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Lifes Rough

January 21, 2022
By 3armiger BRONZE, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
3armiger BRONZE, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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Early in the morning, I am a middle aged man. I work a nine to five job. My life would be described as boring. This morning I went out to my mailbox and found myself in a different mood. I looked at the mail and directed my attention to the newspaper. “Come get your free water bottle” Plastered in the top ad of the newspaper. The ad was for a brand new fitness center put in a few miles down the road. Generally I would just skip this but as I was looking outside. I visualized people running, looking happy and healthy. I thought to myself wow I wish I could be healthy and happy. Today wasn’t an ordinary day, today was different, today I felt inspired. Inspired to go out and get healthy. For the past years my life has been a downward spiral. I was healthy in college but once I got out it seemed that I had lost want to care for my well being, instead I was more worried about what I had to do at work. Work, like the Joker is to Batman, the dreaded enemy of my life. It seems that work has been the thing weighing me down, depressing me and not allowing me to be happy. 

Finally I snapped out of my downward spiral of a thought and leaped from my chair, ran straight to my car and drove straight over to the new fitness place. While I was driving I realized how wonderful the outside world was. It was beautiful, the dark and light blues with the orange and yellow create an amazing contrast in the sky. The trees, full of leaves, looked as if it were a beautiful art piece made by an amazing dark green paint with highlights that only the very best artist could acquire. I finally got to the fitness center, as new as a brand new car with the paint sparkling. It looked straight out of one of those modern housing inspirational booklets you sometimes get in the mail. 

I sat inside and waited for someone to come and help me. I waited, waited, waited, and waited. No one was there. I looked out the window and saw no other cars except mine. Then I looked inside and saw that the building was still under construction. 

My heart started beating rapidly, oh crap I thought to myself. I sprinted back out to my car and threw open the door. Grabbed the paper and looked at the paragraph. In bold words it said, “Coming soon in april” my heart dropped. That instance hit me like a truck, I will never be happy.

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