February 23, 2021
By Eastwood BRONZE, Kunkletown, Pennsylvania
Eastwood BRONZE, Kunkletown, Pennsylvania
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All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. -Edgar Allen Poe

This story takes place in Saudi Arabia in the mid-2000s during the war on terror. I was stationed with my unit at an outpost in the middle of the night when the bullets started flying “CRACK” the shot went right past my head, hand clutching the trigger of my gun. I let the bullets fly, every 4th round I see the tracer. SGT. Brinkley looked at me with the eyes of a wild cat who had found his kill. “WE MOVE ON MY COMMAND 3..2..1 MOVE 3 OCLOCK” SGT. Brinkley screamed. As we are moving the blood in my body racing and the bullets flying I see the flashes of the barrel of the enemy's guns.  “Sgt I have eyes, “ I say boldly “Take the shot,” Sgt Brinkley says. I let the bullets fly “BANG BANG BANG” The dessert goes silent. The last shell hits the ground the enemy's body drops dessert terror is over.

The author's comments:

I felt this piece described and gave a little insight into the truth of what brave men and women encounter every day overseas.

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JuiceWrld said...
on Mar. 10 at 7:19 am
JuiceWrld, Calumet Park, Illinois
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This is a really great story do you think you can make more, maybe one that can extend on this one. I saw you like Juice Wrld, my name is Emma I'm 15, do you think we could talk on the phone or something like that.