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A New Beginning

December 20, 2008
By nelly212 BRONZE, Huntington Park, California
nelly212 BRONZE, Huntington Park, California
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I was neglected and ignored for most of my childhood and my pre-teen days. The only one that my parents truly loved for was my, one year older sister, Tiffany. I was a mistake. I found out when I was five when I accidentally smudged her white dress suit with dirt. During those times I guess I was lucky they didn’t put me up for adoption. The only thought that really stayed throughout those hard times were the thought someday someone would save me.

It started like any other day. Except today was just a reminder that I was one year older, it was my sixteenth birthday.

I got myself out of bed, got dressed, and started going downstairs of the two story house. I saw my parents leaving and I called out to them. My body shook with hope, thinking that they would acknowledge me for at least today. But all they did was turn around, looked at me, made annoyed faces at me and left. Not one word was uttered by them.

I just stared at the mirror behind the door. All that stared back was an oval face, with almond shaped eyes, with light brown eyes that held sorrow, dark brown hair that was tied back in a pony tail. I turned away, grabbed my backpack and decided to leave early. I closed the door quietly so I wouldn’t wake up my sister. I walked in a daze to school and before I knew it I was already in my first period class by the time the bell rang. When the teacher was taking roll call I aptly listened for my name.

“Ivory Denison” he called out.

“Here!” I enthusiastically answered. My name was only called out at school and only by the teachers since I really didn’t have many friends. When the teacher finished taking roll he went up to the board and started to teach us the importance of literature, when a girl walked into the class with a slip in hand. He glanced at the paper and pointed to the empty seat behind me. This girl stood out from the rest of us. While the rest of us have different color shades of brown hair, and occasional dyed blond, and dull brown eyes, she was in a league on her own. She had long black hair, with sapphire streaks. Big blue eyes that were mesmerizing, a small nose and mouth, and the way she was dressed surprised me. An electric blue T-shirt, jeans and blue converse were what she wore. She had on blue sapphire earrings and a blue backpack. I never bothered with color, I just wore black. When she came closer I noticed she was taller than me, while I was 5’4 she looked around 5’6 or taller. I caught her gaze and she gave me a huge grin.

She quickly sat behind me, the next thing I knew that there’s a note being poked at me in the back. When I turned around she gave me a huge grin and passed the note to me. I took the note and read it.
Hi I’m Ruby Druin, want to be friends?

I stared at the note then stared back at her. She was still smiling. I couldn’t help but smile back and mouth the words, sure. When I turned back the effect of what I did hit me.

I befriended the new girl.

After class, she linked her arms with me. “So I’m Ruby and you are?” The irony was still not lost to me.

“Ivory” I quickly answered.
“So Ivory, since you are the first friend I made would you mind telling me where room 302 is?”

I noticed I was staring at her and I caught myself. “Room 302?” I choked out. She had a twinkle in her eye. Could it be just a coincidence? Forcibly I said “I have that room next.”

Ruby lit up. Her grin turned into a huge smile. “Really?”

“Yeah” I replied.
“Then maybe we have more classes together.” Ruby reached into her pants and pulled out a crumpled white paper. She held it out to me and I took it. My eyes went wide when I scanned the paper. Ruby must have sensed my distressed because she asked “What’s the matter?”
“We have the same classes” I whispered.
She heard me because she answered with glee. “Really? That’s great.” After that she gave me a bear hug and I couldn’t help but hug her back. When I looked behind her my worst nightmare was striding down the hallway in a black miniskirt. A protective instinct woke up inside me; I needed to protect Ruby from my nightmare. I quickly separated from her, grabbed her hand and tried to pull her around my nightmare. The hallway was packed but people were stepping aside to let her through. Unfortunately Ruby had different ideas.
“Hey Ivory, why are we going around bumping into people when all we have do is go around that tall girl.” She voiced in her opinion. Ruby seemed to like her idea better and decided to go straight through my nightmare. She was stronger than me so she pulled me along beside her.
Next thing I know I’m looking up at my older sister. Today she seemed to be wearing a red halter top with big gold hoops as her earrings and flats. Her dyed blonde hair was down for a change which meant she was trying to impress a boy.

“Move” that one single word and I flinched.

“No” Ruby replied. I turned my head and stared at her. My sister opened her mouth to tell us off but Ruby beat her to the punch. “Listen you, you may think you’re better than us, well guess what, you’re not. The only reason a person would like you is because you’re the best they could do. So don’t you try talk down to us because you have no right” she huffed.

Before my sister could say something, Ruby grabbed my hand and started to drag me around. Suddenly Ruby turned her head and called out to my sister, “Oh yeah, and one more thing, that skirt makes your thighs look fat.” Then she pulled me into our next classroom. Through out the day I explained to Ruby that the girl she mouthed off to was my sister and I was going to suffer when I got home. She replied “Stay at my place then, my parents won’t mind, and from what you told me of yours it seemed they won’t care.” I was wary of her offer since I only met her today. Ruby sensed it and smiled, it seems she carefully picked out her words. “Ivory, just give it one day, you don’t like it you can go home.” I felt ashamed since likewise she only met me today I decided to take her up on her offer, and hoped I wouldn’t regret it.
After school we went straight to her house. When I walked through the door I felt at peace. Her house was large and spacious and very colorful. I smelled a wonderful aroma and asked Ruby what that was. “Oh, that’s just my mom’s cooking, after my brother gets here we’re going to eat, alright.” A few minutes later the door opens again and I see a miniature male version of Ruby. I noticed that instead of piercing blue eyes he had piercing green ones. Only while Ruby wore all blue, he wore all red, including the jeans. He looked eight and he kept staring at me. Ruby noticed him a few seconds after I did, “hey Delft, you’re home. Good now we can eat.”
Next thing I know I’m sitting at the dinner table with Ruby to my left and Delft to my right and across from me, Stacy, Ruby’s mom, was at my left and John, Ruby’s dad, to my right. The meal was delicious and the conversation was made to include me. I was introduced to Delft and Ruby joked that he should call me big sister Ivory. He accepted and ever since then, through out the evening he was calling me big sister Ivory. Her parents let me stay as long as I wanted. After the day was over Ruby showed me the guest room where I would be staying. It was empty except for a bed and a wardrobe and the moonlight seeping in made it look more barren. She bid me good-night and left with a mysterious smile on her face. I looked at the pajamas I was carrying in my arms. After I changed I slipped into bed and felt an odd sensation. Even though this room was almost empty, I felt more at home here in this empty room, than the room in my own house with all my personal belongings. I fell asleep instantly and I was happy to feel at home.

I woke up when the bed dipped. “Hey Ivory wake up mom made waffles and we’re waiting for you!” Ruby grabbed my hand and dragged me to the kitchen without even letting me change out of the borrowed pajamas. On the table was breakfast and waiting for us was Ruby’s family and they were also in their pajamas.
Delft said, “Come on big sis we’re waiting for you!” I quickly sat down and Ruby’s mom served me a plate. Ruby thanked her mom. I thanked her too but made a fool of myself because I said “Thank you mom.” I was supposed to say ma’am, I just stared at her in horror and she smiled, her smile was exactly like Ruby’s.

“That’s alright Ivory, you can call me mom, and in fact I’d prefer it.”
“Yeah and call me dad, I’d prefer it too.” Ruby’s dad was currently sitting across from me gobbling up his waffles. I smiled at them and without warning I started to cry. Ruby was by my side so was everyone else. It didn’t matter to them what I’d call them they saw me as family. I cried harder because I barely met them and I was already wanted and cared for. When I calmed down everyone gave me one hug at a time. Ruby suggested we stay home today and later go pick up my stuff from the old home. They all kept telling me that this was my new home. I agreed to that plan. When we arrived to the old house, I felt chills going up my back. This house only brought bad memories I never saw it as mine. We entered the house and quickly we went to my room and packed up everything. I would deal with my parents later. We left quickly and went straight home. Ruby helped me unpack almost everything. Later on when I went down to dinner late, since I was still fixing my room. I was surprised with streamers and a cake in the middle of the table. They yelled out “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” I was stunned. Then Ruby explained that she saw my I.D when my wallet slipped out of my pocket. Saw what was inside and saw how yesterday it was my birthday so she planned a party today. I was touched and wanted to cry again. I never felt my birthday was important and was extremely touched that Ruby went to the trouble to do this for me.

I waited days, weeks, months, and then before I knew it a year had passed and it was time to graduate. In all that time my parents never contacted me. I was relieved but a bit sad. Tiffany dropped out a year ago for personal issues. I had gotten used to my new family. I loved them with my entire being and they were the same. Ruby was the valedictorian, although she grumbled at how she had to prepare a speech in such short notice in the end she gave a wonderful speech. After she finished, they were passing out the diplomas, I got mine, but I thought they made a mistake, it said Druin instead of Denison. I showed this to dad after the graduation ceremony was over, and he sighed. “I hoped I could have saved it as a surprise.” I looked at him oddly.

Mom then shouted gleefully, “We adopted you Ivory; you’re now officially and legally in our family.” I looked at Ruby and she nodded in agreement. I was filled with joy and went to hug Ruby. After I let her go she gave me a note and told me to read it. When I opened it I saw it was my mother’s handwriting, my real mother. It read
I’m sorry I couldn’t have been a better mother.
Hopefully these people will love you unlike me.
Take care,
I couldn’t stop the tears from coming. It hurt knowing that she had acknowledged at not loving me but also relief that she had admitted it. Ruby and Delft hugged me as did mom and dad. Mom and dad joked they finally have their red, white and blue. Ruby, Delft and me smiled in unison. I was happy, I had a family.

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