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The delay

July 27, 2022
By Hilarioushaiqa SILVER, Lahore, Other
Hilarioushaiqa SILVER, Lahore, Other
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Peeking at the scoreboard in a perverted manner, I turned back to my teammates, wiping the tears that threatened to overcome me.

“You are going to lose Asya.” My heart taunted me as my eyes were glued to the ground now.

“They have a lead of 10 points already and we need to hit the bullseye.” Fatima spoke coldly with her head in her hands.

“Only Umar can do that!” My voice was low but full of rage.

“He is not picking up my calls, I called on his house number but the maid does not understand English so she just hung up on me all three times.” Mete whined from behind, the disappointment reflecting from his words.

“He isn’t the late coming type. Let’s ask Mr. Amir if any one of us can play instead.” The calm voice of Noah from behind further ignited me. We were about to lose the tournament we had practiced months for and he simply didn’t care!

“Don’t you know the rules, dummy? If a player does not show up and has not submitted any application, the result is deduced based on the current scores! You are just…” I blurted out in rage, shocked at the string of abusive words that followed my words.

“Little kids shouldn’t use that type of language. Looks like mama didn’t teach you any manners.” Derin, the captain of the other team cackled alongside his minions.

“Where is your captain? Maybe he chose not to embarrass himself by losing!” One of his minions giggled as my face literally turned to the color of molten lava.

“Mind your own business.” I replied in a firm tone, my lips moving desolately in prayer for Umar to somehow show up.

“My business is to mess with you.” Derin said before running off towards his coach, Mr. Amir who shot me an evil smirk.

“Maybe Mr. Amir kidnapped him.” Fatima whispered, exchanging eerie glances at all of us.

“We have no time for your Wattpad fantasies! Asya, you and Mete stay here and try to delay the final round and Fatima will go with me to look for Umar.” Noah spoke, his constant scary stares practically begging us to agree to his plan.

“Say no more!” I sneaked off with Mete, talking in low whispers like Sherlock and James. Quiet like a ninja, we tiptoed towards Mr. Amir’s desk as Derin sat far, laughing like a lunatic with his minions. There lied the bows of Derin’s team, their strings held high with same vanity of their masters. Carefully taking out a pair of scissors, I was about to cut the string when Mete pushed me aside, landing us both in dirt. I looked up to see Derin, eyeing me with suspicion.

“Talk of the devil.” I thought to myself, getting up from the puddle.

“We are doomed. Noah is going to kill us. Tell my mom I love her.” Mete spoke as I helped him up. I was too overwhelmed for words. Derin stormed off and asked Mr. Amir to make the announcement for the final round despite fifteen minutes still remaining in the break. The timer ticked, each tick hitting my heartbeat.

“Archers to their places!” The voice echoed from the loudspeaker as Derin straightened his bow, giving me confused stares at the absence of Umar.

“Ahh, tell that sissy to come. I will try to go easy.” He snickered but my head was too absorbed for his foul remarks.

“Save your breath! You will need it to blow up your hopes of victory.” Umar dashed in like a knight as my face lit up. With his bow in his hand, he let go the arrow, its force making the scoreboard fall down as the crowd wildly chanted his name.

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