s go.” She grinned, taking my hand. “Flossy!” Tom yelled happily as he saw me running up the stairs. He was wearing a black tux. “Tom!” I grinned, giving him a hug.

“Are you okay?” Tom asked worriedly. “I’m fine,” I stayed with Aunt Susan and Michelle.” “She’s nice.” I smiled, gesturing over to his girlfriend. “Yeah, Lily is great.” Tom said shyly. “Where is she?” I asked bluntly. Tom knew who I was referring to. “In there, please behave.” Tom laughed. “Well look who it is,” I mimicked Cassie’s words from the last time she spoke to me “The spoilt child herself.” Cassie spun around and gasped. She was wearing a pink satin dress with silver heels. Her long brown hair was in ringlets and a pink flower was placed in her hair.

“Felicity?!” Cassie was shocked to see me. “You thought you got rid of me didn’t you?” I snarled. “Truthfully, yes.” Cassie replied. “Well you didn’t, listen I don’t like you and you don’t like me right?” “Right.” Cassie replied. “Well we have to try to get along for our parents sake,” I told her “We’ll never feel like real sisters to each other and we’ll probably fight a lot so we can just be fake sisters.” “If that will make everyone happy.” Cassie smiled. “It will,” Tom laughed as he entered the room with Lily beside him

“We’ll all be a family…” Tom paused and patted Lily’s stomach. “Tom? Lily?” I realized what Tom was trying to tell us. “A baby?!” Cassie yelled, gob-smacked. “Yeah.” Lily smiled, holding Tom’s hand. “That okay?” She asked. “Yeah.” Cassie and I chorused. “We won’t tell Mum and Jason until after there married, they’ll have a heart-attack!” Tom laughed. I guess the bigger family the better. Mum, Tom, Jason, Cassie, Lily, her baby and my Dad will always have a place in my heart.

……..The End…….

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