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What a Chaotic World

September 15, 2023
By martinana_0805 GOLD, Nanjing, Other
martinana_0805 GOLD, Nanjing, Other
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It was a typical Friday evening, and my family and I were basking in the cozy ambiance of our home, eagerly anticipating the arrival of our long-awaited takeout dinner. The day had been exhausting, filled with the demands of work, and I yearned for nothing more than to indulge in a delectable meal. Little did I know that this evening would unfold into a rather extraordinary tale.


As the hands of the clock inched closer to the estimated delivery time, my stomach began to growl in hunger, a reminder of the feast that awaited us. I reached for my phone, tapping impatiently on the app that would provide insight into the status of our order. It should have arrived by now, yet there was no sign of it. A sense of restlessness began to creep in, prompting me to send a gentle nudge through the food delivery app, hoping it might hasten the arrival of our meal.


Around ten minutes later, the doorbell chimed, and I hurried to answer it, my anticipation reaching its peak. However, as I flung open the door, my excitement was swiftly replaced by surprise.


Before me stood the delivery rider, his face contorted with irritation and anger. His brows knitted together, and his eyes smoldered with fury. In his hands, he clutched the very dinner we had eagerly awaited, though his expression seemed anything but pleasant.


"What's your deal?" he snapped, his voice laced with exasperation. I attempted to explain that I had only gently nudged him through the app due to the delay in our order, but it became clear that he had no intention of listening to my explanation. Instead, he unleashed a barrage of acrimonious words, scolding me vehemently.


His words cut through the air like a knife, leaving me feeling profoundly embarrassed and unsettled. Despite my achievements in my career and the contentment of my family life, in that moment, I found myself rendered speechless. What weighed even heavier on my mind was the realization that the delivery rider seemed to possess knowledge of my home address, a detail that sent a shiver down my spine.


Although I was berated like a child, I made a conscious choice to maintain my composure and refrain from engaging in a heated argument. After all, I enjoyed a thriving career and a blissful family life, while the individual before me appeared to lack both. This perplexing situation left me contemplating how he had come into possession of my home address, adding an intriguing layer of mystery to an otherwise routine evening.

The author's comments:

Many assert that our world has grown increasingly capricious, prone to blunders, and steeped in chaos. However, it is not the disorder or tumult of this world that should concern us; it is the presence of irrational individuals that we ought to fear.

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