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New years

January 21, 2022
By 3schumacher BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
3schumacher BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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As I sit outside I see bright explosions of color, I look at the fireworks from the rooftop of the school. Soon enough I get a notification, midnight, the new year is finally here. The sparkles of confetti glitter in the air as the wind blows them away, the night is cold yet refreshing. My legs hang over the edge of the rooftop, the countdown to 2023 has started yet it already feels like forever since it started. I look back at my bag, the unopened streamers stare back at me with wonders of why they weren’t used. I know people have already made their resolutions so here’s mine, I will not be a bother to anyone anymore. After I contemplate a bit I stand up to look at the sky once more as I climb up onto the edge of the roof. I send one final text for help to the group chat, which so far had been filled with happy new year wishes. It is silent now, it’s almost relaxing just standing here between life and death, the cold winter air blowing through my dirtied hair. 

I didn’t even hear the car pull up or the door to the school rooftop open, I only felt the quick grasp of arms around me and pulling me off the edge of that damn school rooftop. The same rooftop where my friends and I hung out, the same rooftop I had watched the sunset all those years ago. The same rooftop where I now lay next to my friend who had saved me from my emotions. But they sit up only to hug and yell at me for never talking about what was happening with me. I am at a loss for words, I don’t know what to say, I never know what to say, I only hug them back and say,” Thank you”. I sit there with my friend for a few more minutes before I realize the rest of my friend group is standing around us, some with tears in their eyes and others with a relieved smile on their face. They all go in for one big group hug after they notice my arms open for more people. We sit there for the next almost half hour before finally breaking the silence of complaining about how uncomfortable and cold we all were. As we all begin to leave the rooftop I look back at that spot of which my story could have ended and my friends’ stories would have lost a character they all cared so much about. Though now as I sit in the car surrounded by the people who care most for me, I feel stupid for thinking of trying to end my story with a bad ending.

The author's comments:

This piece isn't a personal experience though it has a trigger warning with ideas of suicide.

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on Jan. 31 at 10:14 pm
layla-06 BRONZE, Madera, California
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